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Submitting Verification Documents?

By on | 9 Comments

Question: There's a message on my eligibility page saying to check my manage verification page for new doc requests; of course, there's nothing new on the MV page. My eligibility states that unless they get whatever it is they need by Jan 31st, I will not be eligible for CSR and APTC. My question is whether they will cut off those payments if I can't reach them to find out what in the world they really want? Do I need to wait on hold all day or can I wait until after Jan. 31 - safely - to try to call?

Answer: The documents required for verification are available on your Covered California online account, you haven't looked in the right place yet. Look for a documents link on the left side of the home page. If you don't have an online account or can't get into it, you will have to call Covered California. I know. I know. But the phone situation should start getting better this week. Covered California puts out a variety of contradictory and seemingly random deadlines for this or that. You have 90 days from the date of your application to provide verification documents (probably more if you show that they contributed to your tardiness).


Spent 2 hours, after finding the instructions to download the income verification for Covered California —— and no link to download. Ridiculous waste of time. Have to spend $9 to send priority mail and then still won’t know if they receive. Covered California should not post instructions to download of income verification if impossible to actually download.

Where is “Manage Verifications” which is supposed to be the link located on the right, below “Actions.” It’s a joke! It is not there. I spent from 12:30 am to 3:30 am looking for it.

What is this bureaucratic countries problem? I would love to live where there is FREE HEALTHCARE. Our country is such a bureaucratic joke. Whomever is reading what I am typing ….it is not directed towards you because YOU did not create this mess. That’s why I do not vote. What’s the point?

I am JUST trying to verify my income and cannot find MANAGE VERIFICATIONS.

I have been told to upload documents. And to look for the tab “Manage Verifications” on right side, in Actions menu.

I do not see it.

When calling customer service, I can’t get a human.

You won’t be fined. If Covered CA cannot still verify your eligibility, they will contact you over the phone.

Submitted verification last week but still have not been verified, clock is ticking and I’m STILL unable to get on to the exchange! Am I going to be fined because you guys can’t get off your asses and do a simple verification?!

I can’t locate the agent dashboard. What is the exact web address? Also, I have several clients that wish to designate me as their agent but are receiving messages that they have to undesignate an agent first. How does one undesignate? Why is this happening?

Me too, I got the letter this week from CC requesting a copy of the SS card. But I managed to contact a CC rep on the phone yesterday and he found it was a “glitch” and fixed it right away, so I don’t need to send in the SS card copy. Probably happening to a lot of people this week, making the CC phone overload problem even worse?

Where is the manage-verifications page these days?

I was able to find it about six weeks ago when I first signed up for coverage, and did upload a scanned .jpg. I just got a nastygram from CoveredCA telling me to upload documents. Naturally, the MV page is nowhere to be found. (And I’ve been looking all over the site during the hour - my 18th such wasted hour, although only my second wasted hour at CoveredCA - I’ve been waiting in the queue for a chatbot.)

Actually, there’s a glitch in the system and sometimes you can get messages requesting documentation but nothing shows up in the “right place” (ha, ha) — I know because it happened to me. My app said it was approved for 90 days and I needed to send Covered California a copy of my social security card… but of course absolutely no way to do it online.

I managed to get through on the phone to Covered Cal (about an hour wait time,) - and it was a mistake. In fact, Covered California has verified my social, no documents needed. The very nice person at Covered California was able to fix the problem and my account no correctly reflects full rather than conditional approval.

Obviously this is just one case — and I imagine there are probably dozens of ways the system can be messed up — but I do think that the only solution at this point is to call and talk to someone. If there’s an error, they can fix it — and if not, they should be able to provide appropriate instructions on how to submit whatever needs to be submitted.

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