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No Invoice?

By on | 32 Comments

Question: I enrolled in Blue Shield Silver PPO 7 days ago and have an applications number and a case number. Have not received invoice from Blue Shield. I called them and they said they have no record of my case and to call Covered CA. I called many, many, many times and they do not answer their phones nor do any of there Certified Counselors answer their phones either. Help!

Answer: It could be that your application data is still “in transit” between CC and Blue Shield. I would check to make sure your CC online account to see if your online application is complete. Login and click on the “Eligibility” tab. You will see a summary of your eligibility status for CC coverage, APTC, and CSR. If that looks OK, click on the “Enrollment” tab and you should see the plan you selected. If your Covered California online application is complete, continue checking with your carrier until they have it in their system. Call your agent if you don’t understand what the heck I’m talking about.


Awesome! Made it worth putting it out there!

Thank you Debby! That worked for me also.

I am still waiting for a member ID number. I applied mid Dec. CoveredCA site said that I am enrolled, but now the site seems to be down and I cannot confirm this. I cannot setup an account on BlueShield as I don’t yet have a MemberID and they have no record of me or my case# I just want to pay my premium.

What the heck??????????, I cant pay this on line. I have been on the phone for over 62 min got disconnected then another 19 min then told there offices where closed and i had to try the next day. This whole thing sucks and so does your rates

I used this web address:


There is a box on the right side that says “Start your coverage”, and you can click “go” to make a payment. It worked perfectly. I did not have to have my case number either.

Hopefully it will work for others as well. :)


Try calling 855-836-9705.


Signed up through Covered CA. Dec 19, have heard nothing from Blue Shield.Registered online without problem last week. Now, I’ve been trying to pay the binder for 5 days, online. Early morning, mid-day, late night. Always the same message..”cannot process at this time, try again later or contact administrator”. What a nightmare! How many thousands of hours of lost time and productivity for all of us trying to spend $$ with this company. If you’ve made it through, hooray. What a farce. Currently on hold for 1 1/2 hours trying to get info. on how to pay a bill into a jacked up system.


I cannot make a payment on line with the required last 4 digits of my SSN…. I have not received a case number and I was enrolled in Nov. 2013. How can I make the 1st payment ?


My experience is that if you are enrolled you should have gotten something from them or Covered CA in the mail by now. I suspect that if you can’t find anything in the binder link (now on the Blue Shield website)something went haywire in however you enrolled (which you didn’t explain). In which case, you should probably call Covered CA ASAP (put up with wait) to see whether your enrollment is complete and if they sent it to Blue Shield.

There is some evidence that early sign up users got completely lost (punished) because the whole system was so screwed up. We even put off signing up early because of this. It’s working better now (but I can’t log in to Covered CA right now because of a security certificate problem???)

I have not heard or received anything from Blueshield since I applied almost 2 months ago. Is there anyway I can get a update of my application status?

Thanks, Wayne. I made a payment scheduled to be PAID today, and it still hasn’t gone through from my bank. It does say it is “pending” on the Blue Shield website. So…. it makes me wonder if my payment is going to get processed today… I did the payment this morning and it’s evening now.

I’m Wayne and commented earlier. So, ongoing saga, today (January 4) in the mail, we get a letter from Blue Shield (PO Box 3008, Lodi) about how to pay with the http://service.healthplan.com/blueshieldca/binder address and gives Billing ID and sounds as if we haven’t payed (I momentarily freak out). But then I realized that the date on the letter is December 18! I checked on the link and it does show the billing went through on the credit card and it does match the billing ID. Previously, about 5 days ago we had gotten a letter from Blue Shield Installation and Billing (same PO) acknowledging enrollment and processing (but no billing info) and it was dated December 16 which is probably when we chose Blue Shield on Covered CA.

So, it sort of looks like Blue Shield is falsely pre-dating the responses or printing the responses in a timely manner but then purposely letting them age for two weeks before mailing them! Either way, I would like to hear the CEO of Blue Shield explain what appears to be overt delays to getting coverage. (Maybe in a class action lawsuit.)


I want to make my payment on line, this page like all the others are misleading. A great deal of the tangle has to do with you creating too many hurdles. It might be a means by which computer nerds seek credibility by embellishing a void with nonsense and arcane language or outright ambiguity. The Blue shield page says that my case is impending but there is no way to make the payment, I click make payment now and NOTHING happens.

Hi Michaelle,

I am the one who posted “Finally Made It”. Seeing your post I ran through it again and also found this way. So, if you want, try this. http://service.healthplan.ca/blueshieldca/binder. Scroll down the list of sites to almost the bottom. Look for “MEMBER SERVICES AND LOGIN - FLORIDA BLUE” When this page comes up on the right side underneath Member Login is the option “in blue letters” of Member Registration. Click that. Fill in the blanks and you should get where you want to be. One note: The member # they ask for on the first line can also be your subscriber or contract numbers you got on your confirmation that you had signed up.

Good Luck - I truly hope this works for you.


None of these options are working for me. I’ve tried cutting and pasting the binder url and I just get another search list. The Blue Shield main website doesn’t have anywhere for members to log in without a member number. I am not seeing the “little blue numbers” on the left. someone mentioned. Nor am I seeing anywhere to enter the last 4 digits of my ssn. The weekend is upon us and so no one is going to answer the phone. I don’t know what to do.

I want to pay my first payment before January 6,2014, So far I have not received an invoice.

As pointed out previously, the website for making your first payment to Blue Shield is https://service.healthplan.com/blueshieldca/binder You do NOT need your case number. You simply need the last 4 digits of the social security number, the date of birth, and the zip code to create an account. If you are in the system, you will see the case number there.

The Covered CA website should be updated so provide the URL for paying the binder fee for each insurance company. And it is non-obvious to go back to the Covered CA website and see the status of you application. These are user interface issues that should be fixed.

If Blue Shield has you in their system, then setting up an account and paying for a binder probably works, but there is little you can do if you are not in the system. Their automated way to find you by “last 4” of SSAN + date of birth + Zip Code doesn’t work if you are not in their system. I’ve gone through it again and again, and so have others I’ve talked to. Covered California says they can’t help from their end.

Hello fellow frustrated enrollees,

I was just (finally!) able to make my premium payment online:


I copy and pasted the URL above. If you call the Blue Shield number (888-256-3650) they provide you with the following site:


That’s what I used and eventually found my way to blueshield website. Had to register for an account but apparently they have you in the system so long as you enrolled before the deadline. Just need the last four digits of your social security.

Good luck one and all!



I,like most of you have experienced all of the above with trying to make my “binder” payment. Well,(going thru a lot of back doors)I finally just finished. This is how.

Call: 888-256-3650. This will connect you to a REAL PERSON (WOW). I was on hold about 30 minutes but be patient. She walked me thru the entire thing. She will have you do the following. You can just try yourself but if you have any trouble I highly recommend the call.

LOG ON @ http://service.healthplan.ca/blueshieldca/binder (NO “S”) in the http: This page is a log in. But, on the left side in little blue letters you click to set up an account.
Here be sure that your USER NAME is a min. of 8 characters which includes at least 1 number and NO symbols. Therefore your e-mail address will not work for this. The same rule applies for your password.

After this point you are sent to a set up payment page….enter your account info and schedule your payment. You will then receive a confirmation number.

The lady I worked with told me that after my payment processes (2or3 days) I will be mailed all my info & card. Should receive in about 10 days. In the mean time I can use a copy of my confirmation letter with my social.

Hope this works for you. Trust me…..I KNOW how frustrating this is for all of us.


Wayne, Eric, I enrolled in October and it took all the way until the last weeks in December before I could pay my binder (first month’s premium). I have just recently received my ID cards. The wheels do appear to turn but they turn very, very slowly. I can certainly appreciate your frustration but I don’t think there is anything you can do to “push” them faster. As of today, Jan.2 , the Blue Shield website was so overwhelmed I couldn’t even log in to my account and I am in the system.


I tried to make a payment by phone. When I enter my information into the system they are asking for the phone line goes dead. Also, I tried using my case number. After I enter it a message comes up from Blue Shield that states I am not a member and not in the system. I spoke to my sister who applied before December 23, and she is having the same problem. When I go to the website service.healthplan.com/blueshieldca/binder I cannot find anywhere on the site where you can make a payment.

Also, I researched online problems people are having with Covered California after signing up. Many more people are having the same problem. They sign up, and don’t receive a policy, bill, and I.D. cards from the insurance companies participating. They promised us health insurance with a subsidy if you qualify, and are not delivering. All these companies are doing is stalling. They are putting us off for as long as possible. One woman online said she spent more than 19 hours total on several telephone calls to Covered California and the insurance company she chose and still has no policy or bill.

I’ve had Anthem Blue Cross for five years and have had to pay for my premiums. I am self employed and on a fixed income. My premium has more than doubled in the five years I have had the policy. Each time Anthem raises the rates, they give us the same excuses. I picked Blue Shied because it is a better policy than I currently have and is going to be much less to pay every month through Covered California.

I enrolled and have not received a bill either. When I try to log into the Blue Shield website using my Covered California case number it does not work. A message appears on the screen that tells you invalid information entered. I enrolled before the deadline for coverage to start on January 1 and still have heard nothing from Blue Shield. My emails to Covered California have been unanswered. My enrollment with covered California states it is complete. I received a case number and application number from Covered California. People who enrolled before the December 23 deadline are not going to have coverage on January 1. No bill, no enrollment packet, and no insurance id cards have been received. This is a complete failure. How can the government tax us for not having health insurance when you enroll and do everything right? It’s Coverage California and the insurance companies who are at fault. I will believe it when I see it. When I get my insurance id cards and bill, I will believe it. Until then this health care law is nothing but a crock.

It’s great that Bob found the binder link and we used it and it worked to make a credit card payment. But I guess we now have to wait 7-10 days to get ID info. Now on the Blue Shield phone-in you can hear a message about the link to make a binder payment (seems new). But I agree it seems deliberate misinformation on Blue Shield’s part that they don’t give the binder link on their website or even on the sent paper response that says they are processing your application after enrollment at Covered California. I now wonder if they won’t get hit with a class action lawsuit over this as an intended attempt to keep people from signing up. I don’t think a jury would think it is due to incompetence since it is easy to prove they have known about the problem for months (they cut a deal with binder company many months ago).

we were directed to this web site by your latest phone message. On it, it gave instructions to go to this web site to find out what our payment will be through covered ca and all that is here is to leave a message.


If Blue Shield has you in their system you go to: https://service.healthplan.com/blueshieldca/binder

and register using your case number. Then you can pay your first month’s payment called a binder. My understanding is that you can also make this payment by phone but they need to have you registered and in their system.

I am unable to contact anyone at blue shield to make my first payment. and i can not find anywhere on there web site to make a payment. do i need to create a log in with them in order to make a payment. also do i need to use my case number when creating a log in.

Yes, you need to register and create a login but I did that with my Case Number you can get from the Covered CA website.

Yes, you need to register and create a login but I did that with my Case Number you can get from the Covered CA website.

@Bob Do you have to create a login? That address redirects me to http://service.healthplan.com and I have to create a login. However, punching my information there says that they can’t find my case

When it comes to misinformation I am not sure who is worse, CoveredCA or Blue Shield. If you have a case number from COnvered CA you can log in to the Blue Shield website and if you are in their system pay your first months invoice.

The Website is: https://service.healthplan.com/blueshieldca/binder

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