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Covered California and Obamacare related questions from consumers, employers and agents are answered by Phil Daigle with the best information available at the time. Archived entries may no longer be accurate as the Covered California and Obamacare knowledge-base is evolving quickly. TO REQUEST A PERSONAL RESPONSE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESS.

How to Get IRS Form 1095-A?

By on | 45 Comments

Question: How do I get my 1095A form?

Answer: You don’t need to do anything. Covered California will mail the IRS Form 1095-A to all consumers who got insurance through Covered California in 2014. They also send a copy to the IRS. The Form 1095-A has the information you or your tax preparer will need to file your tax returns. This form has information you gave about your family. The form also tells you:

  • How many months you had health insurance
  • How much you paid in monthly premiums
  • How much premium assistance was paid to your health plan on your behalf (if any)
  • Who was enrolled in your health plan


I never received my 1095-A form for 2015.

I have lost my 2014 and 2015 1095a form how or who do i get them so I can file taxes?

I need for taxes please send to me by email 1095A

I haven’t received my 1095a until now. I called and chat with the representatives 3 times already. I’ve been told that it has been mailed and wait till Feb 15. I need to file my taxes. Is there another way to get a copy besides waiting on mail. I’m running out of time.

Till now i have submitted 3 dispute forms because they are keep sending me wrong 1095A forms. I dont know what to do now and whom to contact. No one is accountable there. My household members names are missing and my APTC is also wrong for 9 months as there was an Income change. I can not file my tax based on this 1095A form as i have to pay my whole subsidy back since now only my name is reflecting in 1095A form. Covered california confirmed with my Insurance regarding the premium i paid and my household members covered for full 2014. They are saying there is some problem in their system. Why the consumer is suffering because of their issues.

Can anyone tell me what options i have now ?

Today I received a corrected 1095-A for 2014 from Covered California. I filed my Federal Taxes based on the original 1095-A which showed a Tax Credit Subsidy for five months in 2014. In reality I now realize I received a subsidy for six months in 2014. I notified Covered California in late May of a change in estimated income. The change request was to be effective in July rather than June. Covered California clearly states I do not need to notify the IRS or file an amended return. It was Covered California’s error. Does anyone know if this amount will be shown on my 2015 1095-A, or will I receive a bill from the IRS or be granted amnesty?

Finally I receiced my corrected form 1095A. However, there were more erroes on it. Please advise what I neex to do in order to file my year 2014 tax return.

CoveredCA had a hard time to take me out from joint health insurance because it’s computer issues back to the end of Jan year 2014 based on my communications over the phone with them.

Now, the total monthly advance payment of premium tax credit increased from 4,047 to 11,064. However, the corrected amount should be 2,265.

I have not received my 1095 A tax form to file

I have not received my 1095A form either and it is April 4, 2015.

Thanks Ricardo, I also sent complaint form through email just now. ( Fax did not work for me, was getting busy tone ) . I hope i also get some response. Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.

I found the Complaint Form on: http://www.coveredca.com/contact/ Form CCFR902

Thanks for prompt reply. Can you please let me know from where i can get complaint form. Do u hv link to that form. I am also thinking of submitting complaint form, i guess there is no harm in doing so. Glad you could make it before tax deadline.

Finally, I received my 1095-A on the in box on 3/30/2015 and the letter by mail on 4/2/205. My within 60 day waiting period was going to expire tomorrow. Last week, I’ve refaxed everything again with a complaint form on 3/27/2015 and 2 days later got an e-mail response. I am not sure if refaxing with a complaint did the trick or if it was just a coincidence. Anyways, I am finally able to do my taxes.

Hi Ricardo,

Did you receive 1095A form yet or still waiting. I am on the same boat. My 60days wait period is getting over next week. Just wanted to know if coveredca are sending 1095A within 60days or there is any change that they miss this 60days promise too. Please let me know

Ricardo, You don’t need a Form 1095-A to file your federal tax return. You should be able to compute the amount of tax credits that you received in 2014 from your monthly health insurance bills. Enter those amounts on IRS Form 8962 and file your return. On 3/20/14, the IRS said consumers who received incorrect information from a state insurance exchange and already filed their taxes will not be required to submit corrected tax return paperwork. However, you can re-file your taxes if the updated 1095-A forms indicate you qualify for a larger return. Also the penalty on taxes due as a result of incorrect 1095-A forms will be waived through 2015.

I have never received my form 1095-A either. On 2/3/2015, I faxed the dispute form with all the premium payments report from Anthem with monthly bill copies and letter of explanation and as of today 3/24/15 no form 1095-A is available in my mailbox, neither I received one in the mail or any call back from them. I called Covered California a couple times and the customer service reps just say that they can’t do anything and that my only choice is to wait and there is no way to confirm that they received and started working on my case. I have the fax cover sheet proof that all 9 pages went through for what it is worth… It is only one week away from the “within 60 days” response. I am very frustrated as I can not complete my tax returns and I am very concerned that I may still no get the so desired form 1095-A. I am a small business owner and do have to pay both Federal and State taxes, but can’t finish my returns without the 1095-A. What will we need to do if we don’t get the 1095-A? File extension and pay taxes based on info without form 1095-A? ):

Spoke to Covered CA via phone (4 times) and on line chat was told to go on line to get a copy of the 1095a, problem is there is nothing in the secure mail box. Covered CA mailed my 1095A to wrong PO Box (there mistake) and they refuse to send me a new one.

If there is nothing in your secured on line mail box through Covered CA and they refuse to mail you a new one to the correct PO box, what do you do?

On line chat person could not spell and was cutting and pasting stuff that had nothing to do with my question.

I recently moved & misplaced my 1095-A form can you please provide me with a new 1095-A form


I understand where to get the form 1095A form. I waiting for the corrected 1095A form. It’s been well over a month. Calling CC to when these will be posted or sent gets me know where. I called my previous insurance provider and they are going to send me a certified copy of when my coverage was terminated. Based on the date that seems to be the only error. They show 11-20-2014, when it should be 11-30-2014. Everything else is correct, as I started medicare dec 1, and there is no monies shown for that month. As it stands I still have to pay. Glad I’m off of this thing.


You will find the form in your “Secure Mailbox” after logging on. The link to your mailbox is in the upper right corner of your Covered CA webpage. Print a copy for yourself!

stacy, i liked to know your website. i”ve called covered California over a dozen times to let me know when the corrected 1095A”s were sent out. depending on who you talk to. One states will be sent out by Feb 28th, to they were sent out but do not know when. the treasury department will not dispute the 50,000 taxes returned filied already. i wish they would consider the ones not already sent.

i also got the post card from covered ca that I’m getting a corrected 1095A. Card notes mid-Feb. I called Covered California they say they were supposedly sent the 15th and should be recevied sometime this week. They give generic answers to get you off the phone.

I also have not received my 1095A form from CC. i tried to fax dispute form but every time i am getting busy tone from their fax number and fax is not going through. I sent the dispute form through mail also on 04Feb2015 but there is no way to find out whether its reach there or not. I called CC to at least acknowledge that they received my dispute form, they said they cant acknowledge it and they told me to wait for 60days. This is total BS. what if i wait for 60days and then they will say they never received my dispute form. CC is having the worst process, no one is helping. I am at dead end. Don’t know what else i can do. Its really very frustrating.

I yet have to receive my 1095-A I called on February 2nd for them to tell me it had been mailed out January 31st (Saturday) its been two weeks and still nothing. I even have my preferred method of mail as email and check it on a daily basis. Right now to chat online with a representative is over 1 hour long! I called them and the operator’s response was they are too busy to answer my call at this time what kind of answer is that! very frustrating this is the last piece of info i need to submit my taxes and now who knows how long i will have to wait.

Angee: Get an agent to help you. Click this link to start: https://v.calheers.ca.gov/hix/broker/search/individual?

I haven’t received my tax form, called and they said to go online. well I can’t get mine until I log on and it wont let me create an account. so how do we do this for ourselves if it the program wont let us do that. I am so frustrated. thanks government

I sent my issues of not getting a 1095A to a higher level. After calling Covered CA telling me that I did not have one generated and to submit a form to possibly get one. Please watch channel 5 CBS tonight at 5. I was interivewed by them today and will be on their consumer watch. We have to expose the lack of accountability of covered ca. Please watch. I will be starting a website for those who have not got their 1095A from them and what we can do as a group.. I have already emailed the governor and others but was interviewed today by Channel 5! Please watch and respond.

Stacy: Get a certified health insurance agent to help you otherwise you will have to call Covered California directly. Here’s a link to find an agent http://www.coveredca.com/get-help/local/#null

I have tried every 30 minutes to fax my dispute form since I have never received a 1095A for tax filing. I get a no answer reply. Since my husband past away last July I have had issues with CC and Blue Shield trying to terminate his plan and keep mine. I assume that is why I have not received a form. Why do I have to continue to suffer after such a tragic loss of my husband at 49 years old and deal with this crap?? I need my refund, I do not need to be extended the additional fee of filing for an extension due to CC lack of competency. Who can help???

I am trying to figure out if the 1095A form will be forwarded by USPS? I have not used the government benefits since June or July when I got different employment and got coverage. I canceled over the phone. Then I moved and did not know about the 1095A until I went to do my taxes. I need this form ASAP. Will it be forwarded to my new address???

Fred: Since I no longer am enrolled in Covered CA, I do not have those options on my home screen. Still nothing in the secure mailbox. And when I call, all prompts that never get me to a LIVE representative. When you chose the 1095A prompt it is just info that is on the website, cant talk to anybody. I already faxed and mailed the dispute form. The phone prompts have all changed since December. Believe me I have spent hours on the phone with them since my husband past away last July. I am sure my accounts are all messed up as will be my taxes, unfortunately. It’s a shame what is happening here, causing added stress to one’s life. I dont understand that we as taxpayers have deadlines, why is CC not held accountable for their deadlines. The federal government wont even take your tax return without this form, costing the individual more money to file for an extension.

My name is Mark Rector my covered California id # is 5000045xxx.And I have waiting for over 3 months for my 1095a form from covered California and its crazy is there no one who can help me.

i need to copy 1095

I can’t even get a live person at Covered CA, there is a form I found on line that you can fax to them that you haven’t received the 1095A. My question is why should we have to do that? Who is holding CC accountable for NOT meeting the deadline so people can file their taxes. It is a joke.

When I first signed up for insurance on CC, I signed up for Bronze. I underestimated the amount of insurance I needed and in March I signed up for Silver. At that time the CC rep advised me I should create another account on the CC site. She said she’d “deactivate” the first account as I was to be enrolled in another plan as of April 1st. Fast forward to now: I’ve only received one 1095A form for my Silver plan but none as of yet for the Bronze I had from Jan-March. I still have access to that first account but there is nothing in my secured inbox. I’ve called and they’ve been pretty unhelpful. They’ve said that either I wait or see if an authorised agent could “possibly” print one out. Anyone have this issue?

CC told me they mailed my 1095A on 1/20/15. A week later when I didn’t get it, I called again, waited on hold forever, and now they’re telling it was mailed on 1/24/15 at 6:07pm. Today is 1/31/15 and I still have not gotten it.

What is going on? I am not a happy camper!

Olivia, the deadline for CC to mail the 1095-A is 2/2/15.

I haven’t received my 1095-A form yet. when I should get the form…I don’t have access on my internet on covered ca. yet. Please let me know what to do. Thank you so much..

hello, to who it may concern, who will i get my 1095 form come, do i get it in the mail or i need to them, please i need answer, thanks so much, gilbert s lopez

When do I get my w2 forms for 2014 ?to get tax credit for paying health insurance. Thank you olga Diaz

I just checked my Covered CA online account and found out that they posted my 1095-A last night. I don’t know if they posted everyone’s form at the same time or if they are posting them in waves, but you can begin checking your own account today if you are in a rush to get it (of course, you could also just wait to get a printed copy in the mail).

As I mentioned before, you will find the form in your “Secure Mailbox” after logging on. The link to your mailbox is in the upper right corner of your Covered CA webpage.

Is there any way to get the 1095A online, via coveredca.com or otherwise?

Covered CA has to mail out 1095-A’s by February 2. Ordinarily the deadline would be January 31, but since that falls on a Saturday the deadline is extended to the following Monday.

1095-A’s will also be posted online so that should be the fastest way to get your form provided you keep checking your online account. It should show up in your Secure Mailbox and/or your Documents and Correspondence page (the link to which can be seen by clicking on the Summary checkbox on the first screen that you see after logging in).

One other note: Covered CA was planning to hold a press conference on January 20 to tell everyone about the issuance of the 1095-A’s, so I had assumed that this was the day that the forms would be posted online. The fact that the press conference has not been held yet is a possible clue that there’s been a delay, maybe a technical glitch. I just checked my online account and no 1095-A has been posted yet.

is there anywhere to get this form online?

I haven’t received my 1095-A. What is the deadline for Covered CA to mail the form? or How can I request a copy of it?

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