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Payment Deadline Extended to Jan 15?

By on | 14 Comments

Question: I heard the premium payment deadline has been extended once again to 1/15/14. It that accurate>

Answer: Yes. True for all Covered California carriers. CC made announcement late yesterday.


Followup: Surprising me considerably, not only did Anthem follow up, they actually billed my credit card. It “only” took eight business days between entering the credit card information and the charge appearing on the credit card.

But it now appears that I do have coverage through that credit card payment even if they have no record of the check I sent in. I may even be able to keep coverage if (taking into account the banking holiday on Monday) I can get a second credit card payment processed in time to cover next month’s premium.

Leaving aside my snark at my carrier, it appears they are slowly working their way through the backlog. It further appears that there is a lot more manual processing/rekeying of data going on at the carriers than I had imagined was still possible in this day and age.

Followup: surprising me not one whit, my credit card has yet to be billed and nobody from Anthem has followed up.

The good news is that Anthem Blue Cross appears to have extended their payment deadline to January 31st. Source: Anthem’s 855-634-3381 line.

I concur, Kristine-CA.

Two days ago I was able to get through to a human at Anthem. I had already sent a payment electronically, but Anthem had no record of that payment being received. (The bank had a check number for it, the check had a memo note with an application control number, the money was debited on schedule, so it appears my first month’s premium was indeed an unsolicited donation to Anthem).

The human was nice, and took my CC number as a fallback. Entered my data into the online form, and eventually (it took about five minutes (!) before it returned a result, kudos to the CSR for being patient) returned a postive result and the CSR gave me a 6-digit temporary ID number in the event that I get sick, and claimed I was covered until January 1st. The human also said they’d get back to me on the first donation/payment and apply it to future months’ premiums.

That was two days ago. It will surprise nobody here that my CC shows no evidence of being charged. I’ve decided to give them the weekend to resolve the issue, and will start calling back on Monday (with three days before the deadline, and I expect it’ll take at least two days on hold to get through) when this, too, fails.

The fault at this point appears to be entirely with Wellpoint/Anthem and their IT infrastructure.

Exactly. I don’t understand the oxymoronic stuff going on with what you would think are efficient non-government organizations. Blue Shield (the one I have experience with) appeared to have the binder payment online stuff setup months ago with Health Plan Services (and they seem to be automatically getting the enrollment info from Covered CA) but didn’t seem to want to tell any one how to do it until a week ago. It’s like half of the Blue Shield system anticipated the influx and the other half assumed business as usual…

This helped me if look in left margin under recent posts click on how do I make my pmt. When comes up u see a ? Then answer you well see highlighted in blue service.healthplan.com/blueshieldca/binder and it takes right to site u have to register user name password ect telll u the amount and u can enter credit card or debt card. Not sure if for all ins. Carriers but if u were told to go to go to that site and like me couldnt get directly to site this is what I did and worked still wasnt sure if right saved. page cause amnt was a little less my agent said was right called to confirm 1-800-241-1823 held 4 a hour and got someone and paid but since my agent confirmed was right I was going to goa back to site since already set up password ect and pay online hope this helps

The backlog at Anthem must be massive for them not to process payment info received 4 weeks ago or not take payments over the phone. Their phone system now says they can’t even put you on hold and hangs up. I understood the problems with Covered California as its a government operation doing something new. But I expected that BC and BS and KP to be ready for lots of new business. It’s going to be interesting to see if the January 15 deadline gets moved again….not for the benefit of clients but in order for them to catch up. How are they going to get Feb 1 invoices out in time. :)

I made a payment to Blue Cross back in late December, but it still has not shown up on my credit card. I paid again in January and it still does not show pending or posted transaction on my CC online.

I did get to the page that they received the payment and even confirmed with a rep over the phone, but it’s still not showing up. Has anyone ran into the same problem with Blue Cross?

I’m thinking of now paying via postal mail as well.

balwinder S Sidhu / Gumel Kaur / Balbir Kau we did not receive any payment, but we received a payment due by January 6th, because we got the letter today. Can we mail the payment? We can’t go pay online because it is to busy. We cannot connect to you because it is always busy. Please lets us know what we have to do via email. Thanks.

Paula, The letter suggests you are in the Blue Shield system. What’s stupid (deliberate?) is that the first letter doesn’t have any billing info (and you probably got it weeks after the date) and hence if you send it with a check it will probably get lost and or require a human to enter - all delays with no control.

In my opinion, every one should try to use the online link for credit card or bank account (get help from some one online literate) since it’s automated and generally tells you immediately if you are doing something wrong or leaving off important information. When we used the credit card, we got a pending transaction online from the credit card the next day (it may be more immediate).

For Juan & Mirna, I can’t tell if there is an online browser (URL typo, etc.) issue (see previous comments) which may be fixable or whether you are not in the Blue Shield system (probably if the binder link can’t find you to pay), in which case you need to contact Covered CA. But even online after you are enrolled (I can’t figure out) showing who you enrolled with, when, etc. but I assume that if you call in that information is available.

isigned up dec got a letter jan 6 saying being processed. been calling number and can not get thru my agent has tried hours and hours days and days can not get directly to website service.healthplan.com/blueshieldca/binder

tried to sign in but requires your member id on card that i dont have just want to make pmt!!!!!!

Trying to get on line to get my first payment made. Was told don’t worry until invoice comes. What now?

I have been trying to call and use the online payment with the following address doesn’t want to go directly to: (service.healthplan.com/blueshieldca/binder)

Is there a step I’m missing.

I have also been trying to make my first payment to blue shield of ca. but cannot get on line or on telephone connection. I did get a letter from Blue Shield of California dated Dec 16, 2013 but it said my application is being processed. the letter is from their installation and billing dept. but no invoice # on it, should I make a copy of the letter and send my payment to them with letter attached?

still trying to get on line to make first payment for my insurance, have not been able to pay on line or get contact on phone. what do I do now.

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