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Covered California Q&A

Covered California and Obamacare related questions from consumers, employers and agents are answered by Phil Daigle with the best information available at the time. Archived entries may no longer be accurate as the Covered California and Obamacare knowledge-base is evolving quickly. TO REQUEST A PERSONAL RESPONSE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESS.

January 2014 Archives

Question: I have an Anthem Platinum Guided Access cead plan. It says Pathway X HMO on the card. I can’t find a list of in-network providers anywhere.

Answer: Use this link: https://www.anthem.com/health-insurance/provider-directory/searchcriteria?qs=*U+6hK7rK6dMu/ioZcqYOcg==&brand=abc. The page looks like this Anthem Find a Doc.png (click image to enlarge). Section 4 is the important part. After selecting California, you will click on the Plan Type/Network selection and a drop-down menu will appear that looks like this Network.png. Scroll within the menu to find the Pathway Networks. The correct selections for your scenario would look like this Search.png. Now you are ready to click the “search” button and go.

Finding a New Doctor or Hospital?

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Question: Well, I need to find new doctors and hospitals and facilities as none of my current ones are in my plan. Does an independent and reliable ratings system for hospitals, facilities, and doctors exist? Blue Shield rates hospitals but it seems limited and maybe it is biased.

Answer: Believe it or not, YELP.com to be a great way to find a new doctor. The reviews are written by patients like you. Look for negative reviews retold by more than one patient. For example, I checked on a doctor I used to see. Several reviews complained about her staff being deliberately rude and incompetent, which was exactly my experience. As for hospitals, try a Google search for "best hospitals in (city or county name)" and read more than one search result. You'll get the picture.

Question: I am suppose to submit proof that I do not qualify for employer insurance. I have been paying for an individual Kaiser plan that is up to 270/mo , 80 dr visit, 1500 deductible. Income wise I qualify for a Kaiser enhanced silver plan but because my employer offers non kaiser insurance I haven't taken it because I've have cancer and psoriasis. I was provisionally approved by CalCov and paid $105. My individual plan expires in Feb since I haven't paid January and now I owe them $540 if Cal Covered doesn't go through. What am I suppose to do?

Answer: You say "my employer offers non kaiser insurance I haven't taken it". The ACA and the IRS are very clear on the fact that if you have access to employer-based health insurance, you will not be eligible for a subsidy. You have Covered California coverage for 90 days. Then you will have to decide between employer coverage or unsubsidized individual coverage.

COBRA with CC as Secondary?

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Question: I have COBRA coverage through March 31. I also applied for a Covered California plan, then found that none of my doctors are in-network with the new plan. Can I keep COBRA AND use the CC plan as secondary insurance?

Answer: No. You cannot use any ACA compliant health plan as a secondary plan. You can reapply for Covered California coverage before March 15 to replace COBRA coverage on April 1st.

Question: Please help me. I enrolled and was accepted. However, I selected the wrong health plan... I un-enrolled. I waited 3 weeks. I am now trying to re-enroll. The system recognizes me by my SS# and says I already have an account, and won't let me initiate a new one...HOW DO I CHANGE MY PLAN ONCE I'VE ENROLLED? Any help you can provide that will spare me the miserable phone wait would be much appreciated.

Answer: It is not necessary to create a new account and you misunderstood the part about waiting 2 weeks. Login in to your existing Covered California account and select "Terminate Participation" terminate.png (Click on image to enlarge.) You will directed to select a termination date that is a least 2 weeks from today. If you want the new coverage on March 1st, select a termination date of February 28. Now you should be able to select another plan effective March 1st.

More Income Verification Requests

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Question: I have already received my medical card from Kaiser, selected my primary doctor. I thought I am all set. Out of the blue, I received another letter from Covered California asking for more income verification. At what point do I know that I am approved? Will they send me a letter of approval? My current premium was based on my income in 2012. I told them that I may make less in 2014. They said that I can qualify for more subsidies if I can prove my lower income. How can I prove my 2014 income now? Should I ignore the request and just pay the higher premium. I understand that I will get tax credit if I turn out to make less in 2014,correct?

Answer: You are approved. At this point, Covered California's requests for verification are out of control. I advise you to ignore these requests until you get closer to the 90-day deadline when you will be able to get through to CC on the phone and get them to sort out which of these requests are really needed.

Decline Medi-Cal for Kids?

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Question: If a family is eligible for mixed health care coverage - the parents qualify for APTC and the children are eligible for Medi-Cal - are the parents still eligible for the APTC if they decline the Medi-Cal benefits for the children and enroll them in a private plan?

Answer: Yes.

Question: It is my understanding that individual carrier networks should mirror on and off the exchange as per previous posts. How do you then explain Cedar-Sanai hospital who is doing just that with their contract through Health Net and are specifying down to plan level what they are accepting.

Answer: My read on the Cedars’ statement below is that the Health Net network is broader and more inclusive at the Bronze and Catastrophic plan level than are other levels. This is not an on exchange / off-exchange issue.

From Cedars Sinai website; “If you choose to purchase your health insurance through the exchange and want the option of receiving full coverage for care provided by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and its physicians, there are three Covered California plans that will work for you:

  1. Health Net Bronze PPO Plan (available to all)
  2. Health Net Catastrophic PPO Plan (available to people under the age of 30)
  3. Health Net Tribal PPO Plan (available to Native Americans and Alaska natives with certain income limitations)

Question: My wife and I are both self employed. We really have no idea of what our income will be in 2014. We based our application on our 2012 return; that all we can really do. Do they look at your returns each year and then adjust? Or send a bill? I am very worried about getting a large bill for a year past, that could break us. P.S. Our insurance costs have doubled from last year, for basically the same coverage. I am not a fan of Obamacare.

Answer: Covered California has access to your 2012 AGI from the IRS data hub. However, it is only a benchmark. If you feel that your 2014 income will be substantially more or less, use your 2014 estimate instead. To avoid the possibility of a big tax bill at the end of the year, you can choose to take only a percentage of your tax credit as a monthly advance. This step is in the online application just before selecting a health plan, if ignored it defaults to 100% advance tax credit monthly.

Question: I ... put my wife on Covered CA Blue Shield plan. My job opportunities fell through ...and believe I would qualify for assistance for my wife and myself. I need to add myself to the plan. The Covered CA website does not address this and the phone chat lines seem impossible to get through. Any suggestions?

Answer: "Terminate participation" on you wife's plan effective February 28th, then "withdraw" your wife's application (you'll find lot's of info in previous posts and comments on how to do this. Just search this blog for the keywords in quotes above.) After the application is withdrawn, log back into her account and click on apply now. All of the data previously entered will still be there as you go through page by page and you can make changes as needed including adding yourself and changing the income figures. Your new coverage will be effective March 1st. This same process can be used to change the plan selected, just don't take the withdraw step.

Question: I have a BS PPO family plan through Covered California. I have been told by UCLA Hospital & affiliated doctors that if you purchased BS PPO through CC then you are not in network. But if you purchased the same plan through an agency you are in network. When I asked the BS agent, prior to signing up at CC, about providers accepting BS PPO/CC I was told that if providers are in network with BS PPO then they're in network through CC. They said it was the same. Can you please explain this? The doctors offices are unaware and uninformed.

Answer: The provider networks of the health plans participating in Covered California, like Blue Shield, must match their off-exchange plans networks to their Covered California networks exactly. The are the same. However, the reverse is not true, these same carriers have other networks that do not match their Covered California networks. Examples of these are grandfathered individual plan legacy networks and group plan networks. So this statement "if providers are in network with BS PPO then they're in network through CC" is not accurate. Some doctors' offices are of the opinion that Covered California has it's own network and this is way not accurate.

No Tax Filing, No Subsidy?

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Question: Per IRS and Ca State law (I have letter from CA confirming I don't have to file ) I don't file yearly taxes... I was denied and the lowest cost is 16% of my monthly income...Why does it matter ? Why is everything centered on tax filing?

Answer: You remind me of the car crash driver who refused to stop because he had the right of way. How much are you will to spend to make a point? The Covered California application requires you to promise to file by 4/15/15 for the 2014 tax year, so why not file for 2013 as well, then you would be able to answer "yes" on both counts and be eligible for all that IRS money. Yes, IRS money: that's why they have a say in your eligibility for tax credits.

Tax Filing Requirement?

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Question: I am a tax professional and need to ask what happens, as with many self employed clients, if they don't file by 4/15/14, even though they signed up promising to do so. Will the extension rules be the same or are there addtional penalties?

Question: Filing for an extension by 4/15/14 should satisfy the letter of the law, but I would ask one of my legal-eagle commenters to find a citation for this.

Question: We recently received an e-mail from Covered California saying we have 90 day conditional approval. This is due to not verifying our SSN to our application. My wife and I are both lifelong California residents and had the same SSN for over 50 years. How could Covered California not be able to verify this? Also, I have Blue Shield now thru Covered California and have paid the premium. Could I lose this insurance after 90 days?

Answer: Covered California's enrollment processing system has some bugs, like making illogical requests for verification documents. You can clear this up once you can get through to a Covered California service rep on the phone. They can remove the requirement from your account. The CC phone situation should begin the loosen up this week but there's no rush to resolve this.

Pediatric Dental Required?

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Question: Do I have to select a pediatric dental plan for my kids through Covered California? Do I have to select one at all?

Answer: No on both counts (correction). (See very informative and detailed comments on this article)

Question: I managed to reach Anthem by phone and paid my premium for January. They processed the payment last week. I still have not received any membership information, card or number. My pharmacy will not honor this plan without a card. Will Anthem will reimburse me for these prescriptions when I file a claim?

Answer: As long as you pay Anthem by January 31st, you can use services covered by your health plan starting January 1. First, be sure the provider (a doctor or pharmacy) is participating in the Anthem "Pathway" network.Once you have proof of health insurance coverage effective January 1, 2014, you can submit the provider's bill to Anthem to process.

Question: I have a self-employed client who sent an affidavit for estimated 2014 and CC is still requesting for more "proof". I see a huge problem on the way if this is going to be their regular mode of operation. How in the world will any self-employed person "prove" their estimated income for the year?

Answer: If CC is still requesting more proof, it may simply be due to a recognized glitch in their system and not the fact they find the income affidavit unacceptable. They are making all sorts of unreasonable requests for documentation right now. I would wait a while before submitting anything else.

Question: Does the Maximum Out-of-Pocket of $6,350 include total cost to the consumer for any given care or is it limited to the insurance company's "negotiated rate" for a given treatment? In other words is the patient stuck with the costs above and beyond the negotiated rate and if so, will that cost go towards the "maximum out-of-pocket" or will it not?

Answer: The out-of-pocket maximum of $6,350 for covered expenses in a calendar year is based on the negotiated or contract rate. There is no patient responsibility beyond the contract rate for in-network expenses. Out-of-Network coverage has a higher out-of-pocket maximum and the patient is responsible for charges beyond the contract rate.

Question: I had enrolled in KP HMO Silver 87 Plan through Covered CA website. I received my first billing from Kaiser Permanente indicating that I was on their KP CA Silver 2000/45 Health Plan. I was charged the same premium as quoted by Covered CA for the KP HMO Silver 87 plan. Copays/Deductible for KP 2000/45 plan a lot higher. What should I do?

Answer: Don't be concerned. Kaiser knows that you are on an enhanced version of the Silver 2000/45 Plan as evidenced by the correct premium. They apparently lack the ability to reference the enhanced version of a Silver in their billing system.

Changing Insurance Company?

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Question: I have submitted payment to Blue Cross but have not received a card. In the meantime, I found out that my therapist only takes Blue Shield. (I thought Blue Cross/Blue Shield were the same company because this is my first experience purchasing in CA. Also some of their paperwork includes both names suggesting they are the same). I want to change carriers because I want to remain with my therapist, but I don't know if that is possible or what the smartest, most efficient process is to complete the switch. Do you have any helpful suggestions?

Answer: You can change plans or carriers within the open enrollment period, that is before March 31st. It can be done online by "terminating participation" (in your CC account on the home screen click on "terminate participation" at bottom left of page) in the previous coverage and selecting new coverage. It's important to get the dates right so that you do not have a gap in coverage or double coverage. The smartest, most efficient way to do this is to contact a Certified Covered California Insurance Agent.

Submitting Verification Documents?

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Question: There's a message on my eligibility page saying to check my manage verification page for new doc requests; of course, there's nothing new on the MV page. My eligibility states that unless they get whatever it is they need by Jan 31st, I will not be eligible for CSR and APTC. My question is whether they will cut off those payments if I can't reach them to find out what in the world they really want? Do I need to wait on hold all day or can I wait until after Jan. 31 - safely - to try to call?

Answer: The documents required for verification are available on your Covered California online account, you haven't looked in the right place yet. Look for a documents link on the left side of the home page. If you don't have an online account or can't get into it, you will have to call Covered California. I know. I know. But the phone situation should start getting better this week. Covered California puts out a variety of contradictory and seemingly random deadlines for this or that. You have 90 days from the date of your application to provide verification documents (probably more if you show that they contributed to your tardiness).

Group Coverage Without Dependents?

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Question: I have a group and want to exclude dependent coverage so my employees can apply and receive a subsidy on the individual plans for there dependents, spouse and children. Is that possible and is the system set up to handle those options. As I understand all the insurance companies need to include dependents.

Answer: Yes. It is possible through Covered California SHOP right now. The employer has the option of excluding spouses and dependents. Expect carriers to follow soon.

COBRA and Subsidy Eligibility?

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Question: I applied for coverage and have a COBRA plan that is way above the 9.5% of income, but when I answer on the application that I have COBRA it remove the subsidy? on the application how do I explain that the Cobra premium is above 9.5% and that a subsidy should be applied?

Answer: You are free to drop the COBRA plan and enroll in a Covered California qualified plan with eligibility for APTC anytime during the open enrollment period. Select, “None of the above” in answer to the question about other coverage, as if you had already cancelled you COBRA coverage. Dropping COBRA outside of open enrollment will not create a special enrollment period so you can’t be eligible until the next open enrollment period, COBRA was meant to protect individuals who lost their group coverage in a medical underwriting environment where they may not have qualified for individual coverage. The ACA did not intend for COBRA to be an obstacle for individuals desiring coverage and premium assistance through the exchange. Being held hostage by a costly COBRA plan because of preexisting conditions is one of the problems the ACA seeks to solve.

Pregnant Applicant Dual Eligible?

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Question: For a family of 2 earning $45,000 a year qualifies for PTC. Since the woman is pregnant, Covered California is forcing the woman into Medi-Cal? Why is this happening? Can she opt out and still get the PTC? This couple is far from poor why would this happen?

Answer: She’s not “forced into MediCal”. It is offered to her as another option. She is eligible for Medi-Cal due to pregnancy and income, but it does not prevent her from choosing a Covered California qualified plan with APTC and CSR for which she is also eligible.

IRA Distribution Income?

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Question: Does an early IRA distribution count as income affecting my 2014 health care subsidy? I am not working.

Answer: Yes it does.

Changing the CC Application?

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Question: I’m at the eligibility verification stage but realized I didn’t count some of my self-employment income. I need to go back and change my income amounts, but I can’t figure out how to do that.

Answer: If your eligibility was already determined using the original income figures, you cannot change the eligibility outcome by making changes to income. It will look like you successfully changed the income numbers, but the final outcome will not change. You will have to “withdraw” and restart the application.

Only Conditionally Eligible?

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Question: We signed up on 1/14/13. However, under the Eligibility tab, we’re told we’re only conditionally eligible for APTC (Advance Premium Tax Credit) and CSR (Cost Sharing Reduction), pending submission of documents verifying income eligibility. We’ve both been given until April 14 to submit the relevant documents. (1) Do we count as having applied in time for Jan 15 deadline for coverage beginning Feb 1st? (2) Will we have to pay the full premium without the APTC until we are no longer “conditional”?

Answer: While conditionally eligible you enjoy the full benefits of your coverage, including tax credits and cost-sharing reductions. If your application was completed by the application deadline (the 15th of the month), your coverage will be effective on the first of the following month.

Anthem "Find a Doctor" Confusing?

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Question: We enrolled for the Anthem Blue Cross Preferred Direct Access Pathway PPO plan. My PCP is part of Palo Alto Medical Foundation / Sutter Health. When I lookup his profile directly from Anthem’s website, the insurance plans he accepts show “Preferred Direct Access - CA”. He also shows the other tiers offered - Core, Essential, Premier Direct Access of the Pathway PPO and Guided Access HMO plans available through Anthem BC for 2014. But if I login to the Anthem website as a member, the search does NOT include my doctor s “In-Network” under the Pathway PPO /Preferred Direct Access Plan. This is true of most if not all doctors from PAMF listed on Anthem’s website.

Answer: The name “Preferred Direct Access” refers to gold-level plans in Anthem’s small-group plan portfolio and off-exchange individual and family plan portfolio. “Pathway” is the network name used by all individual plans effective 1/1/14 and later. “Pathway X” is for Anthem individual plans sold through Covered California. he Pathway X network is exactly the same as the Pathway network without the X. When using the Anthem “Find-a-Doctor” online app, select the Pathway network first, then the plan type and name.

Question: Under 65 and covered on Medicare Part A & B due to cancer, she would like to cover herself, husband and son through Covered California because they qualify for subsidy. Can all three enroll under Covered California and get Premium Tax Assistance, or will she be excluded?

Answer: Since she has minimum acceptable coverage through Medicare, she will not be eligible for APTC or CSR through Covered California. The rest of the family can be of course.

Question: With the much narrower networks in all EPO/PPO plans the chances of an out-of-network provider providing services to me on ER are high. Seems like in California, balance billing, where the out-of-network provider charges you the difference between what insurance pays and whatever rate they may please, has been banned for HMO plans since 2008. It is not so clear to me what is going on for PPO/EPO plans. Seems like consumers from PPO/EPO plans licensed by the California Department of Managed Health Care can't be subject to balance billing on ER visits according to this http://goo.gl/bqZBgf. Any idea if using the plans on Covered California one would not be subject to balance billing on ER visits?

Answer: No. Qualified health plans offered through Covered California are underwritten by private insurance companies licensed by the California Department of Managed Health Care or the California Department of insurance and as such all Covered California HMO, EPO, and PPO plans are subject to restrictions against out-of-network providers balance billing for emergency room services (not including ambulance services).

Question: My parents are US citizens, but they have lived in Europe for the past ten years. My mom is 63 and my dad is 76. They want to move back to California. Their combined income is roughly $40,000. Will they be able to sign up for private plans and use the Covered California subsidy, and get plans thru that. Or will they HAVE to use Medicare because of their age? They want to get the BEST platinum-level plan possible, and I am willing to help them financially. Will the Medicare best plan be comparable to the private level platinum best plan? I am concerned and want to know what their options will be, and what the BEST coverage will be through Medicare.

Answer: The ACA mandates that individuals age 65 and older to enroll in Medicare. If your father does not have fully insured status (40 credits) he will pay a premium of up to $426 in 2014. He may also have to pay a premium penalty for not registering at age 65 (not sure if there is an exemption for being out of the country). In your father’s case original Medicare coverage with a Plan F Supplement (an additional $200/mo) would be even better than Platinum private coverage (100% coverage with unlimited network). Your mother (age 63) is eligible for a premium tax credit of about $330/mo. Which she can apply to the purchase of a Platinum Plan through the exchange, leaving her a net premium of approximately $500 per month. The total monthly cost to accomplish what you outlined above is approximately $1,200 per month (assuming no Medicare premium penalty).

HSA Plan with Subsidy?

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Question: If I choose a plan with an HSA will the amount I deposit into it drop my AGI and therefore drop my subsidized insurance premium in the exchange?

Answer: Yes. Since HSA contributions lower your adjusted gross income, your eligibility for tax credits will be increased and your net premium reduced. Keep in mind when selecting any bronze level plan that you may be giving up substantial cost sharing reductions that may be available to you at the silver level.

Will Medi-Cal Take my Assets?

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Question: Will Medi-Cal take my assets to pay my medical expenses after I sign up.

Answer: Not while you’re alive. But the state of California may seek to recover medical and long-term care expenses paid for by MediCal from deceased clients who leave behind significant assets. This only applies to beneficiaries over the age of 55.

Can I Buy Off-Exchange Anytime?

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Question: I make too much to qualify for a subsidy. If I buy a plan directly from Anthem or another provider, can I purchase an individual plan directly outside the exchange after March 31?

Answer: No. You cannot purchase individual coverage outside of the open enrollment period without a qualifying event, on or off exchange.

No Blue Shield Member Card Yet?

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Question: I paid my premium on the blue shield website. Have confirmation # and case #. Have not received member ID card yet. Need to go to doc before card arrives. Doctor says they need Member ID # to confirm. What to do?

Answer: Blue Shield says that they send ID cards to clients 7 to 10 business days after the installation process is complete. You can also print an ID card at this web address: https://www.blueshieldca.com/bsca/registration/step-1-subscriber-id.sp?showError=true, but you must have a membership number to do that, so I’m not sure how helpful that is right now. BTW members ID numbers are 9 digits beginning with 900.

How to Change Plans?

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Question: I’m now enrolled on the Enhanced PPO plan of BlueShield but I’m coming to realize that their PPO network has been brutally cut back. In my region, San Francisco, it’s about 25% of the full PPO I had before. None of my regular doctors I have been with for years are in it and I’m looking at the correct provider directory on blueshieldca.com. Can I change still my plan to something else? (How does one do it in coveredca.com to change just the plan and nothing else?

Answer: Login in to your Covered California account and select “Terminate Participation” terminate.png Click on image to enlarge. You will directed to select a termination date that is a least 2 weeks from today. If you want the new coverage on February 1st, select a termination date of January 31st. Now you should be able to select another plan effective February 1st.

Question: I heard the premium payment deadline has been extended once again to 1/15/14. It that accurate>

Answer: Yes. True for all Covered California carriers. CC made announcement late yesterday.

Question: I’ve submitted my payment info twice on the Anthem payment landing page. Once on Dec. 13 and again on Jan 2. Both times I receive a confirmation email, but with no payment info or receipt. My credit card remains uncharged. Anthem call center says I’m in the system but says they are backlogged and I won’t receive a member number and card until the payment is processed. How can I access services for which I am supposedly insured as of Jan 1? I need to refill prescriptions. Is cash out of pocket and submitting a claim after I get my member info the only way?

Answer: The good news is they have you “in their system”. I don’t know how you made payment without receiving an application number. You will receive your application number by mail, then make an online payment at https://shop.anthem.com/sales/eox/payment/enroll/landing/CA or by phone at 855-634-3381. Assuming your coverage is effective on 1/1/14, you can recover the covered portion of any medical expenses you paid for by filing a claim (which is no fun, so don’t do that unless you have to).

Question: If a family’s estimated income for 2014 is just above the threshold of California Poverty Line that makes them eligible for premium assistance and cost sharing and in June 2014, it finds that its annual income is dropped below the poverty line making it ineligible for premium assistance and cost sharing. Please answer the following questions. a) Will this family’s health coverage be switched over to Medi-Cal in July 2014 or continued to the end of 2014? b) What will happen to its monthly premium assistance and cost sharing benefits availed of from January to June 2014? How those ones will be considered at the time of filing 2014 tax return? c) Also answer these question in vice-versa circumstances i.e a family’s estimated income comes under poverty line and in June 2014 its income increases making it eligible to premium assistance and cost sharing.

Answer: a) If this family were to report a change in income to the exchange that would make them eligible for Medi-Cal, for example becoming unemployed, they would be switched to Medi-Cal. The IRS would reconcile Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTC) received to that point on the family’s tax return. If the family’s income was below 100% of FPL for that year, there would be no recovery of APTC. (See previous entry on this subject). There is never any recovery of Cost Sharing Reductions (CSR). b) Conversely, increased income reported mid-year could move this family from Medi-Cal to subsidized exchange coverage. Again, the IRS would settle-up for the tax year.

No News on Mailed CC App?

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Question: Can I check online if I submitted my application by mail? I sent the paperwork by mail Nov 15, and I haven’t heard anything.

Answer: At this point, there’s a good chance your application has slipped into a black hole. I’d suggest that you complete a Covered California application by phone or online, before Jan 15 to be covered for Feb 1.

Question: I enrolled in a Blue Shield Silver PPO plan on Covered California’s website. That was 3 weeks ago. I can’t get through to Blue Shield on the phone. How can I make my payment to Blue Shield?

Answer: Your Blue Shield payment can be made online. To make your Blue Shield payment online, go to http://service.healthplan.com/blueshieldca/binder You will land on a login page that looks like this BSC Reg 1.png (click image to enlarge). You don’t have a login and password yet so you must register first BSC Reg 2.png. If you get this result BSC Registration.png, it means your application is not in their system. Blue Shield expects by January 3rd, 2014, to have everyone who applied by the Dec 23rd, 2013, enrollment deadline to be processed. Here is a direct number for Blue Shield (855) 836-9705. Hopefully you will get the account registration screen BSC Reg 3.png where you will create a username and password. Once the registration is complete, you’ll move to the payment screen BSC Reg 4.png where you should see the exact amount of net premium due . You can relax now, all that remains is is creating a payment account either electronic debit (EFT) or credit card (CC). Print the confirmation page and you’re done.

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