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Can I Switch Insurance Company?

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Question: I have completed the CC application process and have selected Anthem Blue cross Silver. Is it too late for me to switch to Blue Shield?

Answer: No. You can login to your Covered California account, withdraw your application, and select another carrier’s plan. You can do this anytime within the open enrollment period.


Kevin, you can choose another qualified health insurance plan when you renew your Covered California coverage between Nov 15 and Dec 15.

My covered CA. insurance Co. is Anthem Blue cross. Not too many Dr.office and hospital does not accept Anthem Blue cross. So I like to switch my company to the Blue shield. How do I change it? Thank you very much.

I am trying to terminate my plan through CoveredCa.com and it asks me for the “Effective Date”. I don’t know if that means the last day I want to be covered by my current plan (Jan 31), or the first day I no longer want to be covered (Feb 1). Does anyone know?

Talked with support at CC today. As of Monday the system is not letting ANYONE “terminate participation.” Their system error code for this is 2472832. They told me to call back later in the week when they hope this with be fixed! If you want to switch carriers starting Feb 1st, this process must be completed by Jan 15th (as you must give a minimum of two weeks to terminate participation). Also you may be required to have your ID # with your current carrier. Please post if you have any updates on switching carriers.

O.K. Here’s an update .. The homepages for cases that had switched plans by “Terminating Participation” later became either non-functional (none of the tabs and clicks working) or shows no application. I called CC and they confirm that the switch had taken place but the clients’ homepages are still “out of whack”.

Along with everyone without their January bills and no confirmation by the carriers of my agent status, I’m really ready to throw the towel (It’s just that I can’t with all these people relying on me as their sole guide through this astronomical mess!) Average CC agent support wait time = 2 hours if you get through. Average Blue Shield agent support wait time = still a mystery (3 hours until I hung up).

Thanks for your input. It is Dec 21 and I’m about to terminate with Blue Shield and switch to Anthem (see earlier post). I have already paid Blue Shield for insurance for first month January - if I terminate before Jan 1 under Covered CA and select Anthem, will the site respond quickly and give me confirmation that I’ve selected Anthem. Will Blue Shield give me a refund for January payment - and will it not take them 6 months ? (again, I”m not impressed with Blue Shield’s site or the fact that they sent me an email with the wrong program referenced -I called and their Customer Service acknowledged the mistake and said their internal system had the correct plan but there was a mistake in emails - anyway, this and lack of range of doctors made me lose confidence in Blue Shield)
Any feedback or comments? Thanks -

I live in Santa Barbara and initially signed up under CoveredCA for Blue Shield and made my first payment for January - Blue Shield screwed up and send me a letter with the wrong plan on it - I am sensing that Blue Shield doesn’t know what it is doing - their web site search function SUCKS also - and NOW I stupidly just discovered that the range of doctors in much lower under Blue Shield - for example, NO gastroenterologists (for colonoscopy for example) in all of Santa Barbara or Goleta - you have to go about 35 miles from here to Ventura or Oxnard. Similarly the range of dermatologists is limited - and my family practice doctor is in Anthem but not Blue Shield - in fact Sansum is not at all in Blue Shield and only Anthem. To cut to the chase - it is Dec 21 and I think I’m going to terminate program and resign up for Anthem. I don’t feel good about Blue Shield coverage here and am kicking myself for not researching about doctors sooner - I stupidly assumed (yes, ass of you and me) that a major organization like Blue Shield would have a wider range of doctors -well they don’t. SO DONT’ MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I MADE - LOOK UP DOCTORS AND SPECIALISTS FIRST!!

Please read carefully. If you have already chosen a health plan, you have to click on Terminate Participation. It will let you choose another health plan.

If you have not yet chosen a health plan, you can withdraw the application. Once you withdraw the application, you have to start all over again. Hope this helps.

If I terminate participation, will I have to start all over again?

If I withdraw the application, will I have to start all over again?

what are you telling your client if they are unable to make a change?

After enrollment, the “withdraw application” link is unavailable. I don’t know why.

Once you have selected a plan, you won’t be able to withdraw the application. Look for Terminate Participation tab on the right. That will let you re-select the health plan.

New wrinkle at Covered California.

My client now has no option to withdraw his family application. The link is visible yet is light grey and not a live link.

They’re making this very difficult.

No word on payment deadline extension, or providing a payment option. Without such there is going to be a good sized mess, with 100s of 1000s of people who have submitted applications in timely fashion yet without coverage come January 1st, 2014.

Upon application, Covered California also wants proof of minimum essential coverage, yet minimum essential coverage does not exist yet.

how do I withdraw my application

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