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Covered California and Obamacare related questions from consumers, employers and agents are answered by Phil Daigle with the best information available at the time. Archived entries may no longer be accurate as the Covered California and Obamacare knowledge-base is evolving quickly. TO REQUEST A PERSONAL RESPONSE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESS.

CC Plan Selection Change Once Enrolled?

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Question: Please help me. I enrolled and was accepted. However, I selected the wrong health plan... I un-enrolled. I waited 3 weeks. I am now trying to re-enroll. The system recognizes me by my SS# and says I already have an account, and won't let me initiate a new one...HOW DO I CHANGE MY PLAN ONCE I'VE ENROLLED? Any help you can provide that will spare me the miserable phone wait would be much appreciated.

Answer: It is not necessary to create a new account and you misunderstood the part about waiting 2 weeks. Login in to your existing Covered California account and select "Terminate Participation" terminate.png (Click on image to enlarge.) You will directed to select a termination date that is a least 2 weeks from today. If you want the new coverage on March 1st, select a termination date of February 28. Now you should be able to select another plan effective March 1st.


Hi Andy.

Likely your Covered California account is set-up to ‘Renew.’ The Terminate Participation link will not be live.

Here is how to make it live (for 2015 plans Renewal):

1.) submit your Renewal and select and enroll in a health plan. That’s right, submit the Renewal and plan selection first.

2.) then come back to your main Covered California account ‘Welcome’ page.

3.) you will (should) then see the ‘Terminate Participation’ link now live located at your right-of-page Actions menu.

4.) click ‘Terminate Participation’ and terminate your participation with a selected termination date at least 14 day in advance of the date you take action to ‘Terminate Participation.’ There is still time to list a 01/01/2015 Termination date.

5.) if you need to ‘Terminate Participation’ with a date less than 14 days into the future, then a Covered California customer service representative must be contacted via phone (maybe chat service), or via an agent able to reach CovCal agent services.

6.) good luck. We all need it with the Covered California system.

If someone help me to find out where is the “terminate participate” on the covered ca website. I checked into my account, as covered ca people told me. And was asked to click on terminate participate that is under Actions menu on the lower right hand of the screen. I DID NOT see that actions menu. Please help

Phil is right, you must ‘Terminate Participation.”

I advise that one does NOT select the last day of the month when you “Terminate Participation,” but rather select the first day of the next (new) month. Why? Because if you terminate on the February 28th, for instance, this will terminate participation right at Midnight on Feb 28th, where the whole day of February 28th, until Midnight March 1st, will not have coverage.

To fix this, you must call Covered California and speak with a representative who can adjust your Termination appropriately.

As for choosing a new health plan:

For ALL my clients I have done a ‘Terminate Participation” for, and after the Termination had been completed, I was able to ‘Report a Change” and then from the ELIGIBILITY page and/or from the ENROLLMENT page I was able to “Choose a Health Plan” and in this way successfully select a new health plan. The plan effective date defaults to the next available plan effective date, which as of today is March 1st, 2014.

For the most recent “Terminate Participation” I did for a client, she did not need another health plan (she went direct with a carrier) and so there was no need to select a new health plan. Interestingly, now in her account there is option to “Choose a Health Plan” directly from the ELIGIBILITY page and from the ENROLLMENT page, and there seems no need to do a ‘Report a Change.’

So, after “Terminate Participation” go the the ELIGIBILITY page or the ENROLLMENT page and ‘Choose a Health Plan.’ If ‘Choose a Health Plan’ is not available through either the ELIGIBILITY page or the ENROLLMENT page, then go to your main login portal page and ‘Report a Change’ to then access either the ELIGIBILITY page or the ENROLLMENT page to then ‘Choose a Health Plan.’

Call me, I can help (usually).
My info, search for me as your ‘Agent’ at the CovCal website, through the top-of-page ‘Find Help Near You’ blue link, when you’re logged in.

Make sure that you go back to the homepage one or two days AFTER you have terminated the plan and made the change. All my clients’ homepages had become non-functional once I terminated the plan. I was lucky to have caught this before the deadline and create a new account. Maybe they fixed the system but still check to make sure the change has been made. I was told by CC Customer Service that this would work. When it didn’t, I called the SHOP service and the gentleman said I needed to re-create the account once the termination was requested. Two different answers from two different reps.

Please help! I just terminated my application and chose Feb 28 as the termination date, as you listed in your answer above. But now I do not have the option to choose a new plan! I’m at my wits end. The only option I have is to upload documents (tax returns etc…) which I wasn’t even aware I needed to do. Please, please help. Thank you.

After waiting the usual couple of hours on hold I spoke with a Debra at Covered CA who was going to a meeting and asked my question. She was kind enough to call me back and let me know Shawn had given out the wrong information and we can make changes to an existing account. However as you know, if it goes wrong we are back on hold to get it fixed.

I am having the same issue with clients who would like to change the plan they selected because they did the application on their own and did not understand things fully. I am fearful of giving them the wrong information as the website is so unforgiving. If someone has the “for sure” answer, please supply it. I was just about to give the info in the first answer given here and then I read the comment stating that it was incorrect. Please help!!! The assister line for CEC’s is virtually unreachable and, in any case, of little help.

I am an agent who spoke Shawn on this very subject and he told me under NO circumstance do we make a change to an application. This answer used to be the way to do it but not now. We are to withdraw he application and start a new one. Which raises all kinds of questions. What is the right answer?

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