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CAHBA, California Health Benefit Advisers offers small business health plans.


Flexible health benefits refer to benefit programs that allow small business employees to customize their benefits to suit their individual needs and preferences better, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all benefits package

Portable health benefits allow small business employees to retain certain benefits, regardless of their employment status or work arrangements. ensuring continuity and accessibility of benefits.

Tax-advantaged health benefits are specific benefit programs that provide small business employees with the opportunity to save on taxes while maximizing the value of their compensation.

Holistic health benefits  address various aspects of small business employees' lives, including their physical, mental, emotional, and financial well-being. Here are some key components of holistic health benefits.

About Our Company

      California Health Benefit Advisers, LLC (CAHBA) is a licensed health insurance brokerage specializing in providing comprehensive health insurance solutions to small business employers in California. We understand employers' unique needs and challenges in navigating the complex landscape of employee benefits.
      By partnering with CAHBA, small business employers can benefit from our expertise, access to various health insurance options, and assistance in implementing tax-advantaged benefit plans. We aim to help small business employers provide valuable health benefits while maximizing tax savings and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements

What We Offer


One of our key areas of expertise is tax-advantaged health plans. We specialize in designing and implementing plans incorporating a Health Savings Account (HSA) and a qualified health insurance plan. These health plans allow employers to provide valuable employee benefits while maximizing tax savings.

Low Fees

One aspect distinguishing CAHBA is that we provide our small business clients with no direct cost. We earn compensation from the health insurance carriers with whom we contract. The carriers generally compensate us at a standard rate, typically around 5% of the premiums the client pays. 

Comprehensive Service

We offer comprehensive health benefit support throughout the implementation process, assisting small businesses in setting up benefit plans and onboarding employees. Our experienced team is available to guide small business employers through the complexities of plan design, compliance requirements, and employee communications.

Why Choose Us

At CAHBA, we go beyond just providing health insurance options. We offer comprehensive support throughout the implementation process, assisting employers in setting up and onboarding their benefit plans. Our experienced team is available to guide employers through the complexities of plan design, compliance requirements, and employee communications

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