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Any Agents Certified Yet?

By on | 22 Comments

Question: Have you heard from any agents who have been certified yet?

Answer: Yes. I just started hearing from agents who are certified. Ron Herzog in Carlsbad is one of those certified. He said, “I never got an email to say I was certified. You have to sign into your Covered California agent account and then click on “My Profile” and then on “Certification Status”. Your certification number is a 10 digit number that starts with a 5 (not to be confused with your agent number that starts with a 2). Then go to the Covered California portal Start Here > Find Help Near You > Find an Agent and search your zip code or name. You should be there if your certified.


Hello I would like to know how I can become a certified agent.I am a benefit enroller I have health and life license in California.


I am trying to help a group of non-residents agents to get certified. they have their licenses and are registered in CoverCa, but they have not received the email to register in the clase and 2 weeks have passed.

Any information on how to get the link to register?

Thanks, Fernando

Dale Johnsen:

Here’s the Agent Link for Covered CA:


Hope this helps!


I read on coveredca site that they plan to create a lead program for agents, has any movement been made in this area? Since there are problems with the website and long wait times on calls it would seem that leads should be passed out to certified agents as a way to make the whole system more efficient. Agents can take paper applications and input the application when the technology permits or turn in the paper applications.

I am a certified Covered California Agent. There is a big bottleneck of consumers wanting and needing to sign up for coverage and thousands of Agents waiting to assist in enrollment. How can we get a message to Covered California to START A LEAD PROGRAM ASAP. Covered California can become a success OVERNIGHT if they would just use the available resource of Certified Agents to Assist Consumers with the process!!! A LEAD GENERATION PROGRAM should be at the TOP of their list if they want the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT to be SUCCESSFUL in California and all of the country. WE ARE HERE AND WAITING, WE ARE EXPERIENCED KNOWLEDGEABLE AND ARE THE KEY TO SUCCESS. It only makes good business sense to use this valuable resource.

The client does not have to start the application process in order to designate an agent. All they need to do is create an account, log in and click Find Help Near You to find a local agent (or an agent they already know).

If you go to the agent profile WITHOUT logging in first, you will NOT be able to designate them as your agent. You must log in first to be able to designate.

May Chou ~ Resubmit to agents@covered.ca.gov and put “Resubmission” and your name and license number on the subject line. I did that yesterday morning and they got back to me late afternoon. Of course they told me that I was missing the payee data form and the E&O proof but it was included in the documents I sent. So I resent them a third time and hope to finally be certified today!

A followup on my recent comments. When my agent tries to click on my name in his agent dashboard he gets the following repeatedly:

Oracle Access Manager Operation Error db404 Not Found

No one at Covered California even knows what he is talking about. They just say they are working in the system.

I’m facing the same problem. I mailed out the agent agreement on 10/1 and CC told me they had no record even though I used certified mail. I emailed the agreement to SHOP@pinnacletpa.com per CC’s instruction. It’s been a week now. I’m still waiting to get certified…

A word to the wise about the Covered CA staff, or navigators, or whatever they are called. I had one of them tell me that the place to designate the agent is on the Authorized Representative page. That is of course wildly incorrect.

The two necessary prerequisites to designating an agent (assuming of course the agent is already certified) are creating an account and starting the application process. Once you have started the application, click on the Find Help Near You link at the top right of the Preview Plans “home” page. Then walk through searching for an agent. When you click on the link that is the agent’s name you will be brought to a page that has a button that will designate the agent and link them with your Case. The agent will be able to see the client from inside their own Covered CA application, whatever that is.

I’m a client, I did exactly as I described while I was on the phone with my agent, and he immediately “saw” me in his “account”.

Be forewarned so that you can warn your clients: once you designate an agent, there are 3 check boxes that the client must click on and agree to in order to set up the agency relationship. The last one allows the agent to specify the payment details. We didn’t think that was necessary so I tried to finalize the process without clicking that box. The application returned a message box the outcome of which was if not clicked, the designation would not complete.

I sent my agent paperwork to CoveredCA on 10/1 and called yesterday to check the status. They have no record of receiving it so I just resent it. My coworker is listed as a certified agent. But I don’t see any way for a client to designate him as their agent. Yes, he shows up in the agent search but how do you designate him, or any other agent, as your agent? I also created an individual application for myself just to go through the whole process and there is no place where I am asked if I have an agent. CoveredCA doesn’t seem to know either.

Yeah try being one of the first agents to attend the in class 8hr course…mind you first week of September….yet still over a month later it says “No Show” even though I have submitted proof that I was there…duh I signed the roster too and have my parking receipt. After numerous calls to CC and so many other key players STILL today it has a NO SHOW status which impedes me from taking my final exam so that I can get certified. I am beginning to think that CC is really NOT wanting to work with us agents…was giving them the benefit of doubt however after experiencing this major delay and on top of that seeing all their TV ads they mention nothing of reaching out to a local licensed insurance agents. Of course not. Theg clearly want all the calls to go to them even though they can’t handle the volume. So dissapointed. Way to go Covered CA.

This is what I have found so far:

  • Use Internet Explorer to log in (Chrome doesn’t work - yet).

  • The client can create their own account (using IE) and designate the agent using Find Help Near You function.

  • The agent logs in, click profile, then click certification, you can see your certification number.

  • Then click individual tab. You will see the name of the customer who designated you BUT that’s when the browser freezes and I can’t continue.

I feel that if you can have your client designate you at least, you can help them through CC site later (when it finally works), or use paper app.

Oct.11,I sent all the required papers for the agent certification to agents@covered.ca.gov, by email. It was said that 2-3 business days was needed for processing. But, until now (Oct.14), I didn’t get any email reply. I checked ‘Certification Status’ at coveredca.com. It is blank. I have received many calls for the enrollment from clients. But I can do nothing.

I was told by cov ca that it would be 5 bus day after receiving agent agreement that it would be done….today is oct 11 and they said today it could take 2 more weeks. And I cannot take paper apps and hold them until my # is issued. I finished all testing and requirements sept 19 and fill out agreement first thing oct 1. I have already received 4 referral calls to help

Please advise me as to how I can qualify for certification to offer advise and write the ACA products.

Thank you. I found that path this morning, and it’s been hours, and I haven’t yet been able to log in. But my name is listed as under the Help Needed from Agent section …. but don’t have my number yet

Please confirm if the password is the same one we used when we registered from the DOI site?

Otherwise, when I go to the site the Cov Ca link for agents (ie: https://www.coveredca.com/hbex/agents/

I go to the agent login t:


I get the following message:

Logging in. Please wait… (If you are not logged in within ten seconds, please click here to proceed.)

And Nothing Happens!!

All my paperwork and Money was sent in, but I can’t get in…. What am I doing wrong?

At coveredca.com, click on “Start” button, then at top-right of next page click “Log In” link.

What is the URL to sign in to the agent account to find the profile?

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