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Covered California and Obamacare related questions from consumers, employers and agents are answered by Phil Daigle with the best information available at the time. Archived entries may no longer be accurate as the Covered California and Obamacare knowledge-base is evolving quickly. TO REQUEST A PERSONAL RESPONSE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESS.

Certification Training Dates Announced

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Question: When will certification training will be available for Agents?

Answer: I get this question almost every day and we finally got some clarification. Last Friday, Michael Lujan, Director of Sales and Marketing for SHOP announced that registration for Covered California Certification will open August 19 with actual in-person training to take place the first week of September (dates and locations to be announced). Online Certification will follow, but no specific date was offered. Lujan also made it clear these timelines may change.


Please remove my comment of Sept 2013 as you have not business put it on your e-mail. I have no interest in writing covered calif. there are too many problems with people who joined and are dissatisfied. Thank you

Does anyone know how to sign up for the additional classes that are going to be held on a per need basis?

Any chance you can update this page regarding the 8 hour Certification course. I have been looking on line and have not been succesful in finding any working links. Thank you.

I live in manteca and need to take the 8 hour course. Is there a web site of course locations and dates anyone is aware of. I am in san jose and saw i missed one today in san mateo but was not pre registered anyway. Please help with a list of dates and locations for northern california, central valley, bay area ??? Thank you

You have to attend the training just like all of us who actually live here. If you’re not a resident agent, and the distance is so great as to be an obstacle, what business would you write here that couldn’t be written by a local agent?

I am a non-resident producer. Do I still have to travel to CA to attend a class or is there another way to fulfill that requirement?

Ken Juen

How do I register to take the classes for Certification for covered California? I thought I was already registered but apparently I am not. Please advise. Thanks, Margo Lesch

Hello, I have already passed the Covered California test and have received my certification. I was considering testing for my licensing, can you tell me the benefits of being licensed while working with Covered California?

The only requirement to be able to assist consumers to obtain tax credits through the Exchange (or businessowners through the SHOP exchange is to be an A&H licensed producer. If you have a nonresident license you are eligible to be certified for the CA Exchange. To the best of my knowledge, CA certification is not accepted in any other state, nor is any other state’s certification accepted in CA.

Can an agent with a non-resident CA license be eligible to take the exchange and SHOP certification?

Persons who are not licensed can probably attend the course, but cannot receive CE credits unless licensed prior to taking a course. Until you have completed prelicensing and taken and passed your Accident and Health license exam, AND been issued a license, taking the Exchange Certification course is very premature.

CDI changed its licensing procedure about this time last year. You must first take and pass the exam before you may submit an application for your insurance license. This has reduced the wait time for receiving one’s license, but it is still taking 2-4 weeks after the application is submitted for approval to be received.

I am in process of getting my license can I still attend the certification training without my license? Thank you,

Luis, you cannot register yet. Registration begins on August 19th. We will provide the registration form at CAHBA.com as soon as it is available.

Please, help me but I did not see here I can specifically go to register and attend the classes for the Covered California Certification

I have gone to SHOP, I did not see anything about certification where did I mis it ?


I live in Siskiyou Co. Due to distances traveled. where would be the nearest trainings to my locale most likely be?

The Exchange website a “hbex.ca.gov” has those links, but not all in one place. First, click on the “Stakeholders” tab on the top menu bar, you’ll find some webinars listed on that page. Second, the links in the left column under “Quick Links” also will lead you to some recorded webinars.

Where can I review past webinars in order to prepare for certification?

California licensed producers must be appointed by the various insurance companies they wish to represent. This is nothing new. Any licensed agent may submit a client’s application through the Exchange so that the client may qualify for the advance tax credit. The agent cannot be compensated by the Exchange, but will be compensated by the insurance company.

I would like to know if Calif licensed Insurance agents are going to be able to sell the Calif Individual Covered exchange plans.- How do Calif Licensed Agents are going to get their appointments to sell the individual Covered Exchange plans. thank you for your info

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