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Covered California and Obamacare related questions from consumers, employers and agents are answered by Phil Daigle with the best information available at the time. Archived entries may no longer be accurate as the Covered California and Obamacare knowledge-base is evolving quickly. TO REQUEST A PERSONAL RESPONSE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESS.

October 2014 Archives

Error Code "000"?

By on | 8 Comments

Question: Got my renewal letter a few days ago. Have been trying to renew on my online account for several days, but when I get to the end to submit, I keep getting error code 000. It's allowing me to verify everything, its just at the end when I hit "submit" I get the error code - Does anyone know what this means?

Answer: Covered California recognized a software glitch causing a "000 error code". They advised to try again later. If you continue to have the same problem, wait until November 15th, when all should be running well.

Cedars Doesn't Take My Insurance?

By on | 5 Comments

Question: My son has a preexiting heart condition. He needs to continue with his cardiologist who as treated him his entire life. What can I do to get coverage that cedars will take?

Answer: You can change plans during the annual open enrollment period. This year it starts November 15th. Your change of coverage will not be effective until January 1 2015. Work with your agent to find coverage that includes Cedars Sinai.

Trouble Uploading File?

By on | 1 Comment

Question: I have submitted numerous documents to covered ca since April2014. This is the second time I am trying to upload and it is saying file type not supported. I have sent it in jpeg,bmp,and tiff all in grayscale. All of my other documents submitted were in jpeg. Online chat said to try another browser. tried google chrome, no go. using internet explorer. the last time this happened, I just kept trying daily till it was excepted. here we go again! the problem is with the website. What a horrible website!

Answer: The preferred format is PDF. The image formats you have been using create much larger files than PDF. Scan and save your documents as PDF files. You should have no further problems.

EPO and HMO Coverage Out-of-State?

By on | 1 Comment

Question: I have to be in another state for half the year but am a resident of CA. What I am seeing is all plans offered in my area for 2015 are going to be either EPO or HMO plans. In the past I had doctors in both states that I used that were in-network. What am I to do now for non emergency coverage when I am out of state?

Answer: You are correct. EPO and HMO plans will only cover emergency medical care in another state. This is only an issue if you are eligible for a subsidy and must buy your coverage through Covered California. Otherwise, there are PPO plans available off-exchange that can provide out-of-network benefits at your second home.

Close Covered California Account?

By on | 2 Comments

Question: I signed up one family member with the incorrect DOB (typo is off by one day). I cannot get it resolved and it is now causing rejected claims and billing problems. DOB can only be changed at CC by an IT tech person. We’ve gone that route twice in the past 5 months and neither the CC account nor the Anthem account is updated. Some insurance sites advise closing the account and starting over. The family member is undergoing diagnostic services and treatment at this time so I do not want them to be without coverage. But having the wrong DOB is like being uninsured as the claims are not being paid. Can any agent please advise on best way to reach a resolution at CC (who will then update Anthem)? Or is canceling and starting over the only way? Thanks for your assistance.

Answer: Expert agent, Max Herr, says: DO NOT CANCEL THE ACCOUNT!! Doing this will terminate coverage and you won’t be able to get it back until January 1, 2015. You should be able to resolve this with a phone call to CoveredCA (800-300-1506). Although you will probably have to wait on hold for an hour or more, it should not take an act of Congress to get a CSR to make the change. Do you have a designated Certified Insurance Agent? If you did, that agent ought to be able to get the change made for you. I’ve been able to get similar changes made without difficulty.

Question: My Husband took out 20,000 from his IRA, I believe it raised our income to 47000 which normally be around 27,600 with half of his SS and my rental income. I did not report this chanage as I am confused on what is Income, if we do not count on that money yearly nor will we have it ever again, how do I calculate or preview plans that are based solely on our 'Income' and not extras, as not to over pay.

Answer: Yes.Based on what you've told me, your taxable income for 2014, will be about $47,000. Since you are collecting a monthly subsidy based on an estimated income of $27,000, your excess subsidy will be about $1,700 for 2014. What that means to you is, your tax bill for 2014 will increase by $1,700. I suggest save up the $1,700 to pay the additional taxes in April, but do not change your income with Covered California. That's because in 2015, your income will return to to about $27,000 and you'll be back on track will a minimum of complications.

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