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Kaiser Coverage 2014

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Question: What will happen to my Kaiser Permanente coverage in January 2014?

Answer: Your current Kaiser health plan will not meet the requirements of a qualified health plan in 2014, so you will have to make a change. Your local agent, a Kaiser customer service rep, or a Covered California Assister will be there to help you when the time comes to make the change (between 10.1.13 and 12.31.13). The first thing they will check is whether your income makes you eligible for free coverage through Medi-Cal or subsidized coverage through Covered California. Regardless, you will be able to choose a plan from Kaiser if that is your preference.


I have an electronic confirmation, application number and case number and subscriber ID, with a promise of an invoice. No invoice or any other type of contact.

I am covered as of 4/1/2014 and am still waiting for Kaiser to send me a premium notice so that I may pay for coverage. Should I just come in to Kaiser and pay in person? I have been waiting several weeks.

We chose the Kaiser Silver 87 HMO Plan through Covered California. We are awaiting contact to start this plan. When will we be contacted ?

Vernon. There is no change to Medicare other than Obamacare helped to close the the donut whole in Medicare prescription coverage. You do not need to worry

Can I find a Medicare Supplement or will Medicare be gone and I must I change to Obama Affordable Health Plan? I do not qualify for MediCal. What is California Coverage? Must I continue Medicare Plan D or will that be gone too? I have United Healthcare and I must know what to do.

Kaiser is listed as serving Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. What providers will be in their network? They have never been in these communities before.

Yes. One of the Kaiser HMO plans was selected as the benchmark plan for Covered California. However the current plan does not conform exactly to the ACA requirements for a “essential benefits” plan. The versions available in 2014 will conform to ACA requirements as well as Covered California standard plan designs.

Isn’t the Kaiser health plan the “benchmark” plan for Covered California? If so, why will it “not meet the requirements of a qualified health plan in 2014”?

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