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No Blue Shield Member Card Yet?

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Question: I paid my premium on the blue shield website. Have confirmation # and case #. Have not received member ID card yet. Need to go to doc before card arrives. Doctor says they need Member ID # to confirm. What to do?

Answer: Blue Shield says that they send ID cards to clients 7 to 10 business days after the installation process is complete. You can also print an ID card at this web address: https://www.blueshieldca.com/bsca/registration/step-1-subscriber-id.sp?showError=true, but you must have a membership number to do that, so I’m not sure how helpful that is right now. BTW members ID numbers are 9 digits beginning with 900.


I was told I qualified now after being on covered ca I am told I owe it all back ?!?! There is nowhere on the enrollment to put your filing status!!!-I was lied to what are my rights?!

My wife and I went through Covered Calif to get the Blue shield Medical coverage. This was January 20th. It is now March 16th and I have not heard anything back from Blueshield as far as ID cards or a welcome packet yet they continue to take out money from my checking account…I dont remember signing up for autopay!!

We have both tried calling them three times for answers to no avail. When we call, they continue t ask for sensitive info, email address, phone number, social security number as well as what credit card we used for payment! They dont have that info already???

I thought a person was able to only give the last 4 digits of his SS# for verification? but why would they ask for your full credit card number??? The number we call is the same one on the BlueshieldCA website (800) 393-6130.

I asked my bank to place a stop payment but they said I must deal with the Company first who is charging and have them take me off auto pay!!! Geez! it’s a paradox!

I paid my Blue Shield premium. I am a new member.
I have not received anything from Blue Shield, therefore, I don’t have a member number so I cannot obtain a flu shot at my pharmacy or go to a doctor. They ask for my Blue Shield number. I’ve called Blue Shield and am put on hold. I held on the phone for 1 hour and no one came on the line to help me!!!! I tried to log onto the Blue Shield of CA website, but they ask for my Blue Shield member number which I do not have since they have not sent me any info or answered the phone when I call!!! It has been very upsetting and time-consuming dealing with Obama’s “Affordable” healthcare!

I made my payment on 1-4-14 online and received a confirm #, but it has not been deducted from my bank account yet. How long does this take?

He can just call Blueshield to get his membership id and then sign-up online with that. He’ll be able to print the cards directly from the site.

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