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Exempt from Individual Mandate?

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Question: I understand most of the exemptions from the Individual mandates but need clarification on these. Individuals who cannot afford coverage (i.e. required contribution exceeds 8% of household income,) Individual in a hardship situation, and individual with income below the tax filing threshold threshold.

Answer: Here is the list of exemptions from the individual mandate:

  • coverage is unaffordable (excedes 9.5% of household income;
  • they do not meet the filing threshold for purposes of income tax filing;
  • they are Native Americans;
  • they have a short lapse in coverage (less than three months since they had minimum essential coverage);
  • they have suffered a hardship;
  • they are a dependent; or
  • they reside outside of the United States.



I am offered medical insurance by my employer, but I have not had to enroll in it in the past since I am covered by my wife’s health insurance with Kaiser Permanente.

Can I stay on Kaiser Permanente health insurance coverage through my wife’s employer?

Thank you, Roger Stephens

Do I have to have insurance if I am not working, not filing 2013 taxes and a full-time student?

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