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Insure Child Only?

By on | 7 Comments

Question: I want to sign my son up for child only insurance. i cannot find any information on how to do this on this very confusing site.

Answer: Create an Covered California account, list all household members, all members except child decline coverage.


Hi. I’m wondering if this question was ever answered for you. I’m curious of the answer.

Hi Jessica.

If access to ‘Affordable’ ‘Minimum Essential Coverage’ is available through an employer, which it is for your step-son, also if he is a household tax-dependent under you and your husband’s married-joint-filed tax return for 2017, then financial assistance will not be available through Covered California.

With no financial assistance available through Covered California, it is always best to purchase a health plan direct from a health insurance carrier (with an agent representative is best). Covered California can be an unnecessary burden, in particular when not needed.

Contact me (click my name) for further clarification.

My step son moves in with us January 1, 2017. Myself and my spouse have insurance through our jobs. It is too expensive to add the child to our insurance through work. Can we apply for Covered California for just him, since us adults do not need coverage?

I’m attempting to sign up my dependents only. The online quote page requires that I include an adult over the age of 18. How can I get a quote for just my kids? Very confusing.

What if I want to get my daughter insurance but my exwife and I take turns claiming her as a dependent? Do we take turns signing her up under our households each year or can we get her her own plan? She is 8.

Yes, count her as part of your household if she is a dependent on your tax return.

She’s covered under Medi-Cal already so there seems no need to apply for health coverage for her through CovCal, even though you include her on the CovCal application as part of your household total. On the application there is question which asks (for each household member listed) whether this household member wants health insurance. You can answer ‘No’ for your daughter, as she already has Medi-Cal coverage; there is no need to apply for coverage from Medi-Cal which she already has.

Medi-Cal itself will re-assess your daughter’s Medi-Cal eligibility each year for continued coverage under Med-Cal.

Thanks for all the information this site is offering.I have a daughter (20 yr) who is disabled and on SSI & Medi-Cal. I talked to SSA and the rep said i don’t have to apply for her medi-cal through covered-ca (not sure though). My questions are, -Should I include my daughter in the application. -In case i do not include her ,should she be counted as part of the household.

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