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7 Million Californians Uninsured

Nearly 14 percent of Californians — over 7 million people — are uninsured at least part of the year. Of the uninsured, 40% or 2.8 million California citizens, have incomes of below the federal poverty level (FPL) and qualify for Medi-Cal but are not enrolled. This fact highlights the outreach and enrollment challenge the Covered California health insurance marketplace faces. Another 12% will qualify for Medi-Cal as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Demographics of the Uninsured Population

Uninsured Demographics.png

CA Uninsured Medi-Cal Eligible 2014 - Data.png

Uninsured Distribution.png

Regional Distribution of Uninsured

California’s uninsured population is spread throughout the state. The state’s vast expanse, diverse geography, and mix of urban and rural areas are unique. Almost 60% of the uninsured are in Southern California. (Click image to enlarge.)

Working Uninsured

Only one-fifth of uninsured Californians do not work. Nearly one-third — over 2 million people — have a head of family who is employed by a large firm. Coverage for dependents is often unaffordable for lower-income employees.

Uninsured Employment Sectors.png

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