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Covered California and Obamacare related questions from consumers, employers and agents are answered by Phil Daigle with the best information available at the time. Archived entries may no longer be accurate as the Covered California and Obamacare knowledge-base is evolving quickly. TO REQUEST A PERSONAL RESPONSE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESS.


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Question: I have enrolled and been conditionally accepted for 90 days and I have signed up and paid for a health plan. Now I am thinking of cancelling the plan and get out of the Covered Cal exchange altogether. How do I do that, and if I do, when will my current account with the insurance company end?

Answer: If you applied on your own, log into your CC account and select "Terminate Coverage". You can cancel your coverage as soon as 14 days from that date. If an agent signed you up, ask him or her to do it for you.


Is any of this venting helping or is there a legitimate agency a person can file a complaint. My daughter receives SSI because she is diagnosed with mental retardation. One day I noticed that money was being taken out of her $583.00 a month check, that she is supposed to live off of, to pay for MediCal. She has been covered under my health benefits since birth and always has been. Benefits that I receive from my employer and have money taken out of my check to have her covered. I want to cancel her MediCal but from the comments above and after spending a hour on-line trying to find out how to cancel, it seems it will be impossible.

I had a plan with healthnet trough covered CA since may 2014 till Jan 2015. In January we have tried to cancel with healthnet and covered CA multiple times and have been told it is canceled, but they didn’t give us any confirm number. Today June 8 I got a letter from healthnet collection agency which blackmails me for 663 dollars premium for February ? With the explanation that my insurance has not been canceled. I got enrolled with employers insurance and have coverage with them since January 2015. So how is it possible that they still charge me . What am I supposed to do - I don’t want to pay for something I didn’t use and had no intentions to use , obviously I am paying another company. It takes forever to call covered CA if they ever pick up the phone . The agent that did our plan with them told me that he has never heard of the rule that we have to call - according to him stopped payments are more than enough. I need an advice what to do - I feel this is the. Biggest scam

I am suspicious that there is a scam going on here and the tax payers have to pay!!! You see I cancelled with Kaiser in March. No one said to go to CC. Couldn’t find termination button. Didn’t pay premium from March thru December 2014 ; however Kaiser reported my account open and said nothing to CC. Although premiums stopped. Received tax bill of over $4000!!!! And I will not only fight this but I will bring this shady actions of Kaiser under the scrutiny of the media. Btw spent 4 hours on the phone asking for invoice showing Kaiser did NOT receive payments from me since March. I was shuttled to various departments until someone said we ” can’t give anything in writing “.?! Hmmmm is Kaiser trying to keep subsidy by falsifying info of clients that ended their insurance with them? Suspicious if you ask me!!!

Same issue happened to me. There was nowhere on the website to cancel CoveredCA. I called agents multiple times at CoveedCa and they said I was cancelled, but the bills kept coming. They even sent me an incorrect 1095 form so I was on the hook for $400 worth of insurance I didn’t need or use. Now that it’s 2015, they keep sending me bills, Kaiser said CoveredCa never told them to stop coverage. Now am I going to get another incorrect 1095 in 2016? I want off this crazy roller coaster!

After much jumping through hoops I gained coverage from Kaiser via Covered CA in May 2014. Then in August I started a new job with its own health plan (also through Kaiser) so tried to cancel.

There was no ‘Cancel’ option on the web site. There was no ‘Cancel’ option or even an option to speak to a real person on the phone line (I found out later that continually pressing ‘0’ will eventually get you to one). So I used the online chat and the rep said they would cancel the policy.

And the bills kept coming.

I wrote snail mail to both Kaiser and CoveredCA asking them to cancel. Kaiser replied that they needed CCA to cancel the policy, CCA never responded.

And the bills kept coming.

I spoke to numerous people on the phone and online chat who assured me the policy had been cancelled, I owed nothing and the account would lapse after 90 days.

And the bills kept coming.

I had a conference call with representatives from both Covered CA and Kaiser who said it has all been sorted, the plan was terminated and nothing was owed.

And the bills kept coming.

Six months after I originally requested termination the bills, now totaling $1800, keep coming for a service I do not want, do not need and can not use. My CCA login is back to “step #1 : choose a plan” and Kaiser admit that I’m covered twice (once through employment) but they need termination confirmation from CCA. I have more case# and ticket# references from CCA and Kaiser than I know what to do with.

I just want the bills to stop coming.

My wife & I tried to change plans in early Jan, and instead of that happening, our current coverage was cancelled. We were told that at least we’d be enrolled starting Feb 1, but it was setup only for me. However on Friday someone at CoveredCA messed up my account, and even though I was enrolled and paid for Feb 1, that has also been cancelled. So again we are both left uninsured.

No one at CoveredCA seems to be able to actually DO anything. They keep creating tickets, but nothing good ever happens.

Is there any secret way of getting to someone who can actually fix this for us?

I am currently having a horrible nightmare experience. In september i signed up for a Keiser Plan. Then I got a bill on October and paid. Then I called the insurance company who told me I don’t have insurance, no member number no bills nothing since the enrollment date they sent from covered california was abackdated and they did not get the payment within 30 days. So I called covered ca they say they don’t know what the issue is. So I again signed up for insurance this time directly with the company because I don’t want issues. Then a few months later the insurance company says your covered california has send an end date of January, pay everything for 5 months although I had no coverage???? Whaaat, now trying to cancel with Covered California and I can’t get trough. Such a SCAM. I was better off uninsured and paying penalties. Anyways I have insurance now but this is ridiculous scam

This is EXACTLY what happened to me. I mean the story is to the detail. I have no idea what to do. If CC/BS gets their act together then I might one day have coverage. So, do I go outside Cov Ca and cover myself. Or do I go without coverage for months while they (if ever) figure it out?


I had taken HealthNet insurance through CoveredCA.com in the month of October 2014. Starting November 2014, my employer started providing insurance. In last week of October 2014, I logged into CoveredCA.com to cancel my coverage and participation but the Termination link was not working. I chatted with a representative and requested her to cancel my participation and asked her why the link to terminate is not working. She had no answer on why the link to terminate was not working. She told me to call 1-800 and talk to representative to cancel your participation. I tried calling multiple times for next 2-3 weeks and everytime the wait time was more than 3 hours. So I tried to cancel my termination again through my account but the link was still not working. I tried contacting chat representative and they were not helpful. Now HealthNet have been sending bills for the month of November and December 2014 even though I did not acknowledged and did not enrolled in auto renewal of coverage. CoveredCA is biggest fraud and steals money out of their customers by not letting them cancel their participation online and representatives are not helpful when you call them. What a way to cheat people and steal their money. Shame on CoveredCA. Why should I be penalized for the crappy system of CoveredCA for not letting me terminate my participation online. And when I try to call them.. it takes forever waiting for someone to answer. Shameless people, CoveredCA is thug.

I am trying to terminate Blue Shiels, through covered Ca starting from October, hours of phone calls and appeals, now in January got cancelation by end of December . From October I have another insurance which I am paying, now get bills from Blue shield and will have to return money to IRS sinse I got job. How could I prove that I was trying to terminate it from October, I think it’s a group of bandits who are stealing our money ( by the way when I tried to use this obamacare doctor did not accept it ( ppo) and I had to pay myself). Is their any legal action I could do against them?



I try to use the terminate Participation button but I clicked it several time nothing happened

Hi Ned.

1.) Yes, best to go direct with a health carrier, and use a licensed agent, and avoid Covered California when there is no need, such as when premium tax credit subsidy is not available.

And yes, direct-carrier health plan premium prices are the same with also the same plans offered through Covered California. Some carriers do not participate in Covered California and so offer other plans and with wider provider networks, and some Covered California participating health carriers offer additional health plans which are not offered through Covered California.

2.) HSA money, which has already been funded correctly, can be withdrawn to be used for Qualified Medical Expenses at any time. One does not have to actually have an HSA-compatible health plan to use one’s correctly funded HSA monies.

3.) Yet, one must have an HSA-compatible high deductible self-directed health plan to FUND one’s Health Savings Account (HSA).

So today I found out how to cancel it finally after a week someone posted on the FB forum there. It seems super ass backwards but if you go through and renew your plan then go back to the home page the link will let you click terminate and I was able to cancel it. I don’t know why the hell someone on the chat line couldn’t tell me this a few days ago. I don’t think any of them are trained at all. I don’t see this system lasting much. My rate with Cigna is the same as my old plan except I don’t have to deal with them. I think everyone should go through the independent networks and they will be better plans, also I think maybe this will all fall apart like the post office if they can’t offer anything useful no one will use them when you can have better service elsewhere

Covered CA is a mess, unfortunately. Links don’t work; they don’t answer calls, don’t know anything when you call them. I did the Live Chat because I was told by a machine that they were too busy to answer my call. Period. No waiting time, nothing. Live Chat dude was lame. He tried the link I described—the provider list for Anthem BC; a very important link when you are deciding what plan to buy—and confirmed it didn’t work. Suggested I call my doctor, who suggested I call Covered CA…. Oh, and that was 2 days ago. The link still doesn’t work. Do you think he passed on the bad-link info? Yeah, me neither.

What I learned: If you have no chance at getting the subsidy, just go through the insurance companies and avoid Covered CA. The no-preexisting conditions deal applies to all plans, not just Covered CA. And the prices are exactly the same. Also, I was told by an Anthem guy that I needed a dedicated HSA plan if I want to use HSA money. I had thought any plan with a high deductible would be okay. Still not sure about this…

Wow 4th day finally got through but said 2 hour wait time hahahaha WTF!? I am mailing them a god dammned letter about terminating my insurance after that I’m done sick to death that none of their links are actually links. They could probably cut out 1/2 of their freaking calls if shit on the site actually worked


The solution you suggest would be great if the “Terminate Coverage” link wasn’t dead. It goes nowhere.

I’ve been trying too process cancellation since october. effective in december as i start medicare. i was hard to get on this thing, now twice as hard to get off. covered california states update is november 12..ha ha.

FYI, I tried to cancel my individual insurance (Anthem - Bronze 60 PPO) through Anthem, but they advised that it must be canceled through Covered California. I logged in to Covered California and there is no link or form to “‘Terminate Participation’, so you have to call. I called Covered California at 1-800-300-1506 and wait times were over 30 minutes. While I was waiting I started to fill out the Renewal flow, as it allows you to indicate that you have obtained other insurance through an employer, outside of the exchange, which is why I was canceling. However, when I spoke with a and was advised to cancel all changes and not submit the renewal flow. Further, he indicated that they are undergoing a system upgrade, but they don’t know when it will be complete. So they are not able to submit cancellations at this time. I was told that my request has been logged and I was given an incident #, but told I should call back in 1-2 weeks to confirm that my coverage has been canceled. I was also told that the cancellation would be backdated to the effective date of my new insurance. There is a lot of focus/attention/help on getting people enrolled, but who knew how hard it would be to get out of this?

I can’t get my coverage to cancel either, from HealthNet. Have been trying for months. Healthnet says I have to do it through Covered CA, can’t log in to their site, can’t get any love here. This is even worse than the sign-up process, which took 9 months.

I signed up for Kaiser via Covered California and one month later got a job with health benefits. I called Kaiser to cancel policy. Was again invoiced and I called again.

I was told that after 90 days of no pay they would cancel my policy. It’s been almost 6 months and they are still billing me.

How can I get the billing to stop? Will this effect my credit rating?

So frustrating.




Hello, I tried to sign up for Blue Shield PPO for 2014 through CoveredCA during December 2013. However, I later decided against going with that policy and continued with our (non-CoveredCA) existing BlueShield PPO assuming that if I did not make any premium payments on my CoveredCA BlueShield CA policy, it would automatically terminate. However, now I am interested in exploring moving to CoveredCA for 2015 and in logging in to my account on the CoveredCA site, it shows by 2014 policy as being effective (even though I did not make any premium payments). Not sure why this is so (I did spend an hour on hold with CoveredCA to try to get on top of this).

I have Kaiser through Covered CA for myself, and in combination with Medi-Cal for my children. Now I need to cancel it for all of us. Do I need to do something proactive, or just stop paying for 90 days?

Hi Dale Rene Waingrow.

Call Covered California ASAP, (800) 300-1506, and have the rep cancel your coverage by doing a ‘Terminate Participation’ action. If you want coverage THROUGH Aug 15th, then make sure the ‘Terminate Participation’ is done with a specific date of August 16th, 2015. Don’t let them do any other date. If they want to do a different date, like the end of the month, or Aug 15th, say “No,’ and make sure you get the specific date of cancellation YOU request.

Again, if you want to maintain coverage THROUGH the entire day of Aug 15th, you must have the CovCal rep ‘Terminate Participation’ for you, effective on August 16th (or later).

I want to cancel my kaiser California Coverage that was written up by an agent that I cannot get into contact with. The policy is to be cancel august 15, 2014.



THANK YOU, Dale Waingrow

Bartolomew - just don’t pay your premium for the months of coverage you do not want. After the 90 day grace period your policy will cancel.

Blue Shield is messing a lot of things up, even when CovCal sends them the correct info — correct info of which can be verified through one’s CovCal account, and through CovCal internal account access.

There are several unique Blue Shield oddities. Here’s one: I have a client enrolled through Blue Shield, paid for January binder premium per invoice from Blue Shield. Then Blue Shield claims CovCal sent info to Blue Shield to cancel her effective back to January 1st, as if never active, which Blue Shield did. CovCal did not send such info, and her CovCal account clearly has her as active. Blue Shield would not let her pay her February premium which she tried to do more than once, as they say she has no active policy to pay on, back retro to January 1st… even though she paid her January binder premium payment.

So Blue Shield cancelled her active and paid-for policy without notice, which is illegal, of course. I mentioned this to Blue Shield Producer Services, and requested reinstatement ASAP. Yet Blue Shield repeatedly told me that they only do what CovCal tells them to do. Wow! I then asked Blue Shield if it is generally inclined to take illegal action prompted by Covered California, regardless of Covered California’s requests or demands, to which I was told they would not and do not, which led to again my inquiry as to why Blue Shield took illegal action in cancelling my client’s paid-for and active policy. “Well, Covered California told us to,” was again the answer.

CovCal says it did not send any info to Blue Shield for or about cancellation of my Client’s Blue Shield policy.

For my client I initiated an ‘expedited request’ to have CovCal send info to Blue Shield to get her policy correctly reinstated. Weeks went by. I put in yet another request, which was a ‘911 request’ as CovCal calls it, where response (I was told) would be the next day or next day following. Still nada. These guys are too much. Makes sense upper management CovCal reps can BS Congress, get paid the big bucks, claim victory, while actual implementation is a problem, and while they rely upon cheap further-diluted already-very-low paid labor of agents to sort things out, as agents are are, though limitedly so, or course.

Ah, The Red Line of Covered California.

This didn’t work for me. Terminated my plan with BlueShield at the beginning of february but it’s now april and BlueShield still hasn’t canceled my plan and I’m in cancellation limbo. Blushield is still asking for my premiums and Covered California says that from their said all is done and they’ve sent the termination to BS already… Anyone having problems cancelling with BlueShield?


When you ‘Terminate Participation’ make sure to select the date of Termination as the exact same date as the requested date of your new chosen health plan’s effective date.

If for your ‘Terminate Participation’ you select the last day of the month, such as April 30th, and then for your new health plan when you ‘Choose A Health Plan’ you select the following day, say May 1st, then come Midnight on the night of the April 29th, right when the April 30th day starts at 12:00:01 your plan termination will go into effect leaving you without coverage for the entire April 30th day, until Midnight, the night of April 30th, which becomes May 1st, where only then your new plan would become effective. Get it? The insurance companies do. And believe me, if there’s a claim, on April 30th, especially a big claim, they won’t pay for it. I’ve also confirmed this with now two different insurance carriers.

Covered California reps are misinformed and confused like all get out about this when you tell them.

Covered California is leaving people without coverage for one day, and I’ve told them, been put on hold while they wrestle with thinking, and then I still get told they won’t do the termination for the next day (e.g. May 1st).

Peter Lee only tells congress what his PR firms Weber Shandwick and Ogilvy tell him to say. Many big earners at top of the CovCal organization, while cheap labor from insurance agents, enrollment counselors, and the like, do a heck of a lot of their work and error fixes for them, with extensive extended hours, with no additional pay.

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