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Covered California and Obamacare related questions from consumers, employers and agents are answered by Phil Daigle with the best information available at the time. Archived entries may no longer be accurate as the Covered California and Obamacare knowledge-base is evolving quickly. TO REQUEST A PERSONAL RESPONSE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESS.

Agent Training Confirmations Started Today

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Question: When the #$%*& are we going to get trained?

Answer: I got mine this afternoon( see below). Once you login you will be instructed to create a new password. Once on the homepage, click on “My Upcoming Training” then you’ll be able to choose a training location and date. Here’s what the Response to your Certification Registration will look like.

Subject: Account Information for Covered California
From: HelpDesk@covered.ca.gov

Dear Agent,

An administrator for the Covered California Learning Management System created an account for you. To log into the system, you will need to know the following:

Site URL: http://learning.coveredca.com/
Your temporary password: XXXXXXXX

Before you can access features in the system, you must log in. You may be required to enter and confirm a new password. Email the System Administrator at mailto:HelpDesk@covered.ca.gov if you have any questions.


Dear Mr. Daigle,

You may recall me. I am a securities fraud expert and representative based in California and have worked representing burned Main Streeters hurt by Wall Street. It has been my calling for almost 25 years.

At any rate, again, kudos to you on your information re Covered California.

I have a prediction as one who follows the new healthcare laws and implementation.

After careful thought and extensive reading, it is my view that there is
a 60 to 75% possibility not that Obamacare and the major elements thereof will be scrapped. No, not that. Rather, it seems to me that delays and new deadlines will be put into place from the federal overseers.

Why? It appears that too much needs yet to be done. I see no uniformity, no clear cut public announcements or communications or outreach programs coming from any of the sources one would expect to issue common important knowledge that we all must have to make this thing work for Americans.

My view: In theory, Obamacare can be great. Wonderful. Doesn’t go nearly as far as some people would and did advocate for. Be that as it may - the public awareness matters and the implementation of a federal program so large, that impacts so many people, has failed and is failing badly.

You, I am sure, know more of the bullet items that are unclear and/or under-communicated than I do. But, to be sure, how Obamacare will work on Main Street -the people I know and care about- across our great country, has not been properly addressed and communicated.

Seminars, TV and radio shows, etc. should have been up and going for months (like a political campaign) to educate the American public. To address the bad info and rumors out there. To teach people how to use exchanges, how to obtain subsidies, to soothe worried consumers - most particularly poor and middle-class Americans. And on and on.

Plus, Congress should have long ago foreseen and addressed this all-important part time, under 30 hours a week matter. Clean-up legislation was needed on this score. Not going to happen in September, if at all. And the negative impact(s) on millions of American workers and looking for work may be absolutely life-changing for families, workers, students, kids, and just plain Main Streeters. One can see this negatively affecting entire towns and big pockets of communities across America. This one provision - the cutting of hours of workers to move them to part time status - is enough to almost cripple Obamacare. The ramifications too many; too severe.

Anyway, my view, again, is that substantial portions of Obamacare will be delayed as to implementation. Maybe not before or in October (a key month) but before the next key date: January 1st.

I have been coming to this view for some time. I became more convinced as to this prediction with the recent publicity about businesses cutting worker’s hours to get them below 30 hours and the ripple effects and bad ramifications that this will cause Main Street workers who are fighting for work in this recovery, so called, that really is nothing of the sort. It is a recession for most Americans. And watch: the little bubble that the rich are enjoying now in real estate and stocks will soon burst. I am not alone in my thoughts.

I wrote this just for your reading and maybe return thoughts. If you wish to reprint any or all of it (in context)(with attribution), feel free.

Any idea on timing for agent to actually get certified after completion of 8 hr in person training? My understanding, after you complete this training, you have to complete 4 hours online training (is that even available yet?), then you take test, after you complete and pass test, CC sends contract you need to sign with proof of E&O and forward to CC; then they process and finally certify agent. Any estimate how long this process will take? From a timing issue, it appears it may not be possible to certified by 10/1 when open enrollment starts.

Very little class choice selection. We will have to get a hotel in Irvine. Not a class in SD until end of month, RIGHT before open enrollment starts! Certainly not enough time to prepare.

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