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Covered California Certified Enrollment Counselors


The Covered California Covered California Certified Enrollment Counselors (formerly called Assisters) Program is made up of two types of enrollment facilitators:

  • Certified Enrollment Counselors
  • Navigators

Covered California Certified Enrollment Entities

Enrollment Counselors must be affiliated with an enrollment entity to be compensated. Uncompensated Enrollment Counselors include hospitals, providers and licensed agents. Enrollment entities are eligible to be trained and registered to provide in-person enrollment counseling to consumers and help them apply for Covered California programs.

Eligible Covered California Certified Enrollment Entities

  • American Indian Tribe or Tribal Organizations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • City Government Agency
  • Community Clinics
  • Community Colleges and Universities
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Labor Unions
  • Non-Profit Community Organizations
  • Ranching and farming organizations
  • Resource partners of Small Businesses
  • School Districts
  • Tax Preparers
  • Trade, industry, and professional organizations

Individual Certified Enrollment Counselors

  • Individuals who are employed, trained, certified, and linked to Covered California Certified Enrollment Entities to provide in-person counseling to consumers and help them apply for Covered California programs.
  • Individuals who provide assistance in culturally and linguistic appropriate manners to consumers.

How to Become Affiliated with a Certified Enrollment Entity

  • Call or email Certified Enrollment Counselor Help Desk for Certified Enrollment Entity contact information
  • Help Desk will contact information for Certified Enrollment Entity in your area
  • Contact Certified Enrollment Entity in your area to request application
  • Complete Certified Enrollment Counselor Application
  • Submit application to Certified Enrollment Entity
  • Certified Enrollment Entity will reviews application and approves affiliation
  • Individual affiliates with Certified Enrollment Entity

Covered California Certified Enrollment Counselor Help Desk

  • 888-402-0737
  • assisterinfo@ccgrantsandassisters.org

Background Checks and Finger Printing

Since individual Enrollment Counselors will be dealing with personal information including financial data, they will be required to pass a background check and be finger printed prior to certification. The cost is to be paid by the Certified Enrollment Entity.

Enrollment Counselor Training

Covered California provides free Enrollment Counselor training by:

  • In-person training in various locations throughout the state.
  • Online training course

Enrollment Counselor Timeline

  1. Enrollment Counselor Enrollment Entity Application Release - Spring 2013
  2. Enrollment Counselor Enrollment Entity Training Begins - Summer 2013
  3. Enrollment Counselor Training and Certification Begins - August 2013

Navigator Timeline

  1. Navigator Grant Application Release - June 2013
  2. Navigator Grant Application Submission Due - Mid-July 2013
  3. Navigator Grant Award - Early October 2013
  4. Navigator Training and Certification Begins - Spring 2014
  5. Navigator Entities begin Enrollment Assistance - June 2014

Certified Enrollment Counselor Compensation

  • Certified Enrollment Counselor Compensation: Certified Enrollment Entities are paid a flat-fee of $58 per successful application and $25 per successful annual renewal. The Enrollment Entities compensate the individual Enrollment Counselors.
  • Navigator Compensation: Navigator entities are compensated for performance-based block funding based on meeting Covered California enrollment targets.

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