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Covered California and Obamacare related questions from consumers, employers and agents are answered by Phil Daigle with the best information available at the time. Archived entries may no longer be accurate as the Covered California and Obamacare knowledge-base is evolving quickly. TO REQUEST A PERSONAL RESPONSE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESS.

How Do I Get My Form 1095-A Online?

By on | 51 Comments

Question: Hi, I want to download my 1095-A as a PDF. I don't want to have to chase down the paper copy. Is it available online? Please make it easy and obvious to find once I log in.

Answer: The Form 1095-A's have already been posted online. You will have to login to your Covered California online account. You may find the form in your Secure Mailbox (iffy) or more reliably on your Documents and Correspondence page. To get there, click on the Summary checkbox on the home screen and next click the Documents and Correspondence link, select and download the 1095-A document as PDF.


This is a lie. I went to both my mailbox and “documents and correspondences”, and there are only 3 messages that have nothing to do with a 1095-A; that document just isn’t there. Thanks CoveredCa, you’re really screwing people on their taxes.

I can’t log into my account. Not receipt of 1095-A. The current government is sabotaging covered California. This is an attack on the people. This should be illegal.

I’m in the processing of doing my 2016 taxes and need covered california info which I had from around Feb. of 2016 to July 2016

Laurie, Quit cursing the devil and hire an exorcist. Get yourself a Certified Insurance Agent.

I wish i could say i wasnt going to use Covered California again! However i cant afford the $1200 monthly payment for crappy insurance coverage if i dont go through CC. And ive tried everything to find my 1095-A online but there is nothing. No summery box, no timeline with boxes checked on the homepage, nothing in my secure mailbox. My only options are to apply for coverage. Ive had coverage through them for 3 years now! Thanks Obama! I used to have great insurance for less than half the price of this crappy coverage i have now! And no impossible hoops to jump through!

We’re into September and still haven’t received the 1095-A’s for me and my family. Covered CA has been the worst experience of our lives. I would rather pay extra directly to the insurance company then go through that again. Never using Covered Ca again.

I am having a nightmare. I don’t have my 1095A. I tried to create a new account to view the form online but got message that I already have an an account. I never been to this site. I tried to login but says invalid username. When I clicked on “forgot username” it asked for my DOB and email address. I provided the correct info but got another message that it does not match what they have on file. I tried to call but could not get to a live person. Am very frustrated and lost on where to go..it’s May 2016 and still not get my refund due to this mess up form.

NO WAY IS IT ON THE COVERED CA WEBSITE…I have nothing and already know I will be on the phone til 2020 trying to get it.

Nothing in correspondence which DOES NOT EXIST on the site, nothing in secured mailbox….not a damn thing anywhere THANKS AGAIN COVERED CA.!!!!

Yes this. What David said worked for me. NOTE: The form is at the very end, after all the letters in each of the languages.

Logged into the site. Clicked on Summary checkbox on my timeline. Went to Documents section. Still no 1095-A. Nothing in the mail either. Covered CA complete fail…again!

Go to the covered ca. Site, select secured mailbox on the top right hand side. You will find a message titled IRS 1095, it opens a letter in pdf form. Your 1095 for is included in the letter towards the last pages.

I can not file my taxes without my 1095 form and i did not receive i would like it to come to my email

This is a waste of time…when you go to the website to look for 1095 form you have to create a profile just to find out that you are not in the system what a joke and when you call no one is available and when they are is a useless person. way to go covered california

This is crazy! My form does not exist. The live chat does not work. And I cannot get a human on the phone. And I have no “documents” area in my dashboard.

I have no way to get my 1095 A. WHAT THE HELL!!??!

I need my form 1095-A Thank you, Tatyana

i can not find the summary ether i logged in and nothing ,i tackled to the lady on the phone for over 20m she kept telling men it was in the left hand corner there is nothing i ask the lady for my case number so i can file a desuetude form but got nothing i tried what other mail said but got no where

On the main page you will see a time line with boxes checked. The first box checked is the summary box. Click on that summary box that takes you to the summary page. Once on the summary page you will see Documents and Correspondence. It took getting through to online chat to figure that much out. I still didn’t have my 1095-A. Good luck!

Regarding 1095-A availability: I have not been able to confirm this reader’s comment that 1095-A forms are on hold. On the contrary, a Covered California supervisor told me this morning that most 1095-A forms have been mailed and are available online. However, judging by the number of readers asking about not receiving 1095-A forms, I am taking this with a grain of salt.

January 31st, 2016 came and went without receiving the 1095 in the mail. I gave it another week in case mail was slow. February 9th and still no 1095. Finally I called knowing that I would wait on hold forever until someone picked up. Finally it was my turn. They said 1095’s are currently on hold, and to expect the 1095 by February 29th, 2016. They mailed some 1095’s by their January 31st deadline, but the rest of the people who didn’t get them yet will have to wait until Feb 29th mail deadline. I asked if my 1095 will be available anywhere online but I was told no. Wait until February 29th.

Coveredca sent me an incorrect 1095A in 2014. I sent them the correct info and they revised the 1095, but even the revision was wrong. So I sent in a dispute form asking them to revise the revised form. In the meantime the IRS was sending me bills. I was told by them to just pay the full amount and after the form was revised I could file again and get some of the payment back. I sent the dispute form in March 2015. Someone from coveredca called me in July and said the revised form was in the mail. It wasn’t. I have been calling them every month and no one gives me the same answer. Now almost a year has passed and no one can tell me why I haven’t got the form yet. This place is a disaster!

There is no summary checkbox on my covered ca acct for a copy of 1095A? I’ve been on hold for hours, tried the online chat with no success; what do I need to do to comply with the IRS before they hit me with a $2500 penalty?

well I finally had my first phone call from covered ca. after refusing to hear an appeal, and ignoring two separate complaints.

they called anonymously (no caller id) at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon at the end of July. I’ m sure what they wanted was to leave a message that said if I wanted help to call, and then there would be no way to call them.

instead they had to talk to me and to paraphrase, they wanted to know if they could just throw everything away and pretend like they helped me, or were they actually going to have to do something.

I told him that the IRS would be well within their own rights to ask for paperwork two years from now, and I was sure that at that time Coveredca would say it is too late. I told him that my accountant had clients that covered ca had already lied to telling them the corrected 1095a was not required, and the IRS asked for it later (after the client told covered ca “no, I belive you, I won’t ever get audited and need a corrected 1095a”. He said that it was by design that you can not ever contact the covered ca person who said you would never need one, once the IRS says covered ca was mistaken” in sayin such. I told him at covered ca the IRS has only given specific types of cases that they will not review or audit. I told him that in “specifically”, specific means that other types of cases not specifically listed and are NOT exempt. I explained to him that they are lying, lying, lying when they say the IRS offered amnesty to EVERYONE. He did not care about any of this, or being caught in the lie that amnesty had been offered to some and not all, types of cases. He only wanted to know “”yes” or “no”, do we still have to do anything?”

I told him yes I want a corrected 1095a’s in the event of an audit, that I have never strayed from that position in any paperwork I had sent them, or in any of the 100+ phone calls I had made to them at covered ca.

I ask him what paperwork he was looking at, and all he could way is “what you sent”

I ask him when the paper work was received and he could not say.

I told him I sent in five sets of paper work, each more detailed than the last, and what set is he looking at, and he could not say.

I ask him how many pages he had, and he could not say

I ask him to read it to me and he faked it by trying to pretend he was doing a synopsis, really only looking at my transaction history and reading what it said. He had no paperwork with him at all. he was only making a phone call with an answer of yes or no. After 6 months of waiting, they could only afford one person, whose only interest was “yes or no.”

I asked when they would be done and he did not know. I ask who would be working on it and he did not know. I ask for the name of the department and he did not know I ask if there was anyone I could call who knew anything and he did not know.

to recap since my last entry:

two complaints ignored

hearing before judge refused

start 2-1-15

(February and march) 1095a dispute took two months to determine they had to do “something”, so they sent to “IT” department

(April) one month in IT department, determined “Yes, we should do something, sent to “ITC” department”

(May, June, July) in ITC department with nothing done still, at end of July they call to see if I have abandoned all hope and they no longer have to make an effort.

(August) determined that problem won’t be going away by doing nothing, so they send to another mythical, uncontactable, magical department that will “take care of anything” even though no one knows what they are going to do, how they are going to be able to do it, what changes they are going to make , or when they are going to do it.

I’m sure this new department it is right next door to that other magical land of unicorns that failed so miserably in the previous log.

Imagine waiting six months for a phone call, only to be asked if they still had to do anything, and reading between the lines seeing that they have done absolutely nothing In months, and they only called to see if they could officially do nothing.

Add me to the list of those who received notice from the IRS about not filing form 1095A. First off, I never got any coverage thru CoveredCA. After many glitches, freeze ups, times out I was never able to complete the process. It is no secret of the massive screw ups with the CoveredCA site and Obamacare in general. The only thing I was EVER able to do was register. Never received any confirmation of coverage, any premium notice—NOTHING.

Then 4 months ago a collection agency sends me a notice that I did not pay Healthnet and was turned over for non-payment of premium.

I unraveled that screw up a few weeks ago. Now I receive a letter from the IRS saying CoveredCA sent them a 1095A showing I received a tax credit??!!

I only received a postcard from CoveredCA saying the 1095A they previously sent was in error. I disregarded the postcard because I NEVER enrolled in any coverage thru CoveredCA. I never received any corrected 1095A either!!

This is a major screw up. Please do something to rectify this massive error.

Today (May 14) I received a corrected 1095-A for 2014 from Covered California. I filed my Federal Taxes based on the original 1095-A which showed a Tax Credit Subsidy for five months in 2014. In reality I now realize I received a subsidy for six months in 2014. I notified Covered California in late May of a change in estimated income. The change request was to be effective in July rather than June. Covered California clearly states I do not need to notify the IRS or file an amended return. It was Covered California’s error. Does anyone know if this amount will be shown on my 2015 1095-A, or will I receive a bill from the IRS or be granted amnesty?

I just got a letter form IRS saying that I need to send in my 1095-a form. I also got a post card saying I was supposed to get a corrected form, but never did. I called Covered California and got the same message saying they are not going to dispute, however here is my IRS letter saying that if I need a corrected 1095-a form contact Health Insurance Market Place. I am not longer on Covered California so I do not have an inbox or anyway to get information.

I don’t have a covered ca account any more I only had covered ca for 4 months until I was 65 years old. is there any way I can get my corrected 1095-a form on line I need help no one at covered ca can help me I have got 2 incorrect 1095-a forms so far I faxed all corrected info the day I got my form in the mail it is april 7th someone help me please karen

THANK YOU! I would never have found my 1095!

i got my corrected 1095-a form and it was incorrect again. i faxed all of the corrected information but i haven’t got it back yet. it is april 5th what can i do. this is crazy can’t someone help me please please please. this obama care is terrible.

I’m still waiting for my 1095 form!!!!!!it’s March 19th. I’ve been waiting for it forever to finish my taxes. I’ve been on the phone forever trying to get it. Five weeks ago they said they would resend in within 14 business days. what a load of crap that was. I’ve been to the US healthcare.gov site multiple times and every time it is down. I’m so frustrated with this situation.

only 3 weeks to go to find out if the 1095-a dispute form was just another lie from covered California.

they lied about what doctors were available under my first carrier, and that they had no responsibility in a list of 200 possible doctors, after 200 phone calls none were in the network they were listing as available doctors.

they back dated my change of carriers during open enrollment in 2014 and negated two months of PTC’s records to the first carrier on coveredca’s end only. it made it easier for them.

they lied month after month when I kept checking on the transaction to make sure they did it right. (I hadn’t had to buy a computer yet)

they lied month after month when ask why the first carrier was unaware of the change

they pretended to be mystified when no 1095-a was generated for the first carrier. (at this point I had to buy a computer I cant afford)

they lied that I had to wait until 2-1-14 to file 1095-a dispute, because the other 1095-a from the first carrier might magically appear in the mail, event though they had not created the document.

they never sent a postcard or letter about the 1095a fiasco, although they said they would, over and over.

4 separate supervisor’s supervisors were mystified by my account, after making me and my insurance broker (that I had to employ to assist me) hold and then come back for more questions for more than 200 minutes, they promised to call back, took my number, set the date and time that they were going to call back, and then never called back, 4 different times, leaving me sit and wait all day that day also. they always seemed to ask over and over what I was trying to accomplish in changing from one carrier ending 2-28 and another starting 3-1. I mean how hard can that be to understand?

they always needed to know why I would ask one of their customer service representatives do the change instead of doing it myself(no computer at that time). they acted like it was my fault for trusting them.

one of the supervisors said his name was Mr. Smith. covered ca sent me an e-mail that said my inquiry was “open”

one of my other favorite customer service reps is Lenard. he always sounds half asleep, and then hangs up on you after 1/2 hour of questions. the second you start with the problem, he hangs up.

So there has been no response to my faxed 1095-a disputes, I have been told that there I no possible way to tell if anyone got it, no way to tell if any of the 6 copies I sent have been appended to each other or if 6 different people are working with a couple of documents each, and no way to ever call that secret department.

I have been told that I only need to believe in this magic land of fairytales and unicorns, where all of my documents will be received, nothing will be lost, and covered ca will be diligent in presenting a resolution from this magical, un-contactable department in 60 days from the date of receipt (of course they have the power to create the date of receipt, and to pretend that nothing was ever received)

don’t forget that if you don’t file by 4-15 they will automatically cancel your tax credits.

I expect a robocall some time in June, THAT WILL SAY TO CONTACT 1-800-300-1506 IF I HAVE ANY OTHER QUESTIONS, AND MY CASE HAS BEEN CLOSED

I want my 1095 please and you guys keep giving me the run around. I really want my 1095 form.

I can’t log into my Covered CA account. I am getting a message that says applications are no longer being accepted. What does this have to do with signing into my existing account? All I want is my 1095-A. This is ridiculous.

received 1095a is it accurate?

I have the same problem and have found out why. please see this link to a covered ca page I found.


after that all I have had is problems. problems of anthem continuing to bill, problems of coveredca having to send screen images to stop anthem, and now no 1095a from coveredca for anthem (my first two months carrier). I have all the data from anthem, the dispute faxed to coveredca, and no response

p.s. anthem had four payments from me, but they were “lost” at that time, and anthem had not posted any of the payments as of my change to kiaser, so coveredca had not been “effectuated”. I do have 10 months on 1095a for kiaser

I have had a computer for 1 week. before that I had widows 98 that could not access coveredca. everything prior to now was done over the phone with coveredca

So when are these corrected 1095A to be sent out or being posted on covered ca.

Hello Covered California as of 02/19/15 I have not received a 1095a form for tax purposes and am getting the run around with the automated phone. How and where do I turn now.

So The feature was on tonight with my interview on Channel 5 KPIX regarding lack of 1095 A forms. Dana the spokesperson for Coverd Ca stated I was an isolated incident. I am theONLY one who never received a 1095A. WOuld be great if other contact KPIX 5 or responded the tae false statement!

Watch Channel 5 tonight at 5, I was interviewed about these issues. Please lok forward to me doing more to advocate for those lost in this Covered ca mess

Lucy: Even those who got 1099-As may not have received accurate info as per this announcement from Covered California. “New! Covered California to Distribute 1095-A Postcard & Corrected Forms. Some Covered California members received a version of IRS Form 1095-A that contained inaccuracies. In order to communicate this, Covered California will be mailing out a postcard to those consumers informing them of the inconsistencies and making them aware that a corrected version of IRS Form 1095-A will be issued to them for tax filing purposes.”

I have not received a 1095A in the mail or in my online account. This is ridiculous. I need to file my taxes and CoveredCA should be held accountable for not doing their job. Now I’m very concerned that I’ll never get the form and I’ll run into some big tax issue.

Companies do not have until February 28 to issue 1099s and other tax forms of this type.

1095-A forms should have been issued on or before 02/02/2015 and the first one I reviewed was incorrect. So beware.

I got my 1095 in the mail on Thursday, February 4. I believe that companies issuing 1099s and other tax forms of this type have until February 28 to issue the forms. Not helpful for doing your taxes, but there it is!

I also never received a 1095-A and want to file my return! I have nothing in my mailbox and there is nothing in my account like you mentioned.

Looking for my 1095-a form

Here are more detailed instructions for finding your Form 1095A online.

  1. Log on to your Covered California account and then look at first “Welcome” screen that appears.

  2. In the middle of the screen, you will see a box titled something like “Covered as of 01/01/2015” with a series of checked boxes labeled “Summary”, “Household”, “Personal Data” and so on. Click on the checkbox above “Summary”.

  3. On the next page titled “Plan Enrollment Summary by Program”, look at the links on the left. Click on “Documents & Correspondence” and then look at the resulting list for your 1095A. It may have an unusual title such as “CalNOD62AIRSForm1095A”. Click on the “View” link for the document and depending on your web browser settings, the form will either appear or automatically download to your computer.

  4. Instead of going thru all of the above steps, you can also simply check your “Secure Mailbox”. The link is always at the upper right corner of any Covered California screen. Click on the message with the subject “IRSForm1095A”. The message itself may not contain the Form 1095A but instead display another link that reads “Click here to open your message”.

  5. If you can’t find your 1095A in either your Secure Mailbox or the “Documents & Correspondence” link, then unfortunately Covered California may have not properly generated a 1095A for your account. You should then call Covered CA for assistance. You can alternatively mail or fax this “dispute form” but since Covered CA is only promising to reply to the form within 60 days, I personally would call instead in the hopes of getting the 1095A well before the April 15 tax filing deadline.


Just recieved my 1095A in the mail. When entering in Turbo Tax it will give you ‘invalid number’ message. Use only the LAST 15 numbers WITHOUT the semicolon.

I can’t believe I have 14 identical items, sent in a span of 3 weeks to my inbox, telling me I’ve qualified for Medi-Cal, but not my 1095-A. Release the 1095-A to us immediately, fire your current administrators, and hire a more conscientious crew.

I just logged on and there is not a “summary” tab on my home page or under my accounts or in the secure mailbox. No where can I find a Summary tab?????

I’m still waiting for my 1095A. I had been checking online but still did not see my F1095A on Covered California. Is the answer to Phil correct? Thank you

Who can I contact outside of Covered CA to file a complaint with the IRS or other government agency regarding no 1095A to file my taxes? By law they should be available, who is holding them accountable? Thanks

How and when will I recieve my form 1095A

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