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ACA Losers

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The numbers for the ACA in California are cold: 900,000 Californians will lose their individual health care plans Dec. 31. About 300,000 will be eligible subsidized coverage in the exchange and most will get better coverage at lower cost. The losers are professionals, entrepreneurs, and mom and pop business owners who did the right thing by buying private health insurance. They number about 600,000. The are losing their coverage and facing higher rates to buy replacement coverage that is ACA-compliant.

Individual policyholders represent only 7 percent of the health insurance market, but they are an attractive demographic and the wrong people to anger. They are proactive enough to have bought their own coverage, successful enough to afford it and vocal when they realize that their premiums are likely to rise - even double for some.

Obama played the hero for some allowing insurance companies to keep their customers on existing plans through 2014. But the Covered California board ruled against that extension. In the end, some 600,000 Californians who don’t qualify for subsidies should expect to pay more a lot more an many case.

People who did everything right know now that they cannot keep the plans they had - and they’re the first in line to be handed the real bill for the Affordable Care Act.


It would be interesting to do a follow up study to find out how many of those people who are angered because they did the "right" thing and their premium went up develop high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes or any of the long list of blacklisted diseases in the next five years.

Of course because of privacy laws, HIPPA, and for pure lack of data this data will not be forthcoming.

In the old regime, they would have been cast off like lepers to be swept under the carpet to be forgotten to die off without insurance.

But now, the same folks who were so vocal in maligning the system would quietly take advantage of the guaranteed health insurance and think it has been their god given right all along.

It requires some minimal amount of introspection, empathy, and understanding of statistics to appreciate that if you make it through the next 5 years you will be 5 years older than now, with all the associated age-related risks.

The "ACA losers" or victims (those with canceled policies) are an attractive and powerful demographic, as you say, but no one seems to be channeling our outrage in one place. Do you know of a coalition, website, class-action lawsuit or other means where we victims of screwed-up policies might come together and be heard?

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