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Covered California Application - A Step-by-Step Guide


Starting the Online Application

When you arrive at the www.coveredca.com homepage click on the “Apply to Get Covered Link” Screen _1.png click on the “Apply to Get Covered Link”. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, select “Individual or Family from the next screen Screen_1B.png. Then enter “user information” Screen_2.png followed by your “contact information” Screen_3.png

Create Username and Password

The next screen requires you to create a username and password Screen_4.png. You will need to recall your username and password regularly so record and save in a safe place. Next you’ll be asked to create answers to security questions. Screen_6.png The security questions are used if you forget your password. Yo will now be logged out. Log back in using your username and password.


If you are uncertain about your household size, the general rule is: “If you file income taxes together, you buy Covered California coverage together”. Each household member, in this case John and his wife Janet will complete personal information CC App 2A.png.


John is employed and his income is in the form of wages CC App 5A.png while Janet, his wife, has self-employed income CC App 5B.png and other income from rental property CC App 5C.png. Janet also has deductions CC App 5D.png for the her rental property. Finally the income summary CC App 5E.png totals up the income for the Doe household


The enrollment system determines that based on their income, John and Janet are eligible for advance premium tax credits (APTC) and and cost sharing reductions (CSR) CCappD1.png. At the bottom right of the eligibility confirmation page CCappE2.png select “Choose a Health Plan”.


The “Eligibility Results” page CCappE1.png summarizes your health plan selection, net premium due, and effective date of coverage.

What Happens Next?

Covered California must now transfer the relevant information from your application to the insurance carrier or your choice. The carrier processes the incoming data then notifies the applicant that payment is due. The applicant must pay the net premium by a stated date or the coverage will not be effective. Once the premium is paid, the carrier assigns a Subscriber ID Number and mails the membership packet, including the membership card.

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