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Continuation of Non-ACA Policies

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Question: I got a letter from Blue Shield that my existing policy would be terminated Dec 31st 2013, and I would be switched over to some new bronze ACA plan for the next year. A few weeks ago I received another letter and that states my current policy can continue until March 31, 2014. What is the significance of March 31st deadline? Has this something to do with the administrative directive Obama administration issued regarding individual mandate? The above letter was before the more recent development of the administration allowing non-ACA policies to continue till the end of the year. In light of that, should I expect yet another letter from BlueShield extending the current policy until Dec 31, 2014?

Answer: It is possible that Blue Shield will extend current non-grandfathered plans for another year. If so that would be a result of the recent mea culpa announcement by President Obama. The initial Blue Shield extension was ordered by the Department of Insurance because Blue Shield allegedly did not give policyholders sufficient notice of cancellation.

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Well, thanks to the Board of Directors at Covered California, this will NOT be happening.

Just a couple of hours ago, they decided that Obama’s request will not be honored in California.

The Directors — who like many of California’s other Boards and Commissions — have no accountability to the citizens of California. They are their own empire and may do as they please.

They obviously want to be able to say, “Lookee here, America, look at all the people who got their health insurance through our exchange.”

Disgusting. And completely predictable.

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