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How Do I Submit Proof?

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Question: After 45 days of working my way through a minefield, I was finally able to choose a health plan today and get a confirmation printed out. However, the way I understand it, I will have to submit proof of US citizenship for myself and my wife, either by uploading the documents or by mailing them in. I can’t find the online link anymore, so what would you suggest me to do?

Answer: Try logging in to your Covered CA account and check your “Secure Mailbox”. CC will send a formal request for proof of citizenship, including the reason for the request, examples of the types of acceptable proof and instructions on how to submit it, and your appeal rights. CC does not correspond by regular email for privacy reasons. Unfortunately, they don’t explain this sufficiently and secure mailbox messages go unnoticed.


Mary … Don’t hold your breath. There are applicants of mine who still have that status today even though their applications and documents were uploaded in December and January.

I’ve uploaded my verification over a week ago, and on my status it still says it needs to be verified. How long would it be before I can proceed?

Don’t worry about verification. I don’t think they have enough people to verify 10% of the documents they’ve received in the next year.

I uploaded my verification online and when I check on my status it shows it needs to be verified. I see that I have one message in my Secure Mailbox but when I try to look at it I only get an error message.

Followed instruction of Max Herr, November 16th on January 27, 2014. There is no option to upload files. Other Google inquiries indicated uploading through email not yet available. Letter from CoveredCA advised to upload files (Jan 2014) with no instructions. To date, have found nothing. Attempt to contact Help Desk but after one hour was dropped. Finally, MAILED documents. This is terrible service and incompetent.

Can I mail my proof for CoveredCa? I’ve been calling to see if I can and on hold for quite a while about three times already and just can’t get through. I can upload on my laptop so I need to mail unless I can bring in if Local. If can mail, I need a address to send to and when do I get an answer once you received. I already applied online and finally received that I needed to send proof or upload so again called three times and just can get through

JPG and PDF documents both upload just fine. Connection speed may be the issue. Or it could be too much traffic at the website. Try later in the day — such as after 10pm — or very early in the morning, such as before 7am.

UPLOADING I’ve been able to upload documents on COVERED using Chrome and pdf files. If you scan the document in the jpeg format try to change it into a pdf. You can open a jpeg with Paint copy the picture, paste into Word then save as pdf. PDF format have a smaller size. I assume this is the problem with uploading, the size of the file.

When I go to the submit verification page to upload a document, there is no button to upload or attach a file. This is in Chrome. Currently in IE and Firefox, I can’t even log in due to site maintenance. Maybe that’s why there’s no UPLOAD button.

Jaime …

I have not been on the CoveredCA website on the weekends, but if it’s anything like Monday - Friday, uploading documents or data between 10am and 5pm is a near impossibility. Try uploading later at night or early in the morning.

You can also fax documents with your Case # included to 1-888-329-3700.

Every time I try to upload I get the error message. I am using a jpeg document

Sue …

Are you not doing this for your clients? Why not add a little value to what you do and get those documents and upload them for your clients?

I carry a scanner with me in my laptop bag and upload documents on the spot. Why put your clients through the agony of trying to do this on their own?

If the documents don’t get matched up by December 15, your clients’ coverage may not start on January 1. Whose fault is that? I wouldn’t pin it on the clients.

I have some clients who just want to mail their documents. They have no clue how to upload a document.

Where can they send something?

It’s a bit confusing, but you do start by logging into your CoveredCA account. Once there you will see a series of check boxes across the top of the frame: SUMMARY - HOUSEHOLD - PERSONAL DATA - INCOME - ELIGIBILITY - ENROLLMENT

You upload documents on the ELIGIBILTY page. If that box is checked, you can click on that box to get to that page. If it is not checked, you click on any other page and then click on the ELIGIBILITY page. Once there, you will see a link to Upload Documents, which may be JPGs or PDFs.

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