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Finding health insurance after bariatric surgery.

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Question: I'm male, age 63. I had bariatric surgery. COBRA recently ran out. Applied to several reputable insurance companies, most won't insure us and those who will want $800+ per month. I don't understand underwriters adversity to bariatric surgery whereby I lost 100 lbs. and got rid of my diabetes and medical insurance paid for it. Looking for affordable Major Medical and I can afford to pay $400.

Answer: Even though your bariatric surgery removed your previous health risks - obesity and diabetes. The surgery itself created new risks - the possibility of additional surgical procedures. So I can say with assurance that you will not qualify for individual medical insurance before you turn 65. At that time, you will qualify for Medicare. What to do before you turn 65?. If you can pay $400 per month, I suggest that you put that money into a savings account, call it your medical expense account. Use it to pay your out-of-pocket medical expenses for the next 2 years. If you're lucky, you'll get to 65 with a medical nest egg.

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What a crooked system really, insurance companies are only in for the buck, if you are sick then just die, this is their message

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