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What are Medi-Cal Rules Regarding Assets?

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Question: My significant other & I share a home. We have income of $11,000/yr. I believe that qualifies us for Medi-Cal but we have substantial assets for our retirement. Are you still eligible for medi-cal with over $750k in bank accounts and mutual funds for retirement?

Answer: Yes. You are eligible for Medi-Cal. Assets are no longer considered in determining your eligibility.

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IT used to be that after age 55 they would put a lien on your home or attach your assets to the amount received in care under Medi-Cal (care received after age 55 was worse for your future as in a lien could be placed on your home vs care at age 53 or 54) Are you saying that under the new Covered California Medi-Cal that liens will no longer be done for care over age 55?

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