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Agent Contract Terms Coming Soon

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Covered California is in the process of developing agent contract terms that will govern agent duties and obligations. The Exchange hopes to release a rough draft of the contract in late January or early February 2013, with public comments to follow.

Heads Up Agents

This is a BIG deal for agents. The specific contract terms to be offered to agents will provide a true test of the Exchange board’s commitment to agent participation. Covered California did not have to include agents in the individual Exchange. It’s decision to do so surprised many and, it is fair to assume, disappointed some among the very vocal special interest groups who see agents as unnecessary middlemen at best. They can be expected to lobby for heavy-handed anti-agent rules.

We will publish the rough draft of the agent contract terms as soon as it is available.


Any news on agent contract terms?

Sorry, but it looks like I jumped the gun on this one. It may be quite a while before we see an agent contract from Covered California. The first step in getting contracted is to complete training which won't happen until August. So there's no big rush to come up with agent contracting terms given all that the exchange staff have on their plate.

As a current healthcare agent, licensed for over 10 years, Where and how can I register to be an approved agent?
Where can I find information on how this affects Seniors on Medicare?

Thank you

Training leading to certification with Covered California will begin in August. The Affordable Care Act does not affect Medicare beneficiaries in any way that affects your role as an agent.

Thanks Phil. Nothing like waiting till the last minute to get everybody trained.... :-} Regarding Medicare: Maybe a piece on any implications for Medicare recipients would be interesting. I'm not aware of how Covered California might affect them.

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