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What Did I Just Enroll In?

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Question: I enrolled my husband & myself in the Kaiser HMO Bronze Plan and based on our income we qualify for a subsidy. We currently have a high-deductible HSA compatible plan with Kaiser. Is the Kaiser plan I just enrolled us in an HSA compatible plan? The deductible is very high.

Answer: The Kaiser HMO Bronze Plan has a family deductible of $10,000. It is not an HSA compatible plan. The Kaiser Bronze HSA plans are available in $7,000 and $9,000 family deductibles. The HMO plan cannot be used with a health savings account.


I’ve also noticed the HSA’s disappearing and reappearing under the “Shop and Compare Tool”, but they seem to show up consistently with the comparison tool that is tied to the other portal… though unfortunately that site is down “for maintenance” for at least the 2nd time this week.

The site really is messed up. I think part of the problems are the insurers - as far as I can tell, Anthem still does not have its networks for California updated or posted anywhere, so I don’t think they’ve provided Covered California with complete info either.

Gotta love Do-It-Yourself insurance. Covered California should put workstations in The Home Depot, Lowe’s, and OSH stores.

The Above Example is a perfect reason Why People should USE a Broker/Agent. This will be happening to a lot of people… BTW, I heard that Navigators are stating they are “Just Like Agents” when people call the 1-800#. We need “Secret Shoppers” and Agents to tell those that call the 1-800# to ask and take down the name and centers they are calling into.

Also, I just spoke with Cov. CA and if our clients sign up via the website they just need to sign a BOR and they will be given to us as their Broker. Just and Fyi….

HSA plans do no load through the Covered California ‘Shop & Compare Tool’ and are seemingly not available at Covered California. But the carriers do have these HSA plans as Covered-California-mirrored health plans. I have tried to access the CalHEERS enrollment system to see if HSA plans are available for selection there, but the enrollment system is always down when I have attempted to do so.

Covered California phone reps generally have little appropriate clue. Called yesterday to have a rep tell me that generally the plan benefits (all plans) will be rolling out plan benefits little by little, and that plan benefits which are visibly available (on the internet), is what are currently available only.

Oh my…

The Kaiser Bronze HSA plan appears on the Covered California website some days but then disappears for a few days and then reappears. This cycle of appearing and then disappearing as one of the choices has been going on since the Oct. 1st enrollment start date. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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