Covered California Premium Assistance

Who is Eligible for Premium Assistance?

An eligible individual is a taxpayer whose household income - modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) - is between 138 percent and 400 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL) for the appropriate family size. The chart below is bases in 2013 Federal Poverty Guidelines. (Click image to enlarge)


How Much is the Premium Assistance?

The table below is a statewide average of the rates a 21 and 40 year old single individual might pay. The net amount the insured pays after subsidy is shown in each box at the top and in black. The federal subsidies are shown in green. When Covered California releases all the rates, individuals and families will be able to determine the exact amount they would pay based on family size, age and income.



Premium Limits for Consumers Based on Income

The net cost of a silver plan after subsidies can be computed another way. For individuals and families who qualify for a premium subsidy, their share of the premium cost is set by their income on a sliding scale as follows:

Premium Limits.png

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