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Covered California and Obamacare related questions from consumers, employers and agents are answered by Phil Daigle with the best information available at the time. Archived entries may no longer be accurate as the Covered California and Obamacare knowledge-base is evolving quickly. TO REQUEST A PERSONAL RESPONSE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESS.

I Applied. What Now?

By on | 10 Comments

Question: I submitted an application 3 weeks ago to Covered California for a Blue Shield plan. I have heard nothing from either CC od Blue Shield. Should I apply again?

Answer: No. Do not enroll again. If you completed and submitted an application to Covered CA. They will need to verify eligibility for premium assistance and that will take awhile. I would suggest a follow up with CCA later in the month when they can verify eligibility. If you made a binder payment with your application, their coverage will be pending until the binder payment is processed.


In order to keep the January 1st effective date of coverage, all Certified Insurance Agents can continue to key in applications when consumers contact them to complete the application and plan enrollment process. Applications keyed into CalHEERS by 6:00 p.m. on December 28th may receive the January 1st effective date.

After weeks of trying to get the website to stay up long enough to submit all the things required under the “apply” tab, i have finally done so despite HOURS of dealing with slow load times into crashes into website down time and maintenance. So I finally submitted the “eligibility” tab, it has a check mark on it, and i STILL CANNOT ENROLL FOR INSURANCE?

Am i missing something? Should i not be able to select a #$&*^ insurance plan and enroll in it once I’ve made it through the application? If all the boxes are checked, doesn’t that mean the application is accepted? Ive tried getting the website to work properly for weeks and have tried calling the hotline many times.

What do i Do??? The deadline is tonight, I guess moved to Teusday - whatever - and i still can’t enroll in any plan despite following all of their own websites instructions to a T.

What an abortion of a public works project this is. Seven people enroll nationally on day 1, nobody has any idea what’s going on, its impossible to get through, the website crashes constantly, I’m spending HOURS trying to figure this out so that i don’t lose my insurance in 2014 and am getting nowhere.

U have to get a hold of simeone by phone ASAP….manof the applications done in October and November got lost in paper land….I called right after Nov 15 and started the search and applied again on the phone…did all that was told like fax tax return for proof of income…received a letter rathe quickly that I was approved for 90 days awaiting for proof of income…ah hello..I faxed that to them….finally called my county human health center and they fixed everything within 2 days I received my inrollment verification..subsidy was handked…mailed my first affordale..ket me stress..FIRST AFFORDALBLE HEATHCARE PREMIUM I OVER 20 + YEARS…I feel kike a hughe rock was removed from my chest and I chould take a deep breath….it’s great but u here need ti keep up with what they r doing with ur claim…don’t just sit and wait cause if u do u will loseout

We applied on December 16 and status is “SUBMITTED” with all documentation presented. We haven’t heard anything from CoveredCA and have not seen any of our Insurance options.

Just wondering when we will receive some response or verification— hopefully by the new December 23rd deadline, right? I’m sure they’re crushed now and we know best to NOT assume we will be covered by January 1st, but shouldn’t we? Just wondering if anyone else is encountering this too and got a response.

Currently on the CCA hotline on hold… will update if I hear anything new.

I applied in October over the phone. Was told I qualified for subsidy and would receive my imformaiom on November 15. Same as others here haven’t received anything. Getting nervous cna’t afford to keep my healthcare without subaidy.

I also rushed to enroll in October and have not received any information or premium billing from my insurance company by the promised date (today, 11/15).

I just called Covered CA and was told that insurance providers did not BEGIN mailing information to new enrollees until TODAY. I was advised to wait another 7 to 10 days for receipt of the information and billing.

I’m really upset about how much (Covered California) you BRAG about enrolling people on your site, but yet, I have not seen any written documentation that the people who say they called or enrolled online and were enrolled, actually got enrolled. That is a redacted ID card, confirmation letter, something. I’ve enrolled several people and have heard nothing. Yet, we as agents are mandated to carry $1M of Malpractice Coverage.

My 2nd issue is that there is no one to ask technical questions of. I went to the 8 hour training and most of the questions that were asked, were answered incorrectly. I’ve sent you documentation of that and have not seen ANY corrections go out to the public or agency force. Sure, there is CAHBA https://www.cahba.com/ but it’s not an official site, the webmaster is not an attorney, nor does he give citations for his analysis. Today’s technical question is: If a 23 year old child, employed, but not offered coverage, who files his own tax return, lives with his parents, and could be added on their plan, is eligible for tax credits. It appears to me to be no, but please, I would never be able to get to that conclusion or even find the CFR if I wasn’t a CPCU, 1 year of law school and 2 years of beginners Talmud.

FYI I was able to upload documents to Covered CA. On the Home page, the page you see upon logging in, there are a group of navigation links on the bottom right of the page, grouped under Actions. The Manage Verifications link is live, and leads you to pages where you can Upload. I had to use IE. Firefox wouldn’t work for this. You must use pdf format; jpg didn’t work for this.

Same boat here. I applied online 3 weeks a go, got a message saying that I would hear from Blue Shield but I haven’t received nor heard anything. It says on the site I should wait until November 15 but it sure seems like something is wrong.

Welcome to the club. I wasn’t given the option to submit a binder payment… if it gets closer to December 31 and gazillions of people are stuck pending, this will become very problematic.

I laugh when people say I’m a “success story” just because I managed to complete the application. There’s no status reports from Covered California on mean time from applied-to-enrolled. I suspect that’s because the number’s pretty dire.

If more people are unexpectedly forced onto the exchanges, you could see that dire situation become an unmitigated disaster.

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