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Error Code "000"?

By on | 8 Comments

Question: Got my renewal letter a few days ago. Have been trying to renew on my online account for several days, but when I get to the end to submit, I keep getting error code 000. It's allowing me to verify everything, its just at the end when I hit "submit" I get the error code - Does anyone know what this means?

Answer: Covered California recognized a software glitch causing a "000 error code". They advised to try again later. If you continue to have the same problem, wait until November 15th, when all should be running well.


My bank withdrew my credit card due to the current hacking. The reissued a new card with different numbers. My online prescriptions are not being filled due to KP pharmacy can not get a valid credit card number. KP’s instructions on how to change card numbers does not work as computers do not understand anything outside of their programming. I have tried to leave the credit card number on line but that is a bad idea. The best thing would be to speak with a human from the pharmacy. If this can be arraigned, I will be able to receive my meds.

\That program needs to be changed so a person to person contact is possible. Problem solved.

Success !

On Nov 7, 2014 at 4:20 am, I was able to renew my insurance at coveredca with the same carrier without any apparent errors. I had my PIN. Process as follows:

  1. Log In button (Not renew)
  2. Read Secure Mailbox
  3. Consent to 3 years of future Income verification (right side of screen)
  4. Renew with No Changes to anything (all my income is other, slightly above Medi-Cal)
  5. Reduce advanced monthly subsidy via slider to zero



Are you hearing anything about the fix being in on the Renewal E-sig page or is it still generating an error?

I just have a straight renewal, no changes. I’ve been thinking to just do nothing and let it default to renew. But apparently once you log in the old Home page has been replaced with a Renew page. Presently, you either actively renew through the site or lose functional access to your account - except to your Profile and Mailbox, which are top Menu functions.


I don’t know why they ever set a renewal deadline of November 18th. Perhaps that was before they realized that their “Shop and Compare” feature would be inoperable at least through November 3rd. Or that the their “Renew” function does not really let you select another plan. I believe you will have until December 15th to renew and select another plan.

Certainly, if you’re not making any changes, it would be prudent to do nothing. The renewal notice from Blue Shield makes that point very quickly into their letter, and repeats that a number of times.

Or, if you feel lucky, dive into Covered CA and hope there’s no downside to getting stalled out with an Error Code right before the completion. After all, what could go wrong? It’s not like they could end up cancelling your plan or something…because you started a process that’s primarily about telling them of an important change in your status…then “neglected to finish it”. That would be just crazy talk.

As usual with these clowns, they try and get one entry point (RENEW HERE) to branch and handle two different outcomes (renew with change/renew without change) and they end up not being able to do either.

The letter I recently received from Covered CA says “Renewal for your household is due by November 18, 2015”. While the package received the same day from Blue Shield says, “if you want to continue with your health plan, there’s nothing that you need to do.” And that open enrollment does Bot start until Nov 15.

Is everyone supposed to be able log in on Nov 15 and get everything done by Nov 18 ?

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