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When Can Agents Become Certified?

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Question: When will licensed agents become certified for the Covered California exchange?

Answer: Probably not until August. The first step in becoming certified and contracted with Covered California is to successfully complete assister training and the current timeline shows assister training to be ready for delivery in August 2013.


I am nterested in become an adovcate to enroll people in our Covered California program. I would like to get information on the requirements and classes I needed. Can you please send me information on the program enrollment procedures. My email address is or you can mail information to me at 315 West Gage Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90003

Covered CA had agent webinar today by Michael Lujan. In person agent certification training is scheduled to start Aug 19th with online training starting in November. No addl details yet. You can log on to tomorrow & go to the Stakeholder’s tab & download today’s webinar slides which includes a timeline. Also, updates should be posted on that tab.

It is my understanding that we can not conduct educational sessions until we are certified. I am just trying to find out if there is any updated information on the date of classes being offered. We are expected to start classes in August but it is July 16th and there is no firm date yet.

You don’t have to be Covered California certified to conduct educational sessions. You cannot in any way associate yourself with Covered California until you are certified.

Does anyone know if we will be allowed to do educational workshops after we are certified and before the October open enrollment begins? Thank you.

Is there a separate training course for health agents. I have had to be fingerprinted and have my background checked. Will the navigators and those assisting with the exchange have their background checked. Thank you for providing helpful information.

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