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Making Premium Payments to Insurance Carrier

By on | 39 Comments

Question: How and when will I be notified by my insurer in order to make the first premium payment? My Covered California registration for Anthem BC Silver is complete. It says my first premium payment is due December 26. Will Anthem mail me an invoice, or will they contact via email? Since there appears to a noticing backlog to insurance carriers, will the payment date be extended?

Answer: Yes. The initial premium payment deadline for January 1 coverage has been extended to the second week in January. I recommend calling Anthem customer service at 866-820-0765. If you are in their system, they can take your premium payment online.


The good news is that I received the card in the mail Thursday, this after paying online.

Then I registered my Anthem Card account# on the Anthem website and for their electronic payment service as well. I made my Feb. payment

All is working fine now. My housemate had sent in by snail mail, his payment, and he received the card on the same day.

So, the gist of it is, go ahead and pay, it just takes a little time to get things straightened out.

I’m afraid to send my payment in, no one has had good results. Is this really the answer?

Do you out there know that if not enough young apply, There will be no coverage. All the older people will need coverage soon and they are not equipped to take on such demand.

Who is the gov. trying to fool.

Yet if we don’t get insurance, we will be find. What a mess!!

Paid my bill, but no policy sent, no membership card - just another bill for the next month! Very poor service, so far.

I sent my payment on Dec 18th I have not heard from anyone I have tried to get a hold of someone by phone with no luck. I need to see a orthopedic Dr. a.s.a.p please need help. Thank you

hi…..i can not access anthem to pay on line….i have tried calling…..they did not have my application number in their system….i called Covered California and they said since I received a letter from Anthem they should have me in the system…any thots????? now on hold again to speak to Anthem…..? help please. thanks.

Mailed a check on 2nd January 2014 for my required coverage amount but until today neither the check is cahed nor I gcould reach them by phone no they put on the bill as 855 634 3381 I tried different phone no’s of anthem bluecross but no success we want to see doctor as soon as possible please advise what to do ? regards sukhdev s kalsi and satinder k kalsi

application id no is —-4881305

I have already put in one comment,but was not even looked at. what is going on with this company?? I’m so afraid anthem blue cross blue shield is so understaffed ,there is no way to keep up with claims. They sure can not keep up with applications !!

Very unsatisfied Brenda Hulce

Website worked and sent me a confirmation but after a week no charge on my credit card. When I called them I was put on hold for 30 min then the phone just rang and rang. So I tried another customer service number and this time they said sorry too many are people are calling and hung up on me. No wonder Anthem gets 1 star for service on all review sites.

Hooray ! I just successfully made the payment online - https://shop.anthem.com/sales/eox/payment/ enroll/landing/CA and received an email notification/confirmation. The website seems to be up and running now.

I am now in Hong Kong and had asked my Blue Cross Insurance agent to pay the premium for me online. It went through without a confirmation and has not been posted on the credit card activity. I just worry that the transaction has never gone through.

I sent my 1st payment by mail on 12-13-13, it still hasn’t been cashed. I’ve tried numerous times on online to site & numerous hours on phone with no positive results. I will now send 2nd check to listed address & hope Blue Cross does something this time.

I received a letter from Anthem Blue Cross o stating that they can’t process my application bec my first payment is not included. I sent a check addressed to them last Dec. 20 and up this date Jan. 8 they have not encashed my check yet. I took the risk of paying online but it is always saying “submission failed” invalid card number, we don’t know what you want to do”. I retried for almost 2 hours and I did not succeed. If the deadline is extended til Jan 15, could somebody help me what to do? I called them and they put me on hold for more than 2 hours and nobody get back to me. What a mess!!!!!

I also cannot get the payment made through their website. UGH!

Pleas e email me the link to make a payment, I has application n case number I has tried the link you provided,but it does not work

I sent in a check Dec 16, 2013 for the first month’s premium as directed by mail to the Oxnard, CA address. To date, Anthem Blue Cross still has not cashed the check. This morning I received an email stating that payment must be received by Jan 6, 2014 to be enrolled. Can anyone tell me what to do, especially as my husband has Leukemia and has further oncologists appointments this month.

I sent a check on dec. 10. I have not received Confirmation . I tried online and it did not work . I tried calling several times . After being Out on hold for an hour I was disco My no is 4084772. Your are working in the dark ages Ml

I sent a check many weeks ago, not cashed. I got an e-mail from covered CA payment by Sunday.
I am unable to make payment online as they are not taking my I.D. either is the phone. They also not picking -up the phone.


” it is a fundamental principle of the internet that a URL can be entered iN ANy CASe.”

Again — NOT TRUE. For Unix/Linux systems running Apache, the default installation is that file names ARE case-sensitive.

Server administrators can get around this by enabling the Apache modspeling module. See documentation at : http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/mod/modspeling.html.en

It may not matter in this instance, as it appears that the anthem.com site (running Linux) does have that module installed — but it really is misinformation to characterize this as a “fundamental principle”. There are many, many sites where URLs will not resolve because of case issues.

Quote: ” nor is it required to capitalize the “CA”. Internet URLs are agnostic to capitalization”

This is not true. Domain names are the same whether capitalized or not — that is anthem.com is the same a ANTHEM.COM

But capitalization in the path of the URL (the stuff after the slashes /) can be very important. It’s possible for a server to be set up to ignore that, but without a specific setting — a mistake in capitalization can cause a link to break. (This is true of servers hosted on unix-based systems — I don’t know about servers hosted on Microsoft systems, as I only work with Unix/Linux). But www.anthem.com is on a Linux system.

Bill, Sara:

I’m stunned. For the first time in ten days I was able to get something other than a 403 error. (and I’ve tried multiple times per day at low-load times as ridiculous as 3am and 6am) Thank you!

It only took two weeks for Anthem’s IT department to wake up and fix their broken payment system. (I wonder how many thousands of futile voice calls were made to CSRs during that time period? Then again, maybe not too many - this is the only site I’ve seen on which carrier-originated issues have been investigated. All other sites are more concerned with politics; this place has been a welcome respite as well as a valuable source of information.)

Anthem’s web site appears to be working and accepting payment as of this instant. (At least for me, I was able to get results with both Firefox and IE11; be sure to use https:// not http:// in the URL.)

I already have a physical check on its way, so I didn’t try the CC option. Here’s what I got when I asked to pay by snail-mail:

… .

“Anthem does accept checks, cashier’s checks and money orders for your initial payment. NOTE: Please do not send cash by mail.

Please complete the following steps: Make your check, cashier’s check, or money order payable to Anthem

Provide the full amount of your first month’s premium - $xxx.xx

Include this identification number on the check or money order: xxxxxxx

Print a copy of the confirmation page and include it when mailing your payment.

Mail the payment to P.O. Box 9041,Oxnard, CA 93031-9041.

The payment must be received and processed by your effective date.

If the payment is not received by this date, your application for coverage will be canceled and you will have to reapply for coverage.

Please allow for a minimum of 5 days for mail time to ensure the payment is received by the due date.”

… .

(The fact that a time machine would be required in order to get any payment to Oxnard by 19 hours ago is not lost on me, but based upon the information received both here and through CSRs, it’s probable that the “real” deadline is either the 6th or the 10th.)

I was able to make a premium payment using https://shop.anthem.com/sales/eox/payment/enroll/landing/CA I believe typing CA in caps makes a difference.

So I could not get the link shop.anthem.com/sales/eox/payments/enroll/landing/ca to come up under my usual browser at Firefox but it did take me there when I tried internet explorer. I just made my payment with no problems after that. Here is to hoping there are no real big problems afterwards.

Got a letter from Anthem saying I owe them the payment. Made a credit card payment online twice and it doesn’t show up on my statement so I’m not sure if the payments went through.

I sent in my Premimum payment 12/10/2013. They still have not cashed the check. I tried to call and was on hold for 50 minutes. I finally hung up and got another number. She wasnt able to help me either. She just took my names and number for a return call. Help please.

Trying to pay Blue cross online. I have control number but everytime I enter credit card info say I’m not elegible to pay with this credit card. I’ve tried 2 different credit cards. Please help. I want to get first month paid by Jan 1. Thanks

Did that https://shop.anthem.com/sales/eox/payment/enroll/landing/CA actually work for anyone?

I have been trying that all week. Every time it results in a 403 Forbidden XSS error, regardless of whether I attempt to pay be credit card, or even if I say “pay by mail” and don’t fill out anything but three radio buttons. I have called CSRs three times - given them my CC information, and THEY get the same error.

Seriously. I wait on hold for half an hour, tell the Sales drone my story, it tells me it’s had great success using the website, asks to try, I say “sure, it won’t work though”, and just before she clicks submit, I say “and now you’ll get a 403.” and she says “Yeah, weird.”

As you might imagine, the website tech support line (which is given when the 403 error is presented) at Anthem is simultaneously (a) aware of the problem and (b) can’t do anything about it but forward customers to the Sales line. This has been the case for four days. The part of the business that takes the customers’ money has been broken for 96-120 hours. (In a way, that means Anthem’s website is more broken than the federal and state exchanges combined, and the irony of this is not lost on me.)

Today I took the ridiculous step of sending a check with nothing but my name and a document control number on it to a PO box in Oxnard. (They haven’t billed me despite filling out the CC application three weeks ago.) If the check gets there by 1/6, I might have coverage, assuming they credit it to my account. Otherwise I’ve just given an anonymous donation to Wellpoint.

I’m lucky in that I’m reasonably healthy, have no immediate expectation of making a claim, and I suppose it doesn’t matter if I have continuous coverage. Maybe I’m just stubborn, but the only part of this process business I expect to work is the part where the carrier takes in the premiums, and even that is broken.


I am trying to make my premium payment online, but the online web-site is there, but it is not active in order to click on it. I cannot make it online

Please note that there’s a space before “enroll” in the URL: https://shop.anthem.com/sales/eox/payment/ enroll/landing/CA

I tried for hours to load the page before realizing there’s a space there. Just copy and paste the link.

Covered California will encourage consumers to proactively reach out to their selected health plans to pay their initial premium. Both e-mails and notices will be sent to consumers whose enrollment information has already been submitted to the health plans. We will remind consumers that they must pay their premiums by the January 6th payment due date.

so I get a letter from the idiots asking for a premium payment. they list a website to log in, which takes me no where. I call the phone number listed on the back of my letter in small print, and its the wrong number. Anthem Blue Cross I must say is totally f’d up, and I will not be insured by them ever….. totally worthless…

I also can’t get any information out of Blue Shield as to how to make a payment. Even though it says my application has been “submitted” online, Blue Shield says they don’t have my file.

My name is Won Park Application number 4177289 I would like to pay my initial premium by credit card. But I couldn’t do it . Would you please help me how to pay? Thanks. Won Park

I would like to pay initial premium for Jan.2014. How can I pay on this online? There is no place to put my ID number. Please let me know how to pay online.

Won Park

I received a request for payment thru mail, with the amount due of $102.86. Nevertheless, when I tried to pay online as per instruction, that amount was $488.91; what a bunch of crooks!

premium for 1st months coverage

As Debbie states - you must contact Anthem Blue Cross for a “control application number” and verify the amount of your premium - but if you are like me, I don’t like sending a check because there is no receipt given.

Once you have that control number and amount go to the following website.

https://shop.anthem.com/sales/eox/payment/ enroll/landing/CA

or the initials for the state you are in. I put CA because I am in California. The initials MUST be capital letters

It will ask for your application I.D number to start. This is the control application number you were given. You can then make a payment with visa/mastercard. You will receive a conformation of your payment

I called Anthem BC at 877-807-0610. They were able to find me in their system and told me to send the initial payment to Anthem BC P.O. Box 9041, Oxnard CA 93031-9041. They gave me a “control application number” to note on the check. They told me not to wait for an invoice.

There appears to be a “make a payment” (or similar) tab in one of the Covered California sub-pages. However nothing was coming up on-screen after clicking on it. This tab then “disappeared” since I completed our family’s application and I cannot find it again. Any leads on this? And if not, what is the best contact number for Blue Shield’s CoveredCA plans?

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