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Covered California and Obamacare related questions from consumers, employers and agents are answered by Phil Daigle with the best information available at the time. Archived entries may no longer be accurate as the Covered California and Obamacare knowledge-base is evolving quickly. TO REQUEST A PERSONAL RESPONSE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESS.

How Do I Submit Requested Documents?

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Question: Filled out an online app that requests financial assistance. “eligibility” section says: “Your application is pending. To receive benefits, you must do the following: proof of California residency and proof of income” OK - how?

Answer: You can submit supporting documents to Covered California by fax, e-mail, or regular mail. They apparently are not ready to collect those documents so you may be on pending status for a while.


Please send me the email address so I can send my proof of income in.

I have called blue cross at least 10 times to notify change of address…they say I have to contact covered call…I’m trying to receive payment for drs I have seen…please help s.o.s…

I have exactly the same question. Can someone help us here?

How do I upload an income tax return to Covered California? I scanned it into my computer, but each page is a separate file. When I applied to Covered California, the tax return for this year (income earned in 2013) was not done yet, so I had last year’s return (income earned in 2012) uploaded. A Certified Enrollment Counselor uploaded it for me. My status is still “submitted,” with no final determination, but I have obtained health insurance through Covered California. Now the tax return for this year is done, so I assume that this year’s return should be uploaded, too. But I don’t know how.

I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old. Would someone please tell me which of the following I am expected to submit, because as young children, they have NONE of the listed documents.

Proof of residency requires one of

-:Evidence the applicant has registered with a public or private employment agency in California - Current California driver’s license or identification card - Current and valid California vehicle registration form in the applicant’s name - Evidence the applicant is employed in California - Evidence that the applicant has enrolled his/her children in a California school - Evidence that the applicant is receiving public assistance in California - Voter registration form of receipt, voter notification card, or an abstract of Voter of registration - Current California utility bill in the applicant’s name - Current California rent or mortgage receipt in the applicant’s name - Other documents to support Proof of California Residency

I cannot believe how something that’s suppose to help us and serve us can be so difficult I dare say impossible, calling is a joke as I type I’ve been on hold 40 min 1 of the fortunate times they don’t just tell me to go online? I did complete my application after days on my own the help centres? Send me bladder to calling and its telling me to close plan at Total premium with no discount , our income is low and in estimate I was calculated assistance but now since they don’t have my citizenship which I can’t don’t know how to send electronically I’m guessing this is why the high premium fee but it still tells me to choose a plan? I can’t at our calculating my out of pocket! Nino one can help me clinics directly at insurance no one! I’m 53 been in this country 45 year and they Cantverify by my as# that I’m a citizen? My driver license record of almost 40 yrs??? I don’t und! So I’m here in Desp need of med ins but Unable to take “advantage” of the so call help! Frustrateddisappointed

On Nov. 18, I submitted a .TIF (as per Ben There’s advice on Nov. 15) of my CA driver’s license for both verifications, the same file for both. Now when I check it, the CA Residency status is “Pending”, while the Proof of Citizenship status is “Not Verified”. What does this mean?

This works when initially uploading proof of residence.

How do you access “upload feature” when you receive a letter telling you to upload your Social Security card? No option to upload requested docs, but info on letter says it can be done through your account.

Any ideas about that?

You only need ONE of the listed documents for proof of residency, and a current Califonia driver’s license is acceptable as are utility bills, etc.

There is a long list of document(s) for proof re residency. Do they need the all? or just some?

why isn’t a driver’s license and/or a tax return good enough for residency for ACA?

About a week ago we were having trouble uploading our documents (PDF files). We were using Firefox as our browser. When we tried it in Internet Explorer, it worked on the first try. The helpline also suggested Chrome as a good browser and that Firefox hasn’t been working with the document upload.

When I successfully submitted my document around Nov. 1, a jpeg file was first unexcepted. When I scanned the document into a 100 dpi greyscale tiff file, that file was accepted without any problems. I submitted that file twice, after renaming it to a more useful name and deleting the first one. I scanned the document on a Panasonic fax/scan/copy machine using Panasonic software on a Windows XP system. The scanned file properties show up as “TIF Image File” and opens with “Windows Picture and Fax Viewer”. The file size for one page is 936,734 bytes. Are your scanned files “greyscale” or “black and white”? Greyscale is needed to scan a driver’s license, for example. Perhaps CoveredCA will only accept a “TIF Image File”.

The upload documents button is a waste of your time and mine…fax or mail the documents in…or better still do both…when they feel like it they will get to them…don’t hold your breath…you may pass out…fall down…and hurt yourself without any insurance coverage. Good luck.

I tried uploading in PDF format - the same error: “The connection was reset” over and over again. I mailed and faxed my verification documents with the note of a case number a week ago - No signs of them on the web site. Where do we go from here?

I was called last Thursday ((Nov. 7) and was informed someone from Covered California would be contacting me in regards to my application (which I had mailed) within 48 hours. Stayed home all day Friday, Saturday. Since Monday was a holiday (Veterans Day) I didn’t expect a call, however, I stayed home all day yesterday…still no follow-up phone call..please inform me when I should expect this very important call, I have family matters, as well as personal ones that require my attention and would require my leaving my home. Thank You, Anna Gail Chamberlain 760-329-1939

Hello: After seeing your advertisements on TV, I have the following suggestion: Please make better use of the media expense of TV ads, by taking the minute or 1/2 minute to explain some of the basics of the new health care law. The current ads are vapid and meaningless and a waste of money. You’re not PG & E trying to convince me you’re on my side - you’re the authority on California Health Care. You should redo your whole TV ad approach. Thanks, Bob

You have to save scanned documents it as a PDF.

I tried to scan documents as TIFF with 96dpi and the Upload did not work, returns with error - connection is reset. I tried scanning as a jpeg, file was only 29KB, still error message. I tried for several days, multiple times, on different machines with different browsers. I don’t think the Upload is set up to work at this time.

After you have created an account and submitted a California Covered application to enroll, you can submit verification documents, such as “Proof of California Residency”, by going to “Start Here” and clicking on “Log In”. After you enter your username and password, your current application status will be displayed. On that status page in the right-hand margin you will see a “Manage Verifications” button. Click on that button. Then click on the “Submit Verifications” button. On that page you will see an “Upload” button beside a list of acceptable documents. Scan your supporting document (CA Driver’s License, etc.) as a 100 dpi grey-scale TIF file and rename the file with something useful like “CA_License”. Click on the “Upload” button and then “Upload” again on the next page and “Browse” to find your scanned file. Then you can finally upload the desired document. You can then view and delete the uploaded file if there is a problem. You can also add comments to further describe the document, such as giving your actual Driver’s License Number and expiration date in text form. When done, hit the “Submit” button.

Hopefully that fax and address is ligit, but with all the phishing scams about I’m holding off for now.

Besides that, I don’t have a fax machine.

Is proof of residence a problem for everyone or just some people ? Which people ?

I called the Covered California hotline today for a different issue with my application and also asked the service rep this question about eligibility verification while I was on the line. The representative provided me with the following information for those who need to send in verification (she did not say anything about waiting to send in the materials, although she did say that they were aware that this is an issue for many people and hope to address it on the site soon):

You can either fax or mail your verification materials to the following:

Covered California P.O. Box 989725 West Sacramento CA 95798

Fax 1-888-329-3700

I inquired about what to include and we mutually agreed that including a cover letter/note/fax cover with your contact information was appropriate for follow up purposes and she indicated that you should include definitely include your “case number” in your note. Your case number should be generated at the end of your application, although she was nice enough to give it to me on the phone.

I only need to verify residency and she confirmed that a utility bill was on the list of valid verifications for residency purposes.

Are consumers able to create online accounts yet? My agent profile shows up but there is still no way for them to designate me and I cannot log into my agent account. I’m getting calls from people asking for help to enroll. Is everyone (agents) using paper apps?

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