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How Does My Agent Number Get On the App?

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Question: How and when does the agent’s number get attached to an applicant during the Covered California enrollment process?

Answer: I dug up a Covered California document listing in detail the Proposed Application Data Elements that will be required in the Covered California application process. SingleStreamlineApplication_Elements.pdf This is not the online application which is not yet released, but a list of all the information to be collected in each section. Assuming the actual online application follows the sequence of information gathering depicted here, then the agent information is added at the very beginning of the application process.


Larry, you are right but you are referring to the paper application.

Hi Phil, Now I’m confused. My understanding is that a brokers certification # will be add to the end of the initial informational enrollment application the customer completes and submits to CC. After submission CoveredCa will assign that broker to that customer and he should remain there even after the customer picks their plan and activates the coverage. What’s your opinion?

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