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Covered California Catastrophic Plan

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Question: Your website says: “Additionally, catastrophic coverage only plans will be available to individuals under the age of 30.” I’m in my 40s and already have an individual health plan that’s a catastrophic plan (Kaiser’s 50/5000, where there’s a $5,000 deductable and $6000 OOP Max). Will I be granfathered in at that plan if I want to keep it? And will companies such as Kaiser or HealthNet continue to offer such plans? Or if these plans are only offered to those under 30 on the exchange mean that those over 30 who have them, will have to be moved to a different plan type starting in 2014?

Answer: Kaiser will probably not continue to offer the plan you are on after Jan 2014, because Kaiser will have to offer the same plans outside Covered California as they offer within. As you say, you will not qualify for the Covered California Catastrophic Plan ($6,350 deductible) because you are over 30. The Covered California plan most like the one you have now would be a Bronze Level Copay plan with a $2,000 deductible and $6,350 out-of-pocket maximum. We’ll have to wait and see how the premiums compare.

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