Agent Compensation


Agents Have Vital Role in Covered California

The Covered California health insurance marketplace recognizes that agents need to be part of the huge task of getting millions of Californians insured. Agents and other Assisters are expected to facilitate half of the enrollments in the individual Exchange and virtually all of the Shop Exchange enrollees. Click image to enlarge .

SHOP Compensation

Agents will be the primary sales channel for the Covered California SHOP. Covered California will pay agents directly. Agents must be certified by the Exchange to participate. Appointment with Covered California will cover all participating carriers.

SHOP Compensation.png

Individual Exchange Compensation

Agents will be compensated for facilitating enrollments in the individual exchange for both subsidized and non-subsidized enrollees. Carriers (not Covered California) will pay commissions directly to the agent. Compensation rates will be the same as outside of Covered California. Agents must be appointed with a carrier to receive payment.

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