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Covered California and Obamacare related questions from consumers, employers and agents are answered by Phil Daigle with the best information available at the time. Archived entries may no longer be accurate as the Covered California and Obamacare knowledge-base is evolving quickly. TO REQUEST A PERSONAL RESPONSE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESS.

Change Plans Now?

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Question: I began coverage on 1/1/14 on the Blue Shield Bronze PPO. Can I change to the BS Silver PPO now or do I have to wait til next year?

Answer: You can change plans until March 31st. After that you will have to wait for the next open enrollment period.


I have clients who expressly wanted to have their enrollment changed in time. When I called Covered California due to inability to effect those changes on the website, I was told to wait, that there were problems and this could be fixed before April 15th. For that reason, I’m alarmed by what you’ve just said, as this leaves me holding the bag for being unable to change their policy. There are notes in my portal and on their application to document this claim. What do I do?

I helped a customer by phone. How can they delegate me ?. How medical customers can delegate the certified agent

I have two clients I enrolled during February that were lost in the system. I called the Agent’s line and they have no record of them but said they might be able to recovery them. The young lady I spoke to said to reenter them ‘just in case’. I advised both clients to call Health Net and give their Subscriber # that I printed for them before I left them after helping them apply. Either way I am not certain I properly advised and also need to get paid for my work. Any advice here?

Just wanted to give you an update on switching plans. Turns out it is easy enough to terminate a plan through the website, however, you have to wait 14 days to apply for a new plan online. Unless, of course, you call Covered Ca directly, they can do it over the phone the same day. The problem is, CC is not taking calls. I can’t even be put on hold and this seems to be a very common issue as I found out after conducting a Google search.

Since today is the deadline to apply for April 1st eligibility, looks like I am out of luck and will to wait the 14 days to re-apply. Which means the new plan will not take effect until May 1st.

As to the original question.. Yes you can change until March 31st. But be careful of the effective date of the new insurance, and the termination date of the old. You don’t want a gap, and also not double pay for insurance.

If you do it today (3/15) you can get new coverage effective 04/01, and cancel your old one as of end of March. But if you miss today, your coverage will be effective 4/16 or 5/01;

The old one I would assume is paid on a monthly basis. So you are better off choosing the 5/01 effective date, and canceling the old one as of end of April. That way you wouldn’t be paying for both insurances for an overlapping 15 days.



When you signed up, you should have given a login name and password. That’s what you would use to log in.

If an agent did it for you, you can ask that agent. Otherwise, try calling CC exactly at 8:00am (don’t be even a couple of minutes late). You will get through within 5-10 minutes.

The good and bad part is if you dial at 7:59 you are not put in a queue. You are asked to hang up and dial again. So, if you dial 30 seconds after 8:00am, you are at most fighting with 20 or 30 people.


Dloomquist: Yes, you need to cancel. Go to the website, and choose “Terminate Participation” from the right hand side list of option. Then you should choose the reason and the effective date.


Dan S: I wouldn’t hold my breath on the “decision”. They are still way behind. Just upload the documents they ask for and wait. As Phil mentioned, your premium credit (APTC) may be affected but not the coverage itself.


Your premium assistance might be altered, but your coverage will continue uninterrupted, so no need for a SEP.

I am enrolled in Blue Shield through Covered but conditional eligible for 90 days. By March 12 I have to submit proof of income. I assume decision will come after March 31. If Covered determines that I am not longer eligible for current plan with Blue Shield (due to low income) is this a qualifying event? I mean can I buy insurance off the exchange after March 31 ? In what conditions?

We started January 1 with covered Ca coverage with Anthem Blue Cross. We have paid thru Feb. My husband just got a new job this week with insurance for the family. Can we continue to have both coverages? If not, do we need to do something to cancel CC? Please note that CC is not accepting calls which is so very frustrating. Thanks! And thanks for this site which showed that we’re not alone with many frustrations.

How do i log in to my covered california account?

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