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How to Designate Agent Online?

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Question: I heard that client can enroll online and designate a agent. Do you know where I can input agent information on client online application? I go all the way to submit but I don’t see it. Thank you.

Answer: Once your client has created an account at the exchange portal, they can login, click on “Find Help Near You”, select “Find Agents” to designate an agent. Here’s what the online designation looks like:

Agent to be Designated: “Agent Name”

I grant this Agent permission to access, enter, and update information in my online application. I further grant permission to the Agent to submit my completed application, including activating an eSignature on my behalf.

I understand that I may end my partnership with this Agent at any time through my account dashboard or by calling 1-800-300-1506.

I grant permission to the Agent to enter payment information in my online account. I understand that the insurance premium that I am quoted will be charged to my account.


Applicant Name

Applicant E-Signature

Type your full name here as your electronic signature.

Today’s Date


My agent made a mistake when submitting my paperwork to Covered California, Quote “When I completed the original Covered CA application in July, I made a mistake. I included your unemployment income in the wrong box. This kicked you out of your plan and over to Medi-Cal. I was able to go on-line to Covered CA and make a correction. The attached shows your same Case #, same tax credit, and monthly premium.” However what she neglected to mention is because of this error CC kicked me over to Medical, so I lost my correct coverage for one month during ongoing treatment. Today she is trying to fix it, but who is going to pay for the services I have received this month? The system is unforgiving and does not allow for corrections without grave problems for the insured? I don’t understand and I am afraid to go to my scheduled appointments.

My client tried to designate me as their agent but a message came and said she already had a designated agent. It said to un-designate the current agent first. But we could not see how to do that. She swears she never selected an agent but had looked me up and called me. I never received any email about her selecting me. Help what do we do?

I am doing an application for a client through my own portal. There are twice that they accept for signature and pin…do I enter my own signature and pin each time, in order to get credit?

How does one de-designate an agent, if they want a new one?

The client has to create an account. They do not have to do a full application. After they create an account they log in and designate you as their agent of choice. Then you check your inbox and accept their request for assistance. This is not a user friendly way to do it. It is a shame. I have an appointment tomorrow at 2PM to help someone and I had to call them back and ask them to set up an account and designate me as their agent. I hope Terri below is not correct that the agent designation is not working. OH BOY we are all going to have to be patient on this crazy process.

It has been confirmed that the Agent Designation tool is not working and they estimate will not be working until November 19th. In the meantime, all agents must use a paper application to enroll their clients. Completely archaic, but true.

My client successfully created an account and designated me as her agent. However I do not see her designation request on my agent dashboard. I wonder if any agents had received designation requests from clients? BTW, my client and I followed the “Agent Delegation Instructions” posted on CC website.

Who does a certified agent call with questions on filling out the paper application? We have called 800 300-1506—they will not help agents. We called 877 453-9198—they tell us the other number should help, but this number will ‘do their best’ to answer questions. Is there a Covered California Agent Services number for questions on questions filling out the app? Thank you.

Another agent and I were discussing this earlier on another thread. My understanding was that if the applicant completed an online application by themselves, no agent would be attached to that application even if they had designated an agent. In other words, the only way an agent can be attached to an online application is when the agent completes it through their own agent account. Isn’t this true? If this is true, an agent will not get credit for helping out with an online application if it is done through the applicant’s own account, correct?

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