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Covered California and Obamacare related questions from consumers, employers and agents are answered by Phil Daigle with the best information available at the time. Archived entries may no longer be accurate as the Covered California and Obamacare knowledge-base is evolving quickly. TO REQUEST A PERSONAL RESPONSE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESS.

No News on Mailed CC App?

By on | 2 Comments

Question: Can I check online if I submitted my application by mail? I sent the paperwork by mail Nov 15, and I haven’t heard anything.

Answer: At this point, there’s a good chance your application has slipped into a black hole. I’d suggest that you complete a Covered California application by phone or online, before Jan 15 to be covered for Feb 1.


K.A., Phil’s answer about re-applying for coverage beginning 2/1/14 only applies to people who mailed an application and never received any confirmation at all. His answer doesn’t apply to you.

In your case, you DID receive confirmation, at least on the Covered California end. Your Covered CA account shows you as enrolled (and hopefully you double-checked it to confirm that it shows the Anthem plan you chose), you received a request for proof of income, etc. It’s Anthem that has not yet confirmed your enrollment.

Hopefully by now, you have confirmation and/or a billing from Anthem and have proceeded to pay. IF NOT, I think Covered CA’s advice is sound. You are left with only unnerving choices, but sending in a check with your Covered CA enrollment info sounds like a good way of preserving your right to coverage effective 1/1/14.

When Covered CA says that (as you put it) “the CC info will kick in” upon the mailing of your check to the Oxnard address, they are NOT saying that some dormant record will suddenly be activated on the Anthem end. What I think they’re saying is that if you send in a check without the proper account or ID number, Covered CA is assuring you that Anthem will not simply discard it or return it as an unsolicited payment. If you send in the check along with your Covered CA enrollment info, Anthem will take SOME action to associate your payment with your eventual enrollment. They may immediately try to search for your record among their unprocessed Covered CA data. OR they may create a temporary record for you as an unconfirmed enrollee who has made a payment. OR they may set your payment aside and wait to associate it with an enrollment record once the backlog of Covered CA data is processed. As long as one of these actions is eventually taken, you will have coverage retroactive to 1/1/14.

As for your conditional eligibility running out soon, don’t worry about that. That only affects the amount of your subsidy (Advance Premium Tax Credit, and Cost Sharing Reduction if applicable). It doesn’t affect the fact that you are entitled to coverage effective 1/1/14. Look at the date that you were given as a deadline for furnishing proof of income and MEC (insurance coverage). It is likely Covered CA won’t even look at your submitted documents until that date or later. Beginning on that date, start checking the Secure Mailbox on your Covered CA account frequently and look for their decision. In all likelihood, your proof will be accepted. But if not, follow the instructions and file an appeal. This will continue your APTC and CSR at present levels until you have a chance to convince someone at Covered CA about your income and insurance coverage.

Covered California agents have told me ‘absolutely not’ to reapply for feb 1 - that I would lose any retroactive coverage from January. However, my application was submitted on Oct 14 and the progress bar has shown me as enrolled since mid-Nov … but I am still not on the Anthem Blue Cross database. A CC agent actually called me back on Jan 2, after checking with her supervisor who said that the latest Blue Cross directions are that mailing a payment to Oxnard with all of my CC info will cause me to appear in the database and the CC info will kick in. That doesn’t sound right to me. AND my conditional eligibility is about to run out although I faxed documentation of income and lack of insurance coverage in November. This is frightening. I don’t know whether to go with CC’s advice or my intuition.

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