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Exchange Certification of Agents and Brokers

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Question: Will Brokers need to contract with the Exchange to prove that we are licensed and insured? Any other requirements to get paid through the Exchange?

Answer: The California Health Benefit Exchange categorizes brokers as Assisters - along anyone else that wants to facilitate an enrollment in the Exchange. All Assisters will be certified through the Exchange after completing required training. Certification will be renewed annually. Currently, the Exchange is saying that Assisters should complete at a minimum a two-day Assisters Training. The Exchange has given flexibility for program sponsors to consider an abbreviated version of the training program licensed agents. Assister training and certification will begin in August 2013 so that IPAs are ready to assist with Covered California enrollments beginning October 1, 2013 Keep in mind that agents are not paid by the Exchange, but by the carriers offering qualified plans through the Exchange, Contracting with carriers will still be required.


For information about assister training, call the Assister Help Line at 888-402-0737 or email

Just to confirm, as of this date (8/5/2013) - no training or education program has been established for the Assisters Program.

Thanks for correcting the information about certifications. Please keep us agents informed as to the latest regarding certification.

True. This entry was published 11 month ago. In Covered California time, that’s ages. While agents were then included in the assister category, definitions have changed. Assisters are now called Covered California Certified Enrollers and agents are called Covered California Certified Insurance Agents. The certification training for Enrollers and Agents will be different.

The information provided above is incorrect. Assisters are not Agents and Agents muse be fully licensed (Life and Health) by the Department of Insurance. A training module must be completed and a certification examination will be administered. Details have not yet been finalized.

We don’t know yet, but as soon as we do we’ll post the information on the website.

How do agents get signed up?

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