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Covered California and Obamacare related questions from consumers, employers and agents are answered by Phil Daigle with the best information available at the time. Archived entries may no longer be accurate as the Covered California and Obamacare knowledge-base is evolving quickly. TO REQUEST A PERSONAL RESPONSE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESS.

Still Too Many Bugs?

By on | 28 Comments

Question: I've been trying to submit an income verification via the website for the last week. Every time I try to do so, I get an error message. I just trying calling CoveredCA, and got a message that said their call volume is greater than normal, goodbye. So all this time, and they still haven't gotten the basics working yet? Anyway, my question is, should I wait until the fix uploading verification on the website, or mail or fax it in? Last year I was never sure which method to trust.

Answer: I would trust the online upload above fax or mail. If it doesn't work, wait until after 11/15/14 to try again. Let's review the online upload process, just in case it's not a bug. (1) Access your CC account and click on the "Eligibility" check-mark. (2) you will see the name(s) of each person in the household and the document requirements for each.(If you don't see a document verification required, then wait for after 11/15/14 to contact CC.) (3) Click on the "Upload Documents" link and select the type of item to be uploaded, (4) Browse your computer for the PDF file to be uploaded. (5) Click on the "upload" button in the lower right corner, The document should be received in a matter of seconds (look for a barely visible green verification of upload statement at the top of the upload window.


After applying, I have conditional approval for $3948 per year in premium assistance. But when I “choose health plan” it displays “$0” for assistance. (I also submitted verification docs.) Do I select based on my calculation alone for monthly costs?

Same as Adele: I am unable to view my messages on covered ca site. I receive what looks like computer language & NOT a document in pdf or other format I can open. I found this true regardless of whether I am using Firefox or Safari with or without Chrome. FOR UPLOADING documents, I had a problem trying to upload a jpg file so converted to PDF files and I was able to upload.

I’m happy to report that for me, last night, my messages were finally visible again. I was able to get the page I needed from their message, create a new pdf document, and upload it to the site. So, assuming they get and process it, I’m all done for this year - yea!

A huge thanks to Phil for having this site, and all the time and effort he puts in to answering questions. It has been a life-saver.

Adele, That has happened to me as well. It seems to come and go so I would give a day or so and try again. This ‘screen dump’ has also happened on a few other pages but then all seems well again in a day or so. The website is still unstable which is too bad after this long.

I am unable to view my messages on the site. I receive what looks like computer language & NOT a document in pdf or other format I can open. I found this true regardless of what computer I used. I use Chrome as my browser.

I’m happy to report that the “Upload Documents” function now seems to be working. I haven’t actually uploaded anything yet, because looking at least year’s I realized that I need to attach the eligibility letter as the first page of the pdf. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to look at my online mailbox, as every time I try to do so I just get a big screen of java exception code.

So one bug squashed, but another one suddenly appears.

Mary, if you follow the instructions it works. I admit, once you’re into the CC extranet, opening the data file is not user friendly. But YES it’s worth it. Now you can see what’s in CC system under your broker number and compare it with whatever contact management system you use internally.

What is it with the encrypted emails and having to have a Microsoft password. None of us can access anything and it takes hours before Microsoft responds with a code. Once you enter the code you’re told it’s incorrect and even it is wasn’t, there is still another process to go through. We have all spent over an hour of our very busy time attempting to access an email with our client list and requirements. It is really worth it?

I received a ‘Tweet’ back form Covered CA asking if I could finally download documents. I tweeted back that the request went away from the website and asked how can I confirm that everything is now OK? They replied to call the customer service line. Per their suggestion I tried Saturday AM at 8:20. No hold times were relayed even though I was put on hold. ‘Your call will be answered in the order it was received’. After 30 minutes I decided to hang up. According to CoveredCA there is no other way for me to find out if everything is ok. Not to beat a dead horse but they have had an entire year to get these bugs sorted out.

Just to chime in… I am having the exact same proble with uploading verification, it is broken:

Error Code: 3M0QK5YH Error Number: 102597318

The customer service people are clueless. I faxed the docs to them twice so maybe that will work. I will need to take a day off to stay on hold for 6 hours…

My account as Certified Insurance Agent have been blocked to accesss covervedCa, I have tried to contact CoveredCa the Agent lines (877)453-9198 or (855)777-6782 for help for the last 3 days, but i have not been able to contact them for getting help, the phone line said to call another time Is there another way to contact them to help me to unblock my account ?

Here is my dilemna and I’m sure many others now that the floodgates have open on Nov.15th. I am locked out from my agent portal on COV CA. it says my password is incorrect OR that I have not answered the ‘security’ questions correctly. First of all, I was never prompted to answer any questions. Then it tells me my account has been locked out after three attempts and it advises me to call broker support directly. When I call THEM, on BOTH brokers phone lines, it says due to high call volume, call again later! Also, when I click on CHAT in one of the COV CA sites, nothing happens! Any advice on how to contact COV CA to correct this situation? Is there an appropriate email support address I can at least write to for help? thanks,

Thanks, Bob. I just checked, and status quo here. My account still shows I need to upload verification documents, and when I try to do so: same old error. But I’ll keep checking a few times a week. What happened with your account gives me hope. :)

Ken, I checked today and I am not sure if they fixed it or not because they are no longer asking me to submit docs. That means they either received my fax and I’m good to go OR something else is broken. You may wish to check and see if you experience the same.

Thanks for the info, Bob. It’s especially helpful to know the expected time frame for the fax to be added to my account. I’ll start to panic if it isn’t in by early next year.

Hi Ken,

I’ve been tweeting CoveredCA and they have responded and said they are aware of this bug. However it has been weeks now. Yesterday I also tried to “chat” with a specialist and I got on in less than 1 minute. That is super fast however she said she was unaware of any bugs and this was the first she was hearing of it. Thinking this might be my lucky day I tried calling and got the ‘hold time exceeds 2 hours’ message. I hung up. Now, I did fax my docs in but subsequently learned that 1) it takes 4 - 6 weeks for them to even get to a fax and 2) Each document you send must have at least two of the following three: Name, Address, Social. One of my docs only had my name so I was told that wouldn’t count.

Bob, when I told the Customer Service Center representative yesterday about the problem, she said she knew it doesn’t work some times, but keep trying because it does work. Well, I don’t know about that, as I’ve tried dozens of times, and it’s yet to work for me. I faxed my document in, but I have little hope it will ever show up in my record.

The Error Code I get is exactly the same as what you posted, so that must identify this error. The error number, though, seems to be increasing (I tried it twice within less than a minute, and it went up by 12). It’s already up to 101,036,412, which is about 3/4 of a million more errors than when you got your number. I’d say that qualifies as “too many bugs”!

I keep getting the same error as Ken when trying to ‘submit documents’: An error occurred when we tried to process your request. We’re working to resolve this issue. Error Code: 3M0QK5YH Error Number: 100303597 Please try again later or contact our Customer Service Center

The online “chat” agent says she has had no one else report this link was not working. Are others able to ‘submit documents’?


I don’t know what your letter tells you to do, but last year when this type of health insurance verification letter was sent out, it included the sentence “If you do not have insurance, please call the Service Center for assistance.” Your current letter should say something similar but even if it doesn’t, you should call.

And yes, your guess as to why you got this letter is correct. When you provide a revised income estimate, sometimes the Covered CA computer system re-checks and attempts to re-verify eligibility issues that did not cause problems when you initially enrolled. For example, people whose SSN was successfully verified during initial enrollment may be asked to prove their SSN just because they submitted a new income estimate. Obviously this is an error, but you still need to call Covered CA so that the verification requirement can be cleared from your record. Otherwise you will keep receiving notices and may be subject to any adverse actions mentioned in your notice.


We are in the exact same situation. CoveredCA can handle this, but not via the website. We called and spoke with a representative, who created a separate account for my spouse and enrolled her in the plan of her choice.

Unfortunately, however, they cannot account for the advance premium credits on both accounts. So one account has to pay the unsubsidized premiums, and then we’ll get the subsidized portion refunded when we file our 2015 tax return.

In 2014, Covered California could compute the subsidy and advance premium properly only if ALL the people within the family chose the same plan. Has that issue been addressed/fixed this time around? ACA has no such requirement, and Covered California too should theoretically allow people within a family to be under different plan levels.

I got a letter from Covered California that said, “We were unable to verify that you do not have health insurance through your job or a government program.” I am confused. I’m trying to renew and I didn’t have this problem last year. I have NEVER been covered through my employer so I’m not sure how I can prove this. The letter didn’t exactly tell me how to prove I’m NOT covered. A little help please! The only thing I changed was I (think) I’m going to make a little more money this year compared to last so I wonder if that set the confusion off? Any insight would be appreciated.

Well, it’s after the 15th (not by much), but unfortunately the symptom is exactly the same. I guess I’ll have to get on the phone and see what they suggest.

I tried to renew my husband and my insurance on the Covered Cal website over the weekend, and even though nothing has changed in our household, when I go to choose our plan, it shows the premium minus the entire subsidy amount we received for 2014. And under eligibility it shows that we qualify for “0” subsidy. How is this possible?

I understand that children’s dental is included in all health plans starting in 2015. Yet, if I click on “Children’s Dental” under the plan descriptions on the CoveredCA website, it states “not applicable.” Plus there are bugs like if I hover over “dental checkup” it shows “braces.”I would expect this to be fixed by now….

The new CCA agents being trained are contract workers not state employees. As such are they back ground checked? Who is going to be looking at my private information. The only thing I have read is that they will be paid less.

You should let agents know that when they fax a group of cases they cause a problem.The group cannot be uploaded or added to one case because privacy laws. Agents need to fax each cases proofs as one group but only for that case.

Thank you, Phil, for your prompt reply. Sounds like it’s best if I wait until after the 15th then.

In following your steps, in step (2), in the list of documents required (one only: Proof of Income), the link I see is “Submit Documents”, not “Upload Documents”. Clicking that causes a popup to be displayed: “Verify: You have already initiated an Verification request. Would you like to view the request and submit it?” Clicking OK displays an error message, beginning with “We apologize.”. “An error occurred when we tried to process your request. We’re working to resolve this issue.” It then gives an error code and error number.

That is the same error that I got by a different route: Clicking on “Manage Verifications” from the home page after logging in (under “ACTIONS” on the right hand side of the page), and clicking “Submit Verification” immediately brings up the error.

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