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Medi-Cal Accessibility: Surprising Results

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A recent U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) study of the Medicaid (called Medi-Cal in California) program found some surprising data. The GAO found Medicaid beneficiaries tend to have nearly as good access to medical care as those on private coverage, despite the public program generally offering doctors lower payments. When it came to medical care and prescription medicine, Medicaid patients reported no more challenges finding doctors than those on private coverage (not statistically significant).

However, not all segments of Medicaid patients have equal access. While children tended to have equal access to doctors regardless of their insurance source, adults on Medicaid fared worse than those on private insurance. About 7.8 percent of working-age adults with fullyear Medicaid reported difficulty obtaining care compared with 3.3 percent of similar adults with private insurance—.

The GAO report also did a bit of digging on why patients didn’t make it to the doctor. It found the biggest obstacle were not wait times or difficulty scheduling an appointment, but rather a lack of transportation. The transportation challenge was unique among those on Medicaid: It didn’t come up nearly as much with those on private insurance, or those with no coverage at all.


I earn an adjusted income of $24,000.00 per year. I have 80% custody of my two children. With the Mortgage and other expenses I cannot afford even the lowest plan HN $279.00 per month. I have been teaching at MT SAC for almost 27 years (Part time) and have been attempting to get a private business off the ground. Everyone I know is suggesting that I apply for MediCal.

My children were on MediCal under their mothers plan until she was caught lying about being the full custodial parent. I have 80% custody of the children. She was dropped from MediCal along with our children. I have not had health insurance for about 5 years.

I would like some advice and direction

Yes. You should re-apply with Medi-Cal right away.

Thank you! Will do it tomorrow! TS

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