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Income Guidelines for Adult Child?

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Question: I am a self-employed single parent with health benefits provided by VA for a service connected disability. I have a 19 year old son living with me and going to college. He has no income. Will he qualify for Medi-Cal? Is eligibility based on his income (none) or total household income?

Answer: Your son's eligibility for Medi-Cal or premium assistance in Covered California will depend on your household income. Your VA benefits are not a factor in the determination.

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Who is Eligible for Medi-Cal Beginning January 2014?

Medi-Cal services will be expanded beginning January 2014. In addition to the individuals who satisfy the eligibility requirements listed above, Medi-Cal will also be available to adults under 138% of the federal poverty level who are citizens or legal California residents for 5 or more years. For example, under 2011 FPL levels, a single individual making less than $1252 per month, or a couple making less than $1,691 per month, would be eligible. If your income is close to these levels, you should still apply because some income may not count. More information is available in the Help Paying for Coverage section.

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