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Covered California and Obamacare related questions from consumers, employers and agents are answered by Phil Daigle with the best information available at the time. Archived entries may no longer be accurate as the Covered California and Obamacare knowledge-base is evolving quickly. TO REQUEST A PERSONAL RESPONSE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESS.

Error: Could Not be Processed at This Time?

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Question: I am at the last stage of the enrollment process and for some reasons I receive a message - “Your enrollment could not be processed at this time. Please try again later.” I have been trying for 3 days now and the problem still remains. Two of my friends also have the same situations. We all choose Blue Shield Silver 70 PPO. We are not sure this is a Covered CA technical issue or Blue Shield related.

Answer: This is definitely a Covered California issue, not Blue Shield. Despite the error message, if you were able to select a plan, it is quite possible that your application is complete. Check with Blue Shield at 855-836-9705.


In reference to the error codes stating “an error occurred when we tried to process your request…..”

I got on the CHAT queue as #1. Explained the problem. The only help offered was to call customer service (which wasn’t taking any calls) and to try another browser or try again between the hours of 1-5pm. So don’t waste time on the CHAT queue……..

David -

As I’ve mentioned previously, the best fix seems as if it will be cumbersome, but in the long run, and short run, it is not.

Simply withdraw the application.

And start over.

For all my clients needing to do this, the procedure has worked like a charm.

With daze left until the deadline this IS your best option!

David …

Although I haven’t experienced this same problem in the past couple of weeks, the one thing I suggest is trying to make your plan selection “purchase” between 1:00am and 5:00am, when there is almost no traffic on the servers.

If that doesn’t work, try contacting Sarah Soto-Taylor at Covered CA. 916.323.3746 or sarah.soto-taylor@covered.ca.gov She is the Deputy Director of Community Relations, and may be able to help solve your challenge.

If nothing else, she needs to hear about this, because the folks at CoveredCA have no clue how much trouble some folks are having. Their bureaucracy is completely non-transparent and they cannot see outside the cubicle.

Your immediate problem, however, is that you have just three business days (and the weekend) to resolve this. That’s not a lot of breathing room.

Re: Errors - Contact system administrator accompanied with a ID number.

I was told by a CSR at Covered California that they had no suggestions on how to fix the ERROR messages that plagues the enrollment process. In my case it prohibits me from selecting a plan or to submit an app.

However, this problem often occurs after editing the application. If the enrollment is seamless it doesn’t occur. As a last resort, they suggested I withdrew the application and reapply. To date noting has worked and I have four apps in my portal unable to submit.


How do I update my account with phone and email? I started down “Report Changes” but was nervous that this would start the entire process all over again. All I need to do is add a phone and email. BTW, I would encourage you to insure your phone and email have been entered as mine were dropped.

Murph …

If you have the ability to access those clients’ accounts, you might find that the designation was not actually made. If you then make the designation, they should instantly appear. You can be designated/replaced as the agent of record at any time.

Interesting that those clients that I have enrolled by “Adding Individual” then inputting the data from the paper apps- once completed and plan selected- they instantly show up as Enrollments with the graph chart/enrollment count. BUT the cases that designated me as their CIAgent but set up their own account and did the online application themselves (with my assistance by phone or personal meetings) and are through the whole process including plan selection do NOT show as Enrollments. Another GLITCH in the system???

Want to know how really screwed up things are at CoveredCA? Here is a sad, but true statistic:

At 4:24 am today, I used the “Help” section of the CoveredCA website to post a request concerning several of my clients whose documents have still not been verified after two to four weeks, and multiple document uploads. As a result, I cannot tell these folks what their premium tax credit will be and how much they will have to pay in premiums.

My submission at 4:24am was logged as “Question Reference # 131210-000016”. A few minutes ago, I left an additional comment about the sorry state of affairs in the entire CSR system. That submission has been logged as “Question Reference # 131210-005902”.

Exactly how many people will it take to get through the 5900 comments which have come in between midnight and 12:49pm in order to provide a response within two business days, as promised?

I doubt that I will even receive a response to any of the four submissions I made today.

The “Your application cannot be accepted” error is a systemic problem within the CoveredCA website, and none of the CSRs have a solution to your challenge, so don’t bother to CHAT or PHONE them — you will have wasted several valuable hours of your time.

Instead, try completing the process very early in the morning, like between midnight and 4:00am, when there is virtually no traffic on the website. I tried at all other hours unsuccessfully for three days, and made it through on the first attempt last Saturday morning at about 1:30am.


While we’re discussing the CSRs, it is absolutely SHAMEFUL that CoveredCA has chosen to establish 8am to 5pm as the only hours a person might be able to obtain assistance. As I posted earlier, at about 8:15am today (12-10), I could not get into the phone system, and was #96 in the CHAT queue with an expected wait of 48 minutes.

I steadily watched as my position in the queue rose over the next 45 minutes to #3, then #2, then … GOT KICKED OFF THE CHAT QUEUE entirely when I should have been #1, with the message, “We’re sorry, but there are no operators available to assist you at this time. Please try again later.”

If there was someone available to strangle at the moment, I would have done so.

I don’t know how many CSRs there are in Sacramento, but there are NOT ENOUGH and no one is to blame except Peter Lee and his remarkable staff — who apparently believed that very few of the 1,000,000+ people they intended to enroll in a QHP would need assistance.

SHAMEFUL. In private industry, heads would roll. In CA government, fat pensions are the reward for simply showing up each day from 8am to 5pm for 20 years — whether you actually do any work or not.

I too am getting an error that says “Your enrollment could not be processed at this time. Please try again later.” I made it to the very last stage here to sign up and have tried for the past 48 hours to sign up and it continues to give me this error. I can’t get through on the telephone - it immediately hangs me up. I can’t get the online chat to open - it gives me an error message. What am I supposed to do? I tried to call Blue Shield of California and their phone is busy. I am trying to sign up for a Gold plan. ???!!!!! Very Frustrated!

Having to withdraw the application should not be necessary. Fixing the software to prevent this should be required.

Things are so screwed up at CoveredCA, you cannot even place a phone call to 800-300-1506 today — you are told “We are experiencing high call volume” and disconnected after being directed to “Find Help Near You”. Starting an “online chat” at 8:15am, I was 96 in the queue with an estimated wait time of 48 minutes.

It took me four days to enroll a client in the past week. I was finally able to do it at about 2am on Saturday morning. Don’t know what the hang-up was, but even a CoveredCA CSR could not overcome it. Maybe it was the fact that I uploaded and faxed all income and residency and Social Security Card documents a third time earlier in the week.

Nice to hear it finally went through…

The other option, as I discovered in calling Covered California on behalf of my client, and THE option as advised by Covered California, as the only thing to do, is to completely ‘Withdraw’ your application and start all over again.

My client had tried to submit her family’s application for three days, several times “each hour” as she put it, without success.

Covered California, finally contacted, said this was a ‘gitch’ that is happening with some applicants’ applications, and the only fix is to ‘Withdraw’ the application.

My client did so, re-did her family-of-four application, which actually does not take so long when everything works and you now know the online application like ‘the back of your hand’, and she SUCCESSFULLY submitted her family’s application.

I replied “Hallelujah!!!” to her e-mail notifying me, where (and I think she’d be okay with me sharing) she had written as the subject line: “sweet jesus and mary and everything else.”

Although not quite the same error.. I was getting “ERROR: There was a system error. Please contact system administrator” message for about a week whenever I tried to submit the application with my e-Signature.

I kept persisting by logging out and logging back in at various times of the day from various computers, browsers etc. and after about a week and about 20-30 attempts, the application went through, and my eligibility was confirmed.

Now I am in the insurance plan choosing phase.

So, it may just require that you persevere provided the application data itself is preserved when you logout and come back in.

Of course, I would start sweating bullets three or four days before the deadline, if I am still not completely through.

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