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Best Covered California Rates Guaranteed

The rates are the same whether you enroll on Covered California or directly from the carrier of your choice. There is one compelling reason to enroll on Covered California - it’s the only way to get a subsidy or reduced cost sharing. Continue…

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Premium Assistance - Subsidies

You may be eligible for a subsidy to help pay your insurance premium. It depends on your household income. The lower the income the larger the premium assistance. Continue…

Covered California Application Guidance

The Covered California online application can be a minefield for the casual user, full of wrong moves and bad choices that can deny you the best possible outcome. We can help you enroll online in Covered California (subsidized plans) or off-exchange (unsubsidized plans) Continue…

Qualified Health Plan Recommendations

Covered California has selected 11 health insurers, called qualified health plans, statewide for participation in the individual health insurance marketplace. Consumers will have a choice of from 3 to 6 carriers depending on which of the 19 Pricing Regions they reside. Continue…


Standard Benefit Plans

Covered California benefit plans are standardized as ar the plans outside the exchange. Standardization lets you shop from one insurance company to the next knowing the benefits are the same and there will be no surprises or small print to worry about. Continued…

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