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Covered California and Obamacare related questions from consumers, employers and agents are answered by Phil Daigle with the best information available at the time. Archived entries may no longer be accurate as the Covered California and Obamacare knowledge-base is evolving quickly. TO REQUEST A PERSONAL RESPONSE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESS.

How Can I Pay my Blue Shield Premium?

By on | 34 Comments

Question: I enrolled in a Blue Shield Silver PPO plan on Covered California’s website. That was 3 weeks ago. I can’t get through to Blue Shield on the phone. How can I make my payment to Blue Shield?

Answer: Your Blue Shield payment can be made online. To make your Blue Shield payment online, go to http://service.healthplan.com/blueshieldca/binder You will land on a login page that looks like this BSC Reg 1.png (click image to enlarge). You don’t have a login and password yet so you must register first BSC Reg 2.png. If you get this result BSC Registration.png, it means your application is not in their system. Blue Shield expects by January 3rd, 2014, to have everyone who applied by the Dec 23rd, 2013, enrollment deadline to be processed. Here is a direct number for Blue Shield (855) 836-9705. Hopefully you will get the account registration screen BSC Reg 3.png where you will create a username and password. Once the registration is complete, you’ll move to the payment screen BSC Reg 4.png where you should see the exact amount of net premium due . You can relax now, all that remains is is creating a payment account either electronic debit (EFT) or credit card (CC). Print the confirmation page and you’re done.


Kaiser and Covered Ca are both behemoth dysfunctional bureaucracies. Our issues with the original eligibility date, deletion of the account by Kaiser ( we have the invoices and canceled checks), and having a factious 1095-A for 2015 has exceeded 90+ days on the phone with both. We have also had to go to the Dept Of Human Services to try and get the eligibility date fixed.

The three deserve an award from the Dept Of Finger Pointing. (round and round)

Switched to Blue Shield effective Feb 2016. Post signing up (had to get away from Kaiser), I learn Blue Shield’s Provider List online is an embellishment for Covered Ca subscribers, and they are being sued. The lawsuit is also for in-out network coverage shenanigans as well for claim denial or less coverage . The law firm is in the bay area. Unfortunately, they tried to get BS to do the right thing, but BS didn’t fix the issues.

Amazing, that many insurance companies don’t mind paying out millions in settlements, that should go to claims. For decades our heathcare has been FUBAR.

I just want to say that I like your posting. In fact I am using your site regularly. Your articles are very effective and i am very thankful to you for sharing this site with knowledgeable content .

Garbage website. Payment center redirects and broken for months. All that money and their stupid IT people cant even keep the site working. Huge waste of time every month. If you cant keep an e-commerce working then just give up. ughhh!


Seriously. What a bunch of mess this whole Covered CA is. They send you endless letters telling you different things. Health plan website is different from payment website. Their websites always have problems or not showing the right information, the online chats are basically helpless and end up telling you to call. Once you called in, be put on hold for at least 15min - 30min plus. I got cut off twice on the same day, no one called me back.

A total of an hour of phone call, my problems have not been solved. I’m still on hold now waiting for my third call! They just leave you hanging until you chase them down! WTF. Their people don’t communicate well, they all do different things. Why make everything so complicated???


I signed up for blue shield through Covered California, I never received a bill and when I called was told I wa good until August 1st. My insurance was erroraneously cancelled and when I try to get it reinstated w/ Blue Shield they say I need to get Covered California to reactivate it. When I called Covered California they said I need Blue Shield to reinstate it. Everytime I call either I get a different person and different response. Blue Shield told me it would be fixed two days in a row then today they say they can’t fix. Is there a contact who can resolve? Is there a way to get Blue Shield and Covered CA agents on line together. I am in the middle of treatement which now has been stopped and in much need of care.



Barbara - Same here regarding that phone number, err fax number. That’s the number my insurance agent gave me… wtf.

I didn’t get a welcome letter, and I didn’t get a first premium. And I only got a agent because the website kept telling me I was either qualified for no help or medicare!

This is such a headache, so that we can fill the pockets of insurance companies. I can’t even afford to pay the monthly payment considering my mortgage, utility and grocery bills. But do they ask for that information? NooOooOo, because I apparently live in sunshine land where everything except insurance cost next to nothing.

Are any of you really surprised? Most insurance carriers have an agenda, it is money. They will postpone covering you as long as they can if they have searched your records and find you will be costly to them. They will repeatedly stall hoping your frustration will cause you to go elsewhere. Welcome to the real world.

I applied for a Blue Shield PPO through Covered California website and successfully completed my application. Fast forward 3 weeks and an invoice arrives from Blue Shield - addressed to my husband (He’s 66 and has Medicare). “Please send your payment so your coverage can begin” etc. I, the applicant, am not named anywhere in the letter. An hour on hold with Blue Shield and then the rep checks my Application ID #, then tells me that my name, DOB and SS# are all there in the application and I should just pay them and the policy will be in my name. Has anybody else had this experience? I will forgo editorializing about this as a business practice. Thanks for your help.

if this is the best blue shield can do they need to get out of the health care system you are no more competent then our government.all you are doing is making us chase our tails trying to make my second payment no such luck .!help

Hi Steven,

It seems that Blue Shields has two web payment systems that are not communicating with each other

I have paid on: http://service.healthplan.com/blueshieldca/binder

And I’ve got the card.

I also registered on the main account on: https://www.blueshieldca.com/home after getting the card with ID.

But although this account has the option to pay it does not see my first payment when transfers me to the payment link. It also states that I have no policy , I assume because it does not see the first payment it “cancels” my insurance.
Blue Shield did not connect these two payment links yet….

Hard to believe that they couldn’t get this figured out in the three years they had to do so. Makes one wonder if they drug their feet, thinking the ACA might be overturned at the last minute. Poor planning.

I finally got thru to blue Sheild a week ago and paid on my credit card and this week got a bill from them for 600 more then what I was told and paid to them for January payment I’m just going to send in February payment of the agreed premium. I did get my cards so going to not let this stress me out.

I, too, have had problems as described. However, I finally was able to pay my premium online by logging in to the blue shield website and then clicking on “pay premium.” This opens a window that is operated by Symantec. It asks for another username and password, but does not accept either your blue shield or coveredca info (assuming you have two different sets). It also doesn’t allow you to register. HOWEVER, down in the lower right hand corner of the box are two little icons (MP1 and MP2). I clicked on MP1 and it opened a window that allowed me to make a payment.

Despite my success as described, the phone robot at blue shield claims I made no January payment even though it was made in November. Obviously, their system is in considerable disarray. We still haven’t received a welcome packet and attempts to contact them are maddening as they won’t answer the phone and won’t respond to emails. On the bright side, we’ve had to use the insurance and thus far it has worked. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.


Looks like Blue Shield either does not have your enrollment in the system or there is some wrong data and it does not match with your SSN or address. Try calling Covered and ask them if they sent your info to Blue Shield and verify the info if it is correct. I do not know how their phone lines work at this time but from my experience I was able to talk with Covered after 20 min of waiting but never been able to talk with Blue Shield.

Well I have continued trying to registar on blue shield and I have typed in everything correctly it has asked for SSN birthdate and zip It will not recognize me in the system.. I also have tried another computer as suggested. I called all day yesterday at random times and can still not get through on the phone. I think this is a lose lose situation and I normally am a positive person but this has taken every part of me and it so unfair and unhealthy. I called at 6;30 am this morning and the same recording we hear all day continues to be on due to the high volume of calls we are sorry we cant take your call. So that tells us something that this is just the way its going to be. And they were closed at this time which i knew. If they called once to tell me what to do the day before their premium is due now they can all me again!!!!!! And hopefully take care of business the way it should be.

I am so darn angry, I can’t see straight. I was finally able to register at the payment website yesterday, and made the first premium payment from my credit card and it was accepted. Today, however, there is NO RECORD of the scheduled payment and when I called my credit card issuer they told me they have no record of an online payment made yesterday!!! Now what??? Today is the deadline to make a payment for Blue Shield, and I don’t want to add another huge charge to my cc bill. When I call the Blue Shield number, I get a recording that asks for the SSN of the insured, and it says they have no record, even though I registered yesterday with that SSN!!! You can’t get through to a person to resolve the problem; I have no idea if my son is enrolled with Blue Shield, and I am so frustrated with the whole mess! It is for darned sure going to show in the voting booth come election time!


If banking info is not saved into Blue Shield account try another computer or another browser like Mozzila Firefox or Chrome. It is worth giving a try maybe is a browser/site problem.


Normally with your SSN, if BlueShield have your record, you should be able to create an account and make a payment using the link: http://service.healthplan.com/blueshieldca/binder

I have used Mozzila Firefox browser and also Chrome to pay and log in several times to check the payment.

I created it an account, but it would not take my checking account information nor my credit card information, so I can pay online. I kept creating the profile and once press “create” it brought me to the beginning process. It did not save my information about my checking account nor my credit card information.

Just received this comment page in my email which I have tried to log into blue shield and it won’t let me register and after several weeks got thru on phone and they said they couldn’t help until enrollment kits are sent out which some have but she wasn’t sure!!!! Covered ca still has not responded to their requests sent that I took care of. As writing this blue shield just called me with a recording and said they received my application and need payment 1/15 TOMORROW!!! If I stayed on the line this could be taken care of which I stayed on and then a recording came on saying because of the vokumn of calls I would need to call back. This is crazy and when I try to register on website it won’t let me. But I do know they received it now just finding a way to pay by tomorrow. Good luck this has and is going to be a bumpy road

Once again I am trying to get through to Blue Shield over the phone, 45 and counting. Finally thought I had moved forward on Jan.10,2014, confirmation of my Blue Shield plan, One-Time payment schedule 1/13/14. Jan.11,2014 receive application for enrollment letter from my January 3 application, a second letter with payment coupon was received to sent in payment by Jan.23. Can’t get through to confirm my EFT authorization for 1/13, and don’t want to send a payment (duplicate). Need to talk to someone in person, deadline for payment in 1 week, have no ID as yet and can’t get logged in on the service.healthplan.com/blueshieldca/binder.

I signed up with covered call in November with no problems but now over 2 months still have not received my enrollment plan from blue shield. Letters from CC are asking me to verify some info so I sent in 2 and faxed. Still no fix to this. Now saying my ss doesn’t match up with case. I looked up app and there is no problem. Now received a letter with another case number so this is very screwed up and of course have no one to talk with!!! Mean while no medical

I sent in a paper application to Covered California, November 18,and finally was able to confirm my son was enrolled as of January 1, with a phone call to CC. But then I received a letter stating they needed proof of income-which I faxed as per instructions. Since then, I have had no response from Covered California,but I did receive an e-mail from Blue shield stating I could make my payment online by “clicking here.”I clicked, it states “wrong url!” I called Blue Shield and they have no record of his enrollment or case number, so told me I couldn’t make a payment. I tried the website information you gave: https://service.healthplan.com/blueshieldca/binder and it doesn’t accept his info either-neither by SSN or case number! So, I can only assume this is one big cluster**! My son is either in Blue Shield’s system or not-which is it? He is a diabetic who needs insurance-so far, I’ve had to pay for services. The right hand doesn’t appear to know what the left hand is doing! I know I’m not the only one completely frustrated!

I am caught in a unique situation in that I selected platinum 90 Blue Shield PPO and my husband Silver 70. I ONLY received the Initial Premium Payment request for mine and have been going around in circles between my Insurance brokers; Blue Shield (only connected once with a live person and it was a total waste of time as that person stated that we will receive our cards soon); Covered California promised me that their Special Operations Unit Supervisor has a “hot slip” and will contact Blue Shield to sort out this problem (no call back). Today I’m sending a letter to Blue Shields P.O. address with a check for my husbands initial Premium Payment. What is even more frustrating is that we are not getting Premium Assistance, yet EVERYONE suggested that we go through the exchange and at the time I did my research (back in September as Aetna cancelled all Individual plans as of 12/31/2013) the private insurance companies didn’t have their applications revised to accommodate the new laws and regulations. I want to go to Private Insurance as I’m also finding out that the doctors offices are not accepting Insurance tied into Covered California. Also, how can one confirm that their doctors are on the program as I have called (3) of my doctors office and there is confusion on their end.

Simon, try calling Kaiser Member Services at 1-800-464-4000. They can check to see if your Covered California enrollment data is in their system and if so, they can take your payment immediately over the phone.

When you call, there will be an introductory message apologizing for long wait times but also advising you that the payment deadline for the January premium has been extended to January 15th. I called (for a different reason) at 7 am this morning and my call was answered right away with no waiting.

Thanks Renee. I thought I could shorten it. My bad.

I am having the same difficulty getting through to Blue Shield regarding payment of my initial premium as most of these responders. I DO NOT WANT paperless billing. I need to have a statement in my hands to pay the bill. (old school, I know). I have received a welcome letter from Blue Shield, but no invoice showing exactly what I owe. If I cant get through on the B/S info line, I wont be able to pay the premium. Then what?

The comedy continues.

As of this afternoon, I got a “Covered California Health Plan Payment Reminder and Instructions” from some an email coming from rnmk.com, telling me to pay by January 6th or lose coverage. (The email says “Some health plans may consider extending that payment deadline” and enjoins me to call my carrier to confirm that my binder payment, which has been debited from my bank account, was received and applied to my account. I’ve been on hold for three hours total today, and my carrier’s IVR system drops me after about an hour and a half.)

This is the first communication I’ve gotten from CoveredCA since applying almost a month ago, and my first reaction was that it was a phish attempt.

On the upside, if it wasn’t a phish attempt, at least CoveredCA acknowledged that it received my application.

The following link has worked repeatedly for our Blue Shield (Covered Ca) clients:


It has to be typed EXACTLY like that in order to work.

Hope that helps, Renee

All I want to do is make a payment! I can not get thru to the pay on line page. I have also been on hold on the phone over an hour at this point. I will still hold as I need insurance but this is horrible. I want this to work like a lot of people do. I need coverage.

For whatever is worth I was NEVER been able to use http://service.healthplan.com, this method, to pay the bill online. It still doesn’t work for me as of today january 3rd.

However, I was able to pay over the phone on december 19th and got my Subscriber ID number on december 26th and everything seems fine. I’ve been had some providers check my insurance and everything looks good.

Your mileage will vary

I did as you suggested for payment to Blue Shield by the deadline date of 1/6. I typed in http://service.healthplan.com and neither google or yahoo could find the website. I tried calling the telephone number from Covered California listed for Blue Shield (888-836-9705), and that number actually belongs to a fax machine! I tried calling the other number listed for invoices not received, and I get a recording saying to call later. This in becoming very frustrating. Any suggestions?

I have the same question, but for Kaiser. I enrolled through Covered CA three weeks ago, but have not received an invoice. Kaiser’s contact number given by Covered CA ((888) 236-4490) is not accepting calls due to high call volume. How can I make my binder payment to Kaiser?

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