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Dental & Vision in Covered California

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Question: Does Obamacare cover children dental and vision to 26 years old?

Answer: No. When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is fully implemented in 2014, Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) will include some dental coverage for children through age 18. Covered California still has to decide what that coverage will include. The Covered California will offer optional stand-alone dental and vision plans for all residents under 65.


Does California cover insurance cover lost of retainers or what’s the cost

We need vision and dental covered insurance how can we apply and be eligible with a family plan?

when we sign up by December 7th 2013 will we have the option to purchase additional vision and dental care? or there will be none available?

Hi, hope that affordable vision/dental care will be available in 2014. Not having good eyesight and having a mouth full of very old fillings, some of which are about to fall out!, I’m otherwise afraid that I’ll soon be blind and toothless! By the way, being way UNDER 65 I DON’T qualify for Medicare and won’t for awhile! Seriously with currently OVERpriced rent and OVERpriced tuition/fees I expect to SOON need to either become HOMELESS or a COLLEGE DROP-OUT! There are NOT ENOUGH jobs to go around where I live and even people in their 30s or younger are having a TOUGH TIME finding work! Grateful for ANY helpful suggestions/ideas!, -chris REALLY STRUGGLING in OVERpriced Madison aka ” Madtown ” , WI!

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